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How Video Games Can Help to Improve Problem Solving and Creativity

Parents plead us to get away from our screen and that we should spend our playing outside or pick up a book, but video games are rather good at improving our problem-solving skills, building up friendships and even earning some money. I know it’s hard to get around the fact after listening to your parents…

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Video Games

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Problem Solving in Business

Introduction Setting up any business or managing any company or creating any new startup—is all about facing the problem and sorting these out. Few people find these issues easy to solve, while some other face difficulties based on the different level of individual calibre and experience. However, if the problem including the reason that might…


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Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

As per the case study report given, as a single mother with three young children I would report saying it’s only natural for employees to get to know each other. In fact, it’s great for workplace if colleagues get along. But over time, during idle hours or through casual conversation around the water cooler, office…


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Structured Thinking and Problem Solving

Managers should use creative problem solving, it asks to separate divergent and convergent thinking to do this. To use creative problem- solving approach there should be balance between convergent and divergent thinking. It is a process that involves breaking down a problem to understand it, generating ideas to solve the problem and evaluating those ideas…


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Online Games Improve Problem Solving Skills

A problem is unsatisfactory and causes difficulties to people to achieve their goals and the things that they want to do. Any activity to eliminate a problem is termed problem solving. Problem solving skills refers to one’s ability to solve problems in an effective and timely manner without any impediments cleverism(n.d). It aims on investigating…

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Video Games

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Problem Solving in Everyday Life

In this enormous world, every people commonly have issues and problems in every second of life. Try to think of yourself. How much trouble do you have in a day? How do you overcome that obstacle? Most of the time, we choose the wrong way, and that becomes another trouble. Problem is a trivial matter…


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Problem Solving in Legal Field

There are many ways in which a legal problem can be solved. A basic problem-solving technique involves several steps. The step is to read the problem you have been presented with to get a sense of the subject you are dealing with. The second step is to assign the subject a specific area of law…


Problem Solving

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Problem Solving and Lateral Thinking in Psychology

Psychology defined is a technique of problem solving by approaching problems indirectly at diverse angles instead of concentrating on one approach at length. This type of thinking is the mental process of generating ideas and solving problems by looking at a situation or problem from a unique perspective. The first one is recognize the dominant…

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5 Collaborative Problem Solving Strategies for Project Managers

For a project manager (PM) the art of problem solving is a basic requirement. Think of a project manager having to deal with some issues in construction of a skyscraper. Even one week’s delay in the construction can result in increase in the total budget by hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s the reason why…


Problem Solving

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Problem Solving During the Research Project

At this point I will present the problem and proposed solutions to it and the solution that has been used and the benefit, experiences and knowledge gained from solving each problem: I did not know how to use the accelerometer with Arduino to set up the programming or the circuit. So I could not write…

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Communication and Problem Solving Skill

Communication is one of essential skills that I have learnt in CC2. When we promote our games, our group comes into contact with different people. During this case, I learned that the important element that we can attract people come to play our games. A person that have a strong communication ability should have strong writing and verbal communication skills, confidently, clearly and bravely transmitting the information. People who not only have a strong communication ability to transmit their ideas, they will also be a good listener, pay attention to others and understand that they want to say. As an example, I have successfully attracted customers come our booth to play our games. After that, some of the customers also give us some feedback to let us improve our rules of games to have a better experience in playing games.

Problem solving is also the one of the essential skills that I have learnt through this event. When we face a problem, we cannot be anxious. We must need to calm down and think a probable way to solve the problem that we faced. A person that can quickly solve a problem that faced reflects the person have a good corresponding capability and a clear thinking. For example, sometimes projector will disconnect and interrupt our customers who are playing games so that we need to let our customers rematch to treat as our compensation for them. Therefore, we should do some preventive actions to prevent the problems that may arise in the future.


Four Phases of Problem Solving

In problem solving, there are four phases. The underlying advance is portray the problem. In this movement, the affiliation need to investigate the condition with the objective that your consideration is on the problem, not just its reactions. The strategies that can use is flowcharts where it can recognize the ordinary steps of a system and various techniques is conditions and sensible outcomes outlines where it help to portray and separate hidden drivers. This implies reinforce the incorporation of contributed people, the usage of authentic information, connection of wants to this present reality, and an accentuation on basic drivers of a problem.

Consequently, Huawei Co. should examine the condition and recognize the problem by using flowcharts and the conditions and coherent outcomes diagrams to perceive the methods for a system and separate the basic driver. Huawei Co. should begin its examinations of the problem by investigating and revealing how frames starting at now work and evaluating the possible impact of new gadgets and refreshed procedures in the improvement of your ‘what should be’ model. In case Huawei Team wish to clarify the dispute for the new shade of the new phone , it should direct all the organization staff and check out their decision and turn out with an extreme end by the CEO. This can keep from staff battling and can in like manner perceive the problem unequivocally. Huawei Co. can similarly use exact information where they can ask their past report and perceive what concealing have been pushed in advance. Huawei Co. can use advancing technique by performing data examination so that Huawei Co. will perceive what kind of advancement is missing and what is the enthusiasm of concealing that is looking for after. With all of these data, Huawei Co. can endeavor to deal with the problem that had been recognize.

The resulting advance is make elective courses of action. In this movement, the affiliation can concede the assurance of one game plan until a couple of decisions have been proposed. By considering different choices, it can basically improve the estimation of your ideal game plan. This suggest Huawei.co can have more and better choice by guiding different people suppositions, for instance, having an outline with untouchable, have a general social affair with each and every included individual and making decisions. By having meeting and study, Huawei Co. will have more options considering the way that the more people there are, the more contemplations will be available. Other than that, Huawei Co. can in like manner use conceptualizing and bunch problem-solving to create more contemplations. Regardless, once Huawei Co. have chosen the ‘what should be’ model, the target standard transforms into the purpose behind working up a guide for investigating decisions. This infer Huawei Co. can turn out with an official end through creating elective course of action.

The third step is evaluate and select another alternative. In this movement, a skilled problem solvers will use a movement of examinations to pick the best other choice. While picking the best other choice, they will consider whether the particular alternative can deal with the problem without causing other unanticipated problems. They will in like manner consider whether all the individual included will recognize the other choice. Eventually, they will consider whether the execution of the choice is likely and whether the elective fits inside the legitimate necessities. For instance, Huawei Co. may use some master and gifted problem solvers to evaluate whether the alternative can satisfy its goal rule. By using talented problem solvers, Huawei Co. can without a lot of a stretch acknowledge which concealing is the most sensible concealing for the new phone in light of the fact that skilled problem solvers will use their knowledge and assessment to guarantee that the concealing used can meet the goal and can have a better than average outcomes. All things considered, the use of skilled problem solver can help Huawei.co envision the aftereffect of the new concealing used on the phone.

The last advance is complete and follow up on the plan. In this movement, the affiliation may called up all of the pioneers and direct others to execute the course of action, ‘sell’ the game plan, or energize the utilization with the help of others. The best course is to incorporate others in the use as a strategy for restriсtion.


Problem Solving at Work

Individuals spend almost one-third of their grown-up lives at work, which causes work environment issues to end up regular wellspring of worry for some. It is difficult to have a work environment where everybody’s jobs, desires, and identities work impeccably together, without struggle. All things considered, certain work environment issues may cause negative mental manifestations. Research demonstrates that apparent worry in the work environment, for instance, is related with a higher commonness of emotional wellness issues, for example, sorrow and uneasiness. Specialists may find that talking about their work environment stress or difficulties with a prepared psychological wellness proficient is useful to them both expertly and by and by. Workplace issues can lead to decreased performance/productivity, loss of job/termination, decreased satisfaction/happiness, stress, and a wide variety of mental health issues. Harassment in the workplace can also lead to legal troubles. The American Psychological Association notes that job insecurity and lack of support at work can exacerbate workplace issues.” (GoodTherapy)

A disappointing domain at ones work environment is a reason for real pressure and despondency for representatives. Added to that, the prospect of Monday crawling nearer after the end of the week just adds to the disappointment, and there is nothing that allows workers to be glad about. Envision what motivation they would attract to keep working in a similar working environment. Henceforth, seeing some basic issues and setting hem right can improve the climate at the working environment. “Many people feel that the problems are one-sided or of one single type. That is not the case. The problems are mostly bigger than what they may seem. However, they have to be dealt with, with tact and understanding. Here are a few examples of workplace problems and their suggested solutions.”(Khilawala, 2018)

Every work place has their region’s they exceed expectations in and regions in which they face difficulties. Low assurance in the work place in adverse to Workplace confidence alludes to the frames of mind and feelings representatives have about their occupations, and is essential to an association’s prosperity. Low worker assurance can obstruct a business from accomplishing association wide objectives, and

it can likewise prompt low efficiency, expanded representative turnover, and loss of gainfulness. There are a few low worker assurance signs to know about. Any of these signs can be an immediate marker that worker assurance is low and needs work.


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