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Cultural Identity and Significance

Architecture was contributed for Athena also means a virgin. Greek mythology, Athena is a justice and wisdom goddess as a Greek protector. This temple total high is 13.72 meter, the base is about 69.5 meters long, wide is about 30 meters long; the length is about 70 meters long and wide is 30 meters long….

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Cultural Identity

Language and Cultural Identity

Culture, identity, and language differences and their relations are interesting topics. According to Stuart Hall (1997), he discusses the definitions of culture, identity, and language and explains the relationships between them in his article, ‘Representation: Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices’. Meanwhile, culture, identity, and language will be discussed further as well as the relationships between…

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The Issue of Race, Racism and Cultural Identity

Summary A Tate Taylor film, The Help underscores the extraordinary, racially-charged generalizations that support racial reasoning. Blacks in this film are illustrated as regular house helps, or domestic slaves. However, explicitly they are depicted as mistreated, troubled, devastated, and results of suffering through the usage of chauvinist generalities and apposition with the lives of prosperous…

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Cultural Identity and Competency

Cultural competency is the ability to understand, communicate, and interact with individuals from different cultural groups. This is important in healthcare since one’s bias due to his/her cultural identity may lead to discrimination of patients negatively affecting the achievement of healthcare goals (Purnell, 2014). Since healthcare facilities admit all patients regardless of their cultural identities,…

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Universal Health Care

Cultural Identity and Diversity

Introduction Culture shapes a person’s identity by instilling certain values and influencing behavior. Members of a particular culture may share beliefs, behaviors, and norms that are shared from one generation to another (Cooke, 2016). There are different cultural diversities in the United States which include Asian, African-American, White, Hispanic, and Pacific Islanders. However, all cultures…

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Cultural Competence Strategies

Cultural competence is important in healthcare due to the healthcare aspect of providing healthcare services to all the citizens of the United States. Cultural competence involves the ability of healthcare providers to understand individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds (Maurer & Smith, 2014). This is important in helping healthcare providers in effectively communicating and understanding the…

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Cultural Identity

Cultural Identity of Individuals

The identity of individuals and what shapes their identity is something that has been debated for many years within the different disciplines of psychology. Identity is said to be how one makes sense of who they are (Crafter, 2015), their own theory of themselves (Davies and Horton-Salway, 2016). There are many theories surrounding identity and…

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Cultural Identity and Awareness

Introduction Cultural awareness is act of becoming aware of our own cultural beliefs, values and perception. It is the foundation of communication for human beings who come from different cultural backgrounds. This paper seeks to evaluate and analyze the causes and management of cultural diversity, stages and importance of cultural awareness to human beings as…


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Culture and Communication

What is My Cultural Identity?

“My culture is my identity and personality. It gives me spiritual, intellectual and emotional distinction from others, and I am proud of it.” – M.F Moonzager The quote above, said by M.F Moonzager, the author of “The Journalist: Attack on the Central Intelligence Agency” could not be more true. Your culture is your lifestyle, your…

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Cultural Identity of Latin Kings Gang

Latin Kings subscribe to “kingism” or identify themselves as “Kingists” which is a particular code of practicing pride. The kings know more about the political, social, and economic oppression targeted towards Latinos. Such awareness motivates their determination to uplift their people. On the other hand, a cultural group is a set of people who share…


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