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Effects of the Pursuit of Happiness

​The pursuit of happiness is the right that an individual has to live a life that brings joy. This pursuit of happiness is provided in the law; however limited that one is, an individual has to delight in happiness, but should not break the law. Westernization considers happiness as a good thing, and thus they…



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Methods to Measure Happiness

Surprisingly, after some research, I discovered that happiness can be measured, and I was one of those millions of people who thought that happiness cannot be measured. Psychology today magazine have stated that “professors, researchers, and the public never doubt that you can measure depression, anxiety, and stress. But many are reluctant to accept that…




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Happiness, Money, God Argumentative Essay

Happiness is incredibly important to have in everyone’s life, as it creates pleasure and satisfaction and gives people hope to move forward. Numerous components in life cause an individual to achieve happiness, for example, fulfillment in a person’s family life, profession, romantic relationships, and educational performance. Money seems to make life appear to be working…

Can Money Buy Happiness,




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Chemistry of Happiness

“No man does not desire happiness, and each one desires it with such earnestness that he prefers it to all other things; whoever desires other things, desires them for this end alone.” -Saint Augustine. The pursuit of happiness is the thread that connects the human race. Is happiness just the sum of some chemicals in…





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The Pursuit of Happiness Brings Out The Worst In Society Film Analysis

The pursuit of happiness is a futile endeavor rooted in insecurity and unfulfillment. The real pursuit of happiness is a journey of self-discovery, which has no end in sight – however, the definition of happiness has been altered by our consumerist society. The metric of happiness is no longer how much we’ve achieved in our…

Can Money Buy Happiness,





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Happiness and Personal Finance

The world happiness report (2019) has represented that the higher incomes are associated with higher levels of happiness among a nationality. The average level of happiness has not been moving in a parallel line along with incremental income. In other words, it is factual that as country get richer, but they not get happier However,…


Can Money Buy Happiness,


Personal Finance

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Happiness for Humans

First of all, introducing the concept of love in our daily lives argues that romantic love by Brogaard, B. (2015), much like worry, anger, and unhappiness, is an emotion and as an end result can, like all emotions, be assessed for rationality. Furthermore, simply as other feelings, romantic love can take numerous paperwork; it can…





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When Happiness Comes to Knock

“When Happiness Comes to Knock” starred by Will Smith is adapted from the real story. It shows that the male protagonist Chris Gardner bought high-tech equipment for all his property during his middle age, but it was difficult to sell. The story of a man facing his wife’s departure, taking his children to find work…




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Factors that Influence on Feelings of Happiness

Happiness – often defined as “people’s sense of how satisfied they are with life” (Lilienfeld et al., 2019) – is a sought-after life achievement, with growing suggestion of happiness contributing to lasting physical and mental benefits, and therefore it is a large topic of inquiry into what the factors contributing to happiness and life satisfaction…



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Social Interactions as a Basis of Happiness

Happiness has always been a controversial subject, whether the debate is on its definition, causes, pursuit, or consequences. And in these debates, one of the matters of discussion that stands out is the question of what a person needs in life to be truly happy. People of different cultural backgrounds, gender, and affluence are just…



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What to write about if you’re writing essays on happiness in life? Sometimes general topics like this one may puzzle you and bring the question of what you actually should write about. Down below you can read more on the topic to get an idea of what this topic is all about. 

Happiness is something everyone in life strives for. We all have our own idea of what happiness is and what personally makes us happy. But what really is “happiness”? How can someone find what makes them happy? We always tend to question the meaning of life and what makes life valuable. What is my purpose as a human being? There are so many questions about this topic. The famous philosopher Aristotle conquered the topic of happiness in his book “Nicomachean Ethics”. He argued that happiness is the ultimate good for human beings. We all need to find out what this happiness is for us to live a full and meaningful life.

Virtue ethics was one of the main topics he discussed in his theory. He argued that we need to find out what the final good or end is in human life. We have to look for something we desire for its own sake. Examples of this are money, our jobs, family, and education. We desire these things for the sake of this “unlimited goal” and perhaps even for its own sake. We do not choose everything for the sake of everything else. The own sake as for the intrinsic value. He means something that we naturally need or a basic need. Examples of these are instrumental goods such as money, going to college, and family. All of these things lead to happiness.

Essays on happiness in life state that true happiness will lead to living well and doing well in life. The pleasure was also brought up among these views. Pleasure was described as the vulgar view of happiness. Life is suitable to beasts. Pleasure focuses on the body a lot and not so much on the mind. Examples of these pleasures are sex, food and fun. He does not think we need these pleasures to live a full life. These type of pleasures lead us to want more. They are said to be insatiable desires. He continued to express that most pleasure is selfish because it only benefits the self. We need to do unselfish acts to be able to help us achieve our happiness. If we give in to these pleasures, it is only benefiting us at the moment but will pass. He used the example of money. Money-making is considered being an instrumental good. We want money because we can buy things with it. Money is only good for something else. Just to have the money doesn’t mean anything. It is needed to lead up to something and is not the final goal. We need to have a final goal in happiness. We want and need something self-sufficient and complete.

What is the function of human beings? This question comes up in a lot of essays on happiness in life. He talks about the good and the well of an activity. He goes on to explain that we need to have virtue and virtuous means to do its function well. All these things lead to finding happiness. As said before, most people question what happiness is. Happiness translates to eudaimonia. The “eu” part translates to well and the eudaemonia translates to well spirit and activity. Living well translates to Eu Zen. When he is talking about happiness, he means it in the sense that it translate to living well. Happiness is an activity of the soul in accordance with perfect virtue. The main and end goal is good fortune. We have to really question these things though. These questions are not that easy to find the answers to. It is not going to just come to us, but instead, we have to go looking for them. By going through experiences and highs and lows, they will come to us. This is how meaning and happiness is found. The ultimate good is happiness. The final good should be self-sufficient. He said we need to have a life worth living.

What are Aristotle’s views on moral virtue? He thinks it is all about developing moral character. It is a way of habit and we should get used to this idea. By nature it is like a potential capacity. We have to develop these by practice and developing habits. He compared it to learning an instrument. We do not always know how to do it but with time and practice, we can soon excel at it. We need to have a state of character. We are adapted by nature to receive more virtues. We are made perfect by our habits. There is a means between excess and defect. It is not always an easy task but it is something that needs to be done. We have to become in routine and do this kind of thing. He goes on the idea that we need to better ourselves as people. We all need to do this. We have to look at things from a bigger picture to see the good in them. Giving back and not doing selfish acts can help us reach these goals. This ties back to the idea that we do not really need all those life pleasures. They are nice to have, but because they are only short-term and only benefit the self, they will not help us get to the idea of happiness.

Happiness is something that everyone needs in order to live a full life. Happiness though needs to be searched for. Sometimes challenges and struggles will come along with the search, but once that final end goal is met, everything is worth it. Aristotle focused mostly on the meaning of happiness and how to achieve it. In his books he goes into the theory behind it. He believes this is truly how you find happiness. Not everyone agrees with him, but overall it does make a lot of sense. Not everything is going to be handed to us. We have to go out looking for these things. If we never truly go looking for them, we will have wasted our whole lives.

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