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Rational Goal Model of Management

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This assignment is based on models of management and how it has impact on organisation. In 18th century the industrial revolution had occurred. The production moves from small scale of production to large factories with large scale production and manager has to control large group of workers. Firstly, this assignment examines the rational goal model….

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Analysis the Risk Management on Maruti Suzuki

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Introduction of Risk Management Definition In the Oxford dictionary Risk refers to a chance or possibility of danger, loss, injury or other. Adverse consequences. In the general sense, Risk is the chance of losing something of value. Here, the value refers to physical health, social status, emotional wellbeing or financial wealth, the output can be seen as…

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Nature Of Strategic Management

Pages 6 (1 402 words)


ABSTRACT The aim of this term paper is to provide an overview of the nature of strategic management. It establishes the origin of Strategic management, defines the terms, activities, model, operations and its importance to Organizational success and survival. It enables the managers to make wise economical decisions by exploiting and creating new opportunities for…

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Types of Management Theories

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Organizational Structure

Introduction We have to know what MANAGEMENT is. And why this management needed in some type of organization. It is element coordinates currents organizational activities and plans for the future. As well, adapts the organizations to its environment and shapes the organizations to make it more suitable to the organization. There has been a research…

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The Relationship Between Project Management and Overall Performance of a Company

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Introduction In the world of business, the success of a company depends on a number of aspects. From its supply chain to advertisements, there are multiple things to consider in order to bring your company to the top level. Project management is undoubtedly among the crucial factors and close attention needs to be paid to…

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Success Factors for Effective Educational Management Argumentative Essay

Pages 7 (1 715 words)

Educational Experience

Educational Goals

Leadership Styles


Defining management The concept management has been described as a group of activities focused on the competent and successful utilisation of resources, whether it is human, physical or financial resources with the intention of reaching a goal or target. A definition suggested by Kukreja (2019:2) claims management within the educational environment is “an art of…

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The Main Management Issues

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In an organization, there are many challenges faced by the management, different people bring difference culture, different values and different method of motivation. To tackle these issues, it important to identify the main management issues or challenges, analyze and find a solution to archive goals set by organization or individual person. In this personal development…

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Defining Contract Management Analytical Essay

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As per the chartered institute of purchasing and supply cips, Contract Management is a life cycle management process that calls for efficient and systematic and efficient management of contract initiation, analysis and execution and analysis with the goal of minimizing risks whilst boosting up operational and financial performance. Stoemmer 2009 has defined contract management to…

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Introduction to Contract Management Analytical Essay

Pages 2 (324 words)




Contract management Ampumuza (2016) argue that, Contract management involves negotiation of conditions and terms in contracts and ensuring contract compliance with the specifications. The scholar further posits that, it includes documentation and agreement on the changes that may arise during contract execution. In agreement, Ssempebwa (2014) argue that, contract management can be summarized as the…

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The Development and Discovery of Quality Management

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In the history of quality management that we had reviewed shows that a relentless development towards a lot of economical and comprehensive realization of the standard of all the delivered products. The development of the view on quality resulted within the 4 major paradigm shifts, in the course of a high variety of smaller development…

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Modification and change supervision.

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Examination and evolvement in the organization.

Duties allocation and enhancement.

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Management in art.

Adopting the layout of hospitals to the possible application of the weapon of mass destruction.

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Managerial role in the effectiveness of fundraising in non-governmental organizations.

The creative nature of managerial work.

Involving customers in the development of new products and services. Social media as effective mechanisms of the company – customer interaction.

Social media in a workplace – a major distractive and destructive factor or a helpful tool? How to achieve the balance?

The new trends in the arrangement of a workplace and workspace.

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Management is necessary in every company to coordinate the work of employees. It improves the organization of operations and production, increases internal performance, and maintains the pace of the work process.

Enterprises strive to increase income, increase economic competitiveness, and achievement of these goals directly depends on managers, who set tasks and help employees to perform them. what is the essence of management, what belongs to management, its functions, types and levels – we will tell in the article.

What is management?

Management is a managerial activity. It represents a set of the following factors:

  • Planning;
  • Setting goals;
  • Organization of business processes;
  • Coordination;
  • Motivation;
  • Control.
  • Management subjects and objects
  • There are always subjects and objects in management.

Management Models and Principles

There are many different models of management in the world. Among the currently dominant three approaches stand out:

  • American;
  • Western European;
  • Japanese.
  1. The American model is very formalized, and team relations are similar to relations within a sports team. Planning is long-term in nature. The speed of career advancement depends on personal results, the term of employment is often short-term. The priority is the maximum profit with the minimum expenditure of resources.
  2. The Japanese model is characterized by an ideology based on the values of the company, the relationships within which are similar to the family. The decision-making and responsibility system is often collective. The focus is quality at any price. Virtually no staff turnover in connection with the bet on the maximum increase of labor productivity. The Japanese model includes “”life-long hiring,”” in which a company cultivates its employees, focusing not on available experience, but on the potential of an individual.
  3. The Western European model is something in between the American and Japanese models. Formalities are diluted with informal relationships, and the ability to network is valued.

When choosing a management model, ready-made solutions are often taken as a basis, but they may not take root without serious adaptation, taking into account territorial or national peculiarities and mentality.

Due to the increasing speed of change classical management models are being replaced by flexible paradigms and concepts: agile, “turquoise” organizations, holocracy, although they do not always stand the test of practice.

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  1. Stop Managing, Start Leading | Hamza Khan | TEDxRyersonU

2. What is management? Concept of Management, Levels of management (animated video)

3. Why Middle Management is the Hardest Job | Simon Sinek

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Five Functions of Great Management

2. Management tree

Management tree

3. Time management

Time management

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