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History Of Sugar

Introduction The seeds of change is a book by Hobhouse that was about six plants that transformed mankind. It provides information about world history, how it reached the modern world, how the six plants had impact on the history of human behaviours, especially sugar. The aim of this essay is to discuss the seed of…


Food And Culture,


History Of Phillipines

The Philippine archipelago was firmly established at least 30,000 years ago when Indonesians came to the Philippines. After that event many people took over the place for the next millennium. Because of those events social and pollical organization was developed throughout the island. It starts with the basic unit of settlement was the barangay system-…



History Of Peasantry

INTRODUCTION Peasants are small-scale farmers who own land, on which they produce much or most of  their own food as well as generate a surplus for sale. The Peasantry was a term used to describe enslaved people who had access to and use of land, but did not own this land. A Peasantry began in…



Evolution of Money to the Present and the Future

There are many types of currency such as trading items, paper money, coins, credit cards, and debit cards, etc. This essay is going to be talking about Currency and history, timeline, and who is affected by inflation. This essay will utilize numerous types of articles to give the reader of this essay the best information…



Why We Should Study History

My interpretation of it is, anything that happened in the past and was recorded even through the word of mouth will be considered as history. For Emma Joseph, member of The Big Question Team, “History is often quoted in the justification of many actions and events – from territorial claims to long-running conflicts”. From my…




Women of the Mongol Empire

An insight into the influence of Mongolian women during the time of the great Mongol Empire and how it differs from the roles of women in other Neolithic societies. Introduction The transition from hunter-gatherer to Neolithic societies forced many women into a structure where they had little to no influence. Their roles and responsibilities tied…

Gender Roles,



Local History of Leyte and Laguna 

History of Leyte Leyte, an area in the island of Visayas that is composed of multiple cities, all of which had their very own history from the day it was built to what it has become now to this very day. Many ideas may spring when the name of the region Leyte is mentioned of…




History of African Americans – Black History Month

Carter G. Woodson worked to preserve the history of African Americans and accumulated a collection of thousands of artifacts and publications. Many historians ignored and refused to record african american accomplishments, thus many stayed unknown for long periods of time. In 1926, Woodson created the celebration of Negro History Week. The week was assigned to…

Black History Month,


History Of Amazon

History and Background The company Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. It was a company that changed the way companies sell products by being the first company to sell their products online; Which has now become a common practice for businesses across the United States. Although unlike the Amazon of today, it was…



A History And Symbolism Of Tattoo

Tattoos have been discovered on mummies dating back to 3250BC. Otzi the ‘Ice Man’ had 61 tattoos covering his lower back, torso, lower legs and left wrist. History reasons that the intention for these tattoos was commonly to symbolise religious beliefs, wealth, and social status. During the 1700s captain James cook undertook many voyages, some…




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