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Mythology in Romeo and Juliet

Mythology has been prevalent in various forms of writing, and still is to this day. Mythology affected how the Montagues and Capulets believed planets and the world around them worked because they had no other explanation for how the world worked. All throughout Romeo and Juliet there are either direct or subtle references back to…


Romeo and Juliet,

William Shakespeare

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Continuing Romeo and Juliet Through the Years

They should continue to teach Romeo and Juliet because of the style he wrote in and the culture and knowledge students could can from it. To start off “Why then, O brawling love, O loving hate, O anything of nothing first created! O heavy lightness, serious vanity, Misshapen chaos of well-seeming forms!Feather of lead, bright…



Romeo and Juliet

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At What Age Should People Marry Differences in Gender Expectations From Shakespeare’s Era

The amount of change between Shakespeare’s era to the present is practically unimaginable. The status women receive now compared to back then has changed immensely; from being seen as objects meant to carry men’s children to being lawyers, doctors, CEO’s, etc. It can also be seen in males as they are now allowed to express…


Romeo and Juliet,

Social Issues

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A Midsumer Night Dream

“Theseus duke of Athen and hippolyla his fianese, diseus their wedding” so otheroms severant tell titania out of othernes sight because they both were angry with each other, he says has taken a little Indian prince as her attendant because the boy is beautiful that oberen wishes to make him knight. Robin good fellow, he’s…


Romeo and Juliet

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John Is in Love With Lenina and Compares Her to Juliet

John is a character in the story that was not introduced to the story right away, however, when John enters the story he is officially one of the main characters. John was introduced into the story as a savage. He was born on the New Mexico savage reservation and was aised there. However, with his…


Romeo and Juliet,

William Shakespeare

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Theme of Conflicts in Romeo and Juliet

William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (1599) is a celebrated play which has influenced many individuals over the world for hundreds of years. Romeo and Juliet, although written so long ago is still alive, and taught in schools to modern audiences where its themes are deeply explored. The play is a tragic story of two young…


Romeo and Juliet

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Who’s Blame for the Deaths of Romeo and Juliet

In Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, the feud between the Montague and Capulet families led to the tragic deaths of Romeo and Juliet. I think that Romeo is to blame for the deaths of himself and Juliet. In my opinion I would blame him for killing himself in such a hurry thus leading to…

Romeo and Juliet,



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Love and Death in Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

Love can affect people in many ways and the consequences can range from good to even lethal. And in the play Romeo and Juliet, written by William Shakespeare, a pair of star-crossed lovers whose love for each other lead them to their tragic deaths. Since the theme in Romeo and Juliet is love as a…

Romeo and Juliet,


William Shakespeare

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Romeo and Juliet: Compare of Play and Film

William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet (1997) both have an emphasised concept of civil disruption and chaos. Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet is a modern interpretation of Shakespeare’s 16th century romantic tragedy play about two young star-crossed lovers whose untimely deaths reconcile their feuding families. It was written among Shakespeare’s most…

Romeo and Juliet,

Theme In Literature,

William Shakespeare

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Feud and Death in Romeo and Juliet

I believe that the feud between the Capulets and the Montagues is to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Because of the feud, Romeo and Juliet could not be together as the two families despised one another. In the prologue Shakespeare wrote: “from ancient grudge”, this hyperbole implies that this feud has been…

Romeo and Juliet,

Theme In Literature

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William Shakespeare, born in the mid 16th century in Stratford upon Avon, England.




Shakespearean tragedy


The story is set in Verona, Italy in the 1300s. The two rival families called The Montagues and The Capulets were prominent and had been in a violent conflict for some time.


Romeo, Juliet, Count Paris, Mercutio, Tybalt, The Nurse, Rosaline, Benvolio, Friar Laurence


Original Language: English

The plot: The play follows a young couple named Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet. Unfortunately, they both come from the prominent family that violently hate one another. Sure, that their families would not approve of them being together, they secretly get married by a priest called Friar Laurence. After their secret marriage, Juliet’s cousin, Tybalt kills one of Romeo’s friend Mercutio. Romeo takes Tybalt’s life in return, but then he is exiled. Juliet learns that her parents have found another suiter for her called Paris, the noble man. To stop a forced marriage to Paris, Juliet takes a drug that makes her look like she died. Romeo drinks poison to join her in her death but this results in Juliet’s suicide and the end in Montague popular grudge.Characters/Characterization: Romeo Montague. The teenage Romeo’s love for Juliet makes him do anything to be with her despite their families fighting. He is never interested in masculine activities like getting into trouble. Therefore, he refuses Tybalt’s challenge to fight. He also does not want to fight those who are his family through marriage. However, after Tybalt kills Mercutio, Romeo seeks his deadly revenge. His youth and impulsiveness ultimately lead to his and Juliet’s death.Juliet Capulet is a young and beautiful teenaged girl who matures very quickly throughout the play. Although her parents wanted her to marry another man, she is determined to control her own life and chose whom she will love and be with. In a very short time, Juliet detaches herself from them and gives her loyalty to her new husband, Romeo. Unfortunately, her sacrifices help cause her and Romeo’s deaths.Tybalt and Mercutio: Tybalt is Juliet’s proud macho and intimidating cousin. He wants to make sure everybody knows he is a good fighter and he helps keep Montagues feuds going with all the hate inside him. As Romeo’s close friend, Mercutio won’t hesitate to offer him advice when he is feeling down. Since He also feels a strong loyalty to the Montagues, he is willing to fight Tybalt to the death.Plot: The play tackles loyalty, family, and death. Especially with respect to how Romeo and Juliet’s death makes their families put aside their feuds in the interest of peace. Daggers and Swords represent violence and masculinity. Plants and poisons represent duality between good and evil. The sun and the moon represent moderate love versus intense, shifting love. Love and Marriage present the difficulty between true love and officially sanctioned love. Violence represents the manifestation of hate. Authority depicts characters having control of others. Differences in age cause conflicts between the young and the old as the dispositions of young characters collide with the expectations of older characters. Identity explores who someone actually is versus their names and associations.

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