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Advantages vs Disadvantages of Fast Food

Fast Food has become one of the greatest most time manageable invention till this day. Fast food is very convenient for people with a busy work schedule or people with less free time on there hands. But in reality is fast food really the best option? Fast food is always prepared at fast speed, meaning…

Fast Food

The Positive Impact of Fast Food

At the time of the entry of the industrial era, fast food directly entered the culinary world. The United States is the first to make fast food. The American food industry began to think hard in the Industrial era requiring a short and flexible time in completing tasks. Workers in the industrial era are currently…

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Official Survey on Fast Food Issues

At some point and time, we have all stopped at a fast food chain to buy a quick bite to eat rather it’s a cheeseburger and fries or a box of pizza. Among those who eat fast food are young adults and those with higher incomes, which increases the risk of health-related issues. In the…

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Fast Food Growing Popularity

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, fast food is defined as hot food such as hamburgers that is quick to cook or is already cooked and is therefore served very quickly in a restaurant with cheap price. We can actually noticed that the number of the well-known international branded fast food restaurants such as McDonald…

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Fast Food in Malaysia

Cint is the insight marketplace for the sharing and accessing of consumer data. According to consumer data that had been surveyed by Cint in 2018, 52.92 percent of respondents in Malaysia stated that society consumes fast food more than once per week. The society like to consume fast food regularly because they are busy with…

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Fast Food in Junk Food Industry

Many representations of junk food include burgers, pizza, hot dogs, processed food, sweets, chocolate, and soft drinks are available anywhere. Some forms of junk food are just like the synthetic juice you see in most markets today, you might think it is nutritious, but the reality is it has tons and tons of sugar, preservatives,…

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Fast Food and Its Alternative

I will be comparing fast foods with homemade foods on which one is healthy for your body. What type of health diseases you can prevent by just eating more homemade food and what type of health diseases you can get from eating a lot of fast foods. How much you can save from not eating…

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Diseases as Result of Eating Fast Food

Nowadays, the number of fast food restaurants is constantly increasing over the world. This essay will suggest that the principal cause of this issue is customers demand and then describe the possible effect, namely cardiovascular disease. The foremost cause of the trend of fast food restaurants is that fast food seems to meet most customers’…


Fast Food

Awareness About Ill-Effects of Fast Food

Health problems caused by the excessive consumption of fast foods have assumed epidemic proportions all over the world. According to some people, it is important to impose a high tax on junk food to discourage people from eating such foods. In my opinion, this will deter only the middle and lower income groups. To begin…

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Fast Food Industry in US

Fast food has long been the foremost favored alternative of food for U.S. customers, chiefly for its convenience, affordability, and speed. It appeals to people who square measure searching for a satisfying meal on a budget, together with school students and families with kids. The alimentation trade tough ascension calculable $570 billion trade worldwide in…

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