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Value and Purpose of Physical Education for Young Children

Introduction This assignment is about the value and purpose of physical education for young children. In this assignment, there are literature reviews, physical education, and its meaning, characteristics of quality health and physical education in school, barriers in implementing quality physical education, and a conclusion. Health and physical education is one key subject in the…

Physical Education

Inclusive Education and Physical Disabilities

The background of inclusive education using Bronfenbrenner’s bioecological model. Inclusion is about including everyone, irrespective of ability, gender, language, or disability, in order that all learners can belong at school and have access to the educational outcomes that schools offer. People are treated differently due to their cultural differences, religious beliefs, the color of skin,…

Physical Education

Physical Education and Development

A child with physical difficulty, disability, or delay, this could cause them to withdraw socially, suffer from depression, and stress also may have difficulty communicating (speech and body language problems). Sport Activities A child with a disability affecting their motor function will find difficulty participating in school sports activities: may feel social withdrawn, do not…

Child development,

Physical Education

Physical Benefits of Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic Riding helps kids and adults with mental and physical disabilities. There are about 875 member centers and nearly 8,000 people all over the world who have supported and helped nearly 69,000 men, women, and children, and that also includes the 6,700 veterans who all have physical and mental disabilities. While it’s not entirely clear…


Physical Education

Challenges of Teachers of General and Physical Education

Teachers in general and Physical Education (PE) teachers face challenges in the education field due to challenges they have in a teaching environment. More particularly Health Educators and PE teachers have challenges due to high expectations from the parents and community to see excellence in academic activities organized for those two subjects more particularly. Although…

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Becoming a Physical Therapist

As an educator, a physical therapist plays various roles, as a clinician, as a clinical instructor, or as a health consultant. Educating patients about their disease, teaching them interventions, and giving home instructions has been part of the practice for a long time (Dreeben, 2010). But through the years and with the advancement of the…

Physical Education

Physical Education & Sports Science Studies

Abstract “A study of diagnosis of problems related to physical health, rehabilitation through yoga, exercise, balanced diet, and naturopathy” The studies main aim was describing the effect of physical fitness training at “Gujarat Vidhyapith Health Center” 60 (sixty) peasants selected by random and was between 40 to 50 years old and then divide in three…


Physical Education

Physical Activity Is Essential for All

Physical education is required in almost every American high school and all for the right reasons. students would argue that P.E. classes are less important than any other classes they are taking. The claims being made about the importance of physical education is false and fall under an example of laziness of today’s youth. There…

Physical Education

Physical and Health Education

Health Education is the is one of the most vitally important aspects of a human being’s life, mentally, physically, spiritually, socially, and emotionally. Health is important because it serves as a combination of positive attributes, that instructs one’s on how to obtain and develop the necessary skills and attributes that are needed to sustain a…


Physical Education

Physical Education Programs

Public K-12 education fails to include and integrate dance education in the school curriculum. Thirty minutes of daily recess is not used for teaching and learning. Students attend a total of seven hours of daily instruction in the classroom and one hour of physical education a week is when they have the opportunity to exercise…

Physical Education

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