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My Long-Term Career Goal as a Human Resource Manager Personal Essay

My name is Hang, and I am from Vietnam. Family and friends say that I am a friendly, enthusiastic person and always have a positive attitude in life. When I was in high school, I was an active member who ever participated in school activities. Also, I was the captain of the school volunteer group….

Career Goals,

Human resource management

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My Future Career Goals

A career is an important occupation in someone’s life. It has to be something you love, because your not doing it just for a reward.. At this stage in life, it should be thought about what career you would want to pursue because you would want to pick the career and then achieve the goals…

Career Goals,

My Future

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My Future Career Goals in Renewable Energy

According to the 2019 annual reports, the DFID and world bank supported the welfare outcomes of the under-served communities in metropolis state and Northern Federal Republic of Nigeria by creating a major monetary contribution towards the alternative energy electrification of public establishments, like colleges and hospitals. The intervention is predicted by the year 2020 to…

Career Goals,

My Future

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Career Development Theories Personal Essay

The theory that contribute most to my career development in an accounting major are: Trait and factor Theory As per one of the theories which is known as trait and factor theory, an individual selects a job or an occupation that matches their needs and requirements which will then help in performing better job and…

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Goals In Life,


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Four Stages of Career Development

UTAC has a platform under UPM whereby employees can upload their customized career development plan which is referred as Individual Development Plan (IDP) at the start of performance rating period. This plan enables employees to discuss with their supervisor and allow them to use this opportunity to identify their learning gaps to challenge and improve…

Career Goals

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What is Career Development?

Career development can be defined as a continuous developmental process that is spanned throughout one’s life which is aimed at receiving, attaining and processing data and information about one self and includes role options, educational alternatives and life styles. In other words, career development can be said as the way an individual can recognise themselves…

Career Goals,

Career planning

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 Five Ways To Succeed in Your Career 

Having a successful career could take either a few years or a whole life time. Take these five strategies to help you succeed sooner than later. Level up your career by being ready to learn, showing not telling, take initiative, set goals to achieve, and gaining trust. These strategies can help you move up in…


Career Goals

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Ways to Find a Goals in Career

How does one define a successful career? Career begins with a choice to pursue a profession. The choice begins with a vision, a decision and a goal that ultimately determines your destiny. Who determines your destiny? You do. What helps you reach your destiny? Your will power. Vision: Deeds without vision is futile just as…


Career Goals

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Personal Career Development Plan

Introduction A career development plan is a clear path set on how one’s profession is going to evolve. It involves the expansion and growth of the specific career or change of it in the upcoming period. My career development plan will involve a broad exploration in a career transition from a corrective officer to the…

Career Goals,

Career planning

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My Educational And Career Goals in Cyber Security

When I was younger, I was someone who would always get a game and end up being able to get inside of the systems software and hack into the game and make changes to my liking. Cyber security is about being able to protect major companies from hacks. I want to be a cyber security…

Career Goals,

Cyber Security,

Educational And Career Goals

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A career is one of the most important aspects of life for most people. It is not only about earning money and receiving a specific social status but also about defining one’s lifestyle. Surely, many students may have problems with writing a career goals essay. That’s because they are unsure about their future occupation and professional development. Primarily, the point is in the big diversity of employment options and development opportunities. One can become an IT specialist, a lawyer, a salesperson, an athlete, a police officer, and many more. Even if you clearly understand your goals, writing a decent essay about career goals may still be challenging. Fortunately, this page provides a great selection of career goals essay examples that will help you structure your thoughts and write a great text, regardless of your occupation. Strong arguments, clear structure, and an excellent academic style of these texts will inspire you to write a truly outstanding work.

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