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Animal Testing for Drugs Argumentative Essay

Introduction This essay will focus on the issue of animal testing for drugs. There has been increasing concerns by the drug companies in using animals for testing their products. In this paper, I will argue that animal testing should be banned and abolished completely as it poses a severe risk to not only the animals…

Animal Testing,

Animal Testing Should Be Banned,


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Animal Testing Pros & Cons Argumentative Essay

Testing and experiments on animals in the medical in the cosmetic field is a heavily debated topic in today’s society. Scientific testing on animals has both a negative and positive side to it. With scientific testing, there have been advances in the medical field thanks to the experiments, but that also means researchers are inflicting…

Animal Testing

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Animal Testing Is Not Reasonable

Animal testing for products is not only inhumane but also unreliable with safe alternative methods available. Animals used in testing go thru intense trauma during their time there. Animal research and testing is expensive, time-consuming, and unreliable because animals are undeniably different than human beings. It has been proven over and over that things that…

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Animal Testing Should Be Banned,


Cruelty to Animals

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Animal Scientific and Commercial Testing Research Paper

Using animals as living subjects to conduct scientific and commercial testing has been a controversial topic for centuries. Accounts of testing on animals have dated all the way back to the late 500 BC. In the ancient Roman period, vivisection, a practice traditionally reserved experimenting with live animals, was originally carried out on criminals as…

Animal Testing,

Cruelty to Animals

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Product Testing on Animals

Adrian Smith and Penny Hawkins article titled, “Good Science, Good Sense and Good Sensibilities: The Three Ss of Carol Newton” covers the controversial topic of animal use in laboratory research and the constant battle to reduce their use as much as possible (Smith & Hawkins, 2016). The authors focused on William M.S. Russell and Rex…

Animal Testing,

Cruelty to Animals

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Animal Testing Is Cruel

“The question is not, “Can they reason?” nor, “Can they talk?” but “Can they suffer?” –Jeremey Bentham. Animal testing has been a prevalent issue since the nineteenth century with over 25 million animals being used for commercial testing in the United States. Animals have been harmed since humans differ from animals, they are not protected,…

Animal Testing,

Animal Testing Should Be Banned,

Animals Rights,

Cruelty to Animals

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Cruel and Ineffective of Animal Testing

One of the main abuse to animals is animal testing. Just think how would you feel if u were the one having makeup and other products tested on you? Or how would you feel if you were stuck in a tiny cage, given only a little amount of food, just enough to stay alive? Every…

Animal Testing,

Animals Rights,


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Using Animals in Testing New Drugs and Procedures

Each year, millions of animal undergo painful suffering or death in the name of scientific research into the effects of drugs, cosmetics and other chemical products. While some people think that this is necessary to give the suitable product, other do not agree with this action. In this essay, I will look at the bad…

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Neccesity of Animal Testing in Single Cases

Testing methods on animals is a terrible practice, causing incredible suffering to animals. Thus, it should be applied only in unique single cases that can treat serious diseases though can’t be tested in any alternative way. Nowadays it is extremely difficult to imagine a modern person who does not use cosmetic and household detergents, either…

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Psilocybin and animals

The opioid epidemic in America has reached unspeakable heights in recent years, with drug overdose now surmounting firearm and motor vehicle deaths as the leading cause of death for Americans under 50. President Donald Trump recently classified the opioid epidemic as a “public health emergency”, and rightly so as the United States remains the world…

Animal Abuse,

Animal Testing

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We all know that big companies, actually, commit crimes and apply unfair practices. One way to understand such problems better is to write an animal testing essay. Even though most countries strictly prohibit trying medicine or cosmetics on animals, many big corporations still refer to such an approach. This allows them to save costs and determine the safety and reliability of their products. Meanwhile, the pain and suffering of the living creatures that become the victims of such testing remain completely ignored. If you write a text on this topic, there may be a strong temptation to focus on your emotions and express discontent. Meanwhile, if you are writing an academic work, you have to remain objective. Search for a free animal testing essay to understand how such a text should be written. On our website, you will get a great selection of animal testing essay examples that will help you create a text of excellent quality.

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