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History Of Phillipines Analytical Essay

Pages 8 (1 895 words)



The Philippine archipelago was firmly established at least 30,000 years ago when Indonesians came to the Philippines. After that event many people took over the place for the next millennium. Because of those events social and pollical organization was developed throughout the island. It starts with the basic unit of settlement was the barangay system-…

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History Of Peasantry

Pages 5 (1 007 words)



INTRODUCTION Peasants are small-scale farmers who own land, on which they produce much or most of  their own food as well as generate a surplus for sale. The Peasantry was a term used to describe enslaved people who had access to and use of land, but did not own this land. A Peasantry began in…

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Why We Should Study History

Pages 2 (275 words)




My interpretation of it is, anything that happened in the past and was recorded even through the word of mouth will be considered as history. For Emma Joseph, member of The Big Question Team, “History is often quoted in the justification of many actions and events – from territorial claims to long-running conflicts”. From my…

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Local History of Leyte and Laguna 

Pages 8 (1 843 words)




History of Leyte Leyte, an area in the island of Visayas that is composed of multiple cities, all of which had their very own history from the day it was built to what it has become now to this very day. Many ideas may spring when the name of the region Leyte is mentioned of…

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History Of Sugar

Pages 8 (1 914 words)


Food And Culture


Introduction The seeds of change is a book by Hobhouse that was about six plants that transformed mankind. It provides information about world history, how it reached the modern world, how the six plants had impact on the history of human behaviours, especially sugar. The aim of this essay is to discuss the seed of…

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Women of the Mongol Empire

Pages 4 (885 words)

Gender Roles



An insight into the influence of Mongolian women during the time of the great Mongol Empire and how it differs from the roles of women in other Neolithic societies. Introduction The transition from hunter-gatherer to Neolithic societies forced many women into a structure where they had little to no influence. Their roles and responsibilities tied…

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James Madison and the Creation of the American Republic

Pages 4 (752 words)



Jack N. Rakove, author of James Madison and the Creation of the American Republic, is a professor at Stanford university. Some of his main interests are in History and American studies and political science. Rakove has taken part in writing six books, some of which were recognized as either a Pulitzer prize winning book or…

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China’s First Emperor and His Legacy

Pages 14 (3 265 words)




Introduction Emperor Qin Shi Huang was one of the most influential leaders in Chinese history and in world history. His obsession with legacy was of utmost importance in the continuation of the Chinese state. Qin, the first emperor of a unified China, transformed the country from a nation of contradictory and warring states into the…

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History Discussion: Conquering of Indian Nations

Pages 3 (556 words)



Native American

There were three main aspects that enabled the Spaniards to defeat the mighty Aztec nation. The Spanish had an incredible fleet of soldiers and sea vessels, they introduced small pox and other catastrophic diseases to the Aztec population, and they enlisted the help of local allies willing to assist in order to escape the brutal…

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A History of the Fall of the Roman Empire in 476 A.D.

Pages 3 (587 words)





The Roman Empire did not fall overnight. In fact, it is historically incorrect to say that the Roman Empire fell in 476 AD, when the eastern half of the empire would be alive and well for one thousand years after 476 AD. There were various factors that would lead to the end of the western…

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If you are a history student, you might have to write tons of essays about history of different civilizations, social movements, prominent individuals, wars, and all sorts of important events that shaped our society. You might want to start familiarizing yourself with the history essay examples as soon as possible because you are going to write a ton of those through years of studying.

Usually, when you think about the history essay, you imagine a discussion of a certain event and its effect upon the further events. Basically, that’s what it is but there are all sorts of writing assignments in the field, and your college teacher might come up with a variety of topics that would be both exciting and really challenging.

Discussing the events is not enough, a truly profound historical essay discusses a broad set of issues related to the event and gives an evaluation of its effect upon further developments. You should focus on delivering quality content and giving your audience the answers to all the possible questions regarding the even or significant individuals who shaped history.

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