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Marketing Strategies in the US Banking System

Marketing systems are a vital piece of the US banking industry, utilizing different procedures to serve the banks clients. The business is immense, utilizing and serving a large number of individuals. Individuals from banks are found in five commercial center fragments which increment the proficiency of administrations. Parts of managing an account organizations are growing…




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Changes in Banking Organizational Structures

Abstract This paper explores the changes in organizational structures that have been implemented in five domains of banking, workplace transformation, technology, education, and qualified industrial zone. Physical space and physical settings can have significant impact on the attitudes and behaviors of customer engagement experience in banking sector, physical structures are particularly important in reflecting banking…


Organizational Structure

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The Impact of Green Banking in Ecological Protection Review

Abstract The green banking has its own magnitude in the modern period. It is an umbrella term referring to practices, protective and guidelines that make banks sustainable in economic, environment, and social dimensions. It aims to make banking processes and the use of IT and physical infrastructure as efficient and effective as possible, with zero…




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Internet Banking, Its Pros and Cons

One might say that the internet has enriched our lives. Some others say it just makes life more complicated. That too much information accessible, and we become more vulnerable. This can be true when it comes to financing or the banking sector on the internet. The way we bank has undoubtedly given us more time…



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Banking Sector Crisis in Ghana

Over Ambitious Expansion Drive One of the constraints identified was the ambition to expand the bank beyond the normal growth trends. A strategy that was termed “quantum leap strategy” compelled the bank to attract expensive funds in an unsustainable manner. All universal banks in Ghana generally pay low interest rates on deposits and high rates…



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Review of Internet Banking

Banking services involve: verifying account balances, moving funds from one account to another, confirming that transactions have taken place, ensuring checks have been cleared, placing orders for new cheque books, submitting applications for loans and credit cards, and carrying out bill payments. Internet banking can be defined as the delivery of banking services to customers…




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Enterprise Data Management in Banking

EDM Components and Capabilities A comprehensive EDM program comprises of a host of capabilities. In order to enable these capabilities, there are a few components that first need to be in place. The pre-requisite components and key capabilities are listed below. Pre-requisite components Data Management Vision – an organization needs to describe the vision and…




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The Banking Sector in India

The banking industry is the backbone of any economy. India’s banking sector supports one of the world’s largest and fastest growing economies. It comprises of 27 public sector banks, 21 private sector banks, 49 foreign banks, and 56 regional rural banks amongst many others. It also has a large number of cooperative credit institutions. The Indian…



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Consumer Protection in E-Banking Sector

Social and economic justice is an important part of the constitution of India, which also requires safeguard consumer rights and protection. “There are number of legislation were passed by the Indian Parliament such as Drugs(Control)Act, 1950; Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954; Essential Commodities Act, 1955; Essential Services Maintenance Act, 1968; Trade and Merchandise Marks…




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Tips for Secure Internet Banking

Doing your banking business on the internet is the most normal thing in the world today. Not unjustified, because of the ease of use of your online accounts, making payments or simply checking your balance is can be done with ease. Yet this makes one vulnerable to a lot of danger. Advanced viruses that manipulate…


Cyber Security,


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