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Comparison the Concepts of Determinism, Compatibilism, and Libertarianism

Determinism Determinism can be explained as a concept that every event, including human actions, are caused by previous events according to the natural laws that govern the world. This concept of determinism gives the decision makers to accept the fact that nothing happens by chance. They will believe that everything occurs for a particular reason….



Moral Philosophy Essay

Moral philosophy is that branch of philosophy which shows the difference between what is good and bad, right and wrong in life. Moral philosophy is basically refers to goodness and rightness. The concept of morality tends to be different in different religion and culture. For example in Hindu culture, if a person is eating beef…



Philosophical Teachings of Confucianism and Buddhism

Since the creation of mankind, people have searched for spiritual enlightenment and pathways to explain life, whether it is the desire to better one’s future, the idea that one must atone for the past or something in between, or the search to challenge a religion to determine if they are fit for them. There is…




Samuel Beckett’s Philosophal Ideas

Although Samuel Beckett claimed his works were not philosophical, his pieces display a collection of philosophical ideas, exuding his take on the human condition; essence and existence. Dermot Moran makes a vital point, “To address the theme of philosophy in Beckett one must do more than rattle off the occasions where philosophy appears in his…



Bangladesh Philosophy: Roots and Traits

Bengali Sentiment and religion dominate Bengali philosophical thought. Indian thought had very close relations to religious traditions in the past as well as in the middle Ages. Bengalis were primarily secular in their psyche that balanced and told their lives and their thoughts. Bengalis have philosophical ideas to make this world a happy, prosperous place…




Philosophy of Religion

Philosophy of religion has grown considerably since the 1970s to become one of the largest fields within the arena of philosophy. Philosophy of religion explores philosophical issues that arise from reflection on the nature and truth of religious belief and the meaning of religious practices. If the field is defined broadly enough, the history of…

Existence of God,


The Philosophy of Science

Pythagoras invented the word philosophy, which can be described as the research of basic and general issues about life, understanding, values, reason and language. There are different main branches of philosophy namely; logic, metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and aesthetics. Metaphysics addresses the basic issues of reality. The epistemology deals with our knowledge idea, how we learn…



Religion on Schleiermacher’s Views

According to Schleiermacher, being is based at absolute world unity, the “whole”, or God. Everything depends on God, but this dependence is expressed in the general connection of nature, and not in revelation or grace since God is not a person. Schleiermacher uses the expressions “God”, “world spirit”, “world whole” as synonyms. God’s activity is…




Niccolo Machiavelli’s Influence on Government Views

Niccolo Machiavelli is a significant figure in modern history, who influenced the world of political thought, and some people even consider him the “Father of Political Science”. His work changed the previous perspective of politics, for he created a more modern and controversial perspective. Machiavelli innovative form of thought soon became a continual point of…




Kwasi Wiredu in African Philosophy

Introduction African Philosophy as a critical thinking by Africans on their experiences of reality and as a philosophical discourse produced and being tested by African philosophers especially indigenous Africans who lived long ago. Therefore, on this paper I will take a look on ‘Cultural Universals and Practices’, on how cultural differences affect another culture and…




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