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If you decide to order a unique essay at Samploon, our team of professionals will be there to help you. All of our writers are experts in academic writing, so you can rest assured your work will be of the highest quality.
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In case the quality of your work is not what you expected to be or you would like to make some changes, we can either revise your essay or issue a refund.
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All of the essay samples available on our website are free to download and use as inspiration or a guide; however, you should not turn them in as your own as they will be marked as plagiarized. In case you want a custom essay, our writers will gladly assist you.
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Our free essay database features some of the best examples of academic writing, all of which can be used as inspiration or a learning tool in case you want to improve your writing skills.

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Free Essays and Research Papers Online

While in college, the majority of students need to improve their writing and turn to free essays for help. Whether you can’t seem to find enough inspiration to choose an interesting topic or are not sure of how to develop your arguments properly, there is always a way to improve your writing. Checking out essay samples is a good place to start.

One of the most common pieces of advice on bettering your writing skills is to read other people’s free narrative essays and articles. By doing so, you will be sure to discover techniques you were not familiar with before and take your college assignments to the next level. We have compiled every type of free college essays you can possibly need, and our professional writers will gladly assist you in creating a unique piece to follow your professor’s instructions.

Samploon – Best Free Essay Website

Our website features the best online library of free essays to work for any of your college assignments. Whether you need an English literature analysis or an American history research paper, we’ve got you covered. By searching our database for the topic of your assignment, you will find several examples of free writing essays. Whether you need to get inspiration for developing interesting and engaging arguments or assistance with adhering to the academic writing structure, our database is the best help you may possibly find.

We consider reading examples an important part of research and working on an essay. More than that, we know that many students struggle with understanding what makes a good piece of writing. Because of this, we have the best expert writers creating a variety of essays on any topic imaginable.

Where can I get essays for free?

While the majority of students seem to know where to look for sources to reference in their essays and research papers, it may be hard to find good sample essays online free. We understand the struggle as many other databases require a subscription to access essays, which have been copied by many people already and don’t even exemplify the high quality of writing. In turn, we are aimed at providing you with the best possible 100% free essays.

At Samploon, our library of essay and research paper samples features any assignment type and topic you might need. So, if you need inspiration or ideas for creating the perfect essay for a class, be sure to search your topic on our platform. With different works on the same or similar topics, you will be able to find interesting arguments and approaches to discussing and analyzing the subject of your focus.

How using free essay samples can help you write an excellent essay yourself?

The first step to writing an excellent essay by yourself is knowing what actually makes a good essay. Writing is a skill that can be developed, and many professional writers recommend that you read other people’s works to become a better writer yourself. One of the ways to do so is by going over essay samples while preparing for completing your own assignment.

All of the completely free essays online we have collected for you are here with the purpose of helping you know what the proper structure is, how your arguments should be developed, and what is the best way of referencing original sources. The writers at Samploon are always doing their best to incorporate new writing techniques to give you access to the best samples for free. By going over the free college tuition essays examples featured on our website, you will be able to find inspiration for your next college assignment. Whether you need help coming up with the title or are not sure where to start with your essay, our library is a great place to start.

How to Write a Perfect Essay

Writing a perfect essay is a skill, which can be improved, just like playing the piano or skiing. While we can not help with the latter two, academic writing is our forte. Our expert writers have shared their tips on creating a perfect paper every time regardless of the topic and your interest in it. Undoubtedly, creativity has no rules; however, academic writing requires you to follow a standard set of rules.

While this may seem a bit restrictive, it is actually easier to create a piece of writing with a specific structure in mind. To help you make the most out of the samples available in our database, we have also created this simple guide on creating a perfect essay. These ideas are what our authors keep in mind when creating custom and free essays.

What is a good way to start an essay?

Even if your essays are not perfect yet, you already know that a good piece of writing starts with structure and, most importantly, a catchy introduction. The first few sentences of your writing should encourage your reader to keep on reading and see what you have in store for them. To make sure your writing is doing so, you must conduct thorough research on the topic.

What are the points you will discuss? What is the best way of analyzing, addressing, and tying them together? The beginning of your essay should let the reader know you’re educated on the topic and want to share your knowledge, ideas, and thought process. Check out our free essays to see for yourself what our experts recommend.

What is a good way to start an introduction?

An introduction to your paper is arguably the most important part. It not only lets the reader know what’s waiting for them but also makes sure they are interested in continuing reading. All of the free essays in our database provide a good example of what an engaging introduction looks like.

Start an introduction with a fact on the topic that you find interesting. Provide the background information that is needed for understanding the arguments you are to further develop in the body paragraphs. Explain why your topic is important to discuss and how it relates to others.

Make sure your introduction ends with the thesis statement, which could serve as a summary of your entire essay. A good thesis statement should include the point you’re making, arguments you are discussing, and a counter-argument that you are to disprove. Be sure to check our free essays online for college to know what a good introduction looks like.

What is a good hook for an essay?

Even if you don’t find the topic of your assignment that interesting, there is no need to let the reader know that. To make sure your essay catches the reader’s attention, you must make the introduction as interesting and engaging as possible. The hook, as professionals writers call it, is what’s used to grab the reader’s attention with the very first sentence.

Imagine you’re telling a funny story to your friend. A rhetorical question, a personal anecdote, or an unknown interesting fact is what will make sure that whoever is reading your essay is not bored and wants to know more. Remember that not all academic writing assignments allow for these techniques. Check out a few of our free essays to find appropriate examples.

We encourage you to research the topic of your essay to find a piece of information that will surely grab attention and inspire critical thinking. Our free high school essays include numerous examples of writing a catchy hook. Find the ones that interest you as a reader and use them as a guide for your work.

What are the steps to writing an essay?

Writing an essay, especially if you want it to receive a perfect grade, takes time, effort, and organization skills. Because of this, we recommend that you stick to this basic guide when working on an assignment. Below are the tips our experts use while writing the custom and free essays of the highest quality. However, remember that these may be adjusted to your personal preferences and work type.

First of all, research the topic you have to discuss in your essay. If your professor recommends using specific sources in the preparation or referencing them in the paper, be sure to check them out first. By doing so, you will get an idea of what to talk about and find inspiration for expressing your own thoughts and opinions. We also recommend that you jot down a list of the sources you’re planning on referencing so that you don’t lose any of them. Search our database for free essays papers on your topic.

Then, when you have a clear idea of what you’ll be talking about, create an outline. It will help you keep things organized and make sure you’re not missing out on any idea you had during the research stage. You can always come back to the outline and edit it if you come up with another argument to support your point.

Writing itself will undoubtedly take the longest, and our writers suggest that you start with a rough draft and finish your work in chunks. By doing so, you will not get too bored with the topic and will be able to come up with new ideas. Do not get discouraged if your first attempt is not perfect; it is not meant to be. Going over free essays paper samples will allow you to get better over time.

Lastly, perfect your essays for free. Read the text over a few times, edit the parts that require it, and make sure your list of references is complete. It also helps to get someone else to go over the writing for you to make sure no typos or grammatical errors remain unnoticed. Our writers and editors can help you with proofreading, revising, and editing your work.

There will be days when you don’t have enough time to complete a paper before the set deadline, and that’s completely okay. We do not only have a library of free essays, but also Our team will gladly create a perfect paper for you, and our writers will answer any questions you might have about the writing process itself. Make sure that you provide your assigned expert with all of your professor’s requirements so that you receive the highest grade possible.

Why Should You Use Our Free Essay Samples?

Our database of free essays online includes works on any topic you might possibly need in your academic life. From English literature book reviews to research papers on economics, we have everything required for you to receive perfect grades. While it will be easy for you to find a sample on your topic, there’s a chance you might wonder what you need it for, as you can not just submit the free essay. Well, we’ll tell you.

First of all, to write good papers, you need to know what goes into them. Reading good free essays examples is the best way to succeed. Regardless of whether you don’t know how to hook the reader’s interest with the first few sentences or struggle with coming up with proper conclusions, going over a few free essays to copy will help you understand the basics.

Secondly, many professors require you to incorporate at least three arguments and refute a counter-argument in your paper. We understand how cumbersome it may be to not only come up with these points but also discuss them in a manner that makes sense. Reading a few free essays samples, along with researching scholarly literature, will help you make a list of what to mention and how to prove your point.

All in all, there are many reasons for you to start using our essay database:

  • Over 15,000 free essays samples on over 2,000 topics, so you will definitely find what you’re looking for;
  • Every essay uploaded to the library is double-checked by our expert writers and editors;
  • Download free online essays document right away without signing up or subscribing;
  • Get inspired to create the best possible paper every time;
  • Order a custom essay from our expert writers.

We find pride in helping high school and college students who want to improve their academic performance. Besides, being able to express yourself in a written form will also be beneficial in a professional environment. Because of this, we believe it is important to assist students with writing assignments.

Samploon Mission

At Samploon, we consider ourselves to be a community with a clear purpose. Our mission is to help college students who need assistance in improving their writing skills. As in the majority of the US schools the final grade greatly depends on the submitted assignments, we find it important to provide each student with inspiration, free essays to use, and tools needed for the overall improvement of their academic performance and college experience.

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Whatever essay you need help with, we can inspire you to receive the perfect grade. Our library of free essays has everything you need. Stop hesitating and find all of the free online essays for students.


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