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Problem Solving in Legal Field

There are many ways in which a legal problem can be solved. A basic problem-solving technique involves several steps. The step is to read the problem you have been presented with to get a sense of the subject you are dealing with. The second step is to assign the subject a specific area of law…


Problem Solving

Structured Thinking and Problem Solving

Managers should use creative problem solving, it asks to separate divergent and convergent thinking to do this. To use creative problem- solving approach there should be balance between convergent and divergent thinking. It is a process that involves breaking down a problem to understand it, generating ideas to solve the problem and evaluating those ideas…


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Problem Solving and Lateral Thinking in Psychology

Psychology defined is a technique of problem solving by approaching problems indirectly at diverse angles instead of concentrating on one approach at length. This type of thinking is the mental process of generating ideas and solving problems by looking at a situation or problem from a unique perspective. The first one is recognize the dominant…

Problem Solving

Online Games Improve Problem Solving Skills

A problem is unsatisfactory and causes difficulties to people to achieve their goals and the things that they want to do. Any activity to eliminate a problem is termed problem solving. Problem solving skills refers to one’s ability to solve problems in an effective and timely manner without any impediments cleverism(n.d). Retrieved from aims…

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Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

As per the case study report given, as a single mother with three young children I would report saying it’s only natural for employees to get to know each other. In fact, it’s great for workplace if colleagues get along. But over time, during idle hours or through casual conversation around the water cooler, office…


Problem Solving

Problem Solving in Everyday Life

In this enormous world, every people commonly have issues and problems in every second of life. Try to think of yourself. How much trouble do you have in a day? How do you overcome that obstacle? Most of the time, we choose the wrong way, and that becomes another trouble. Problem is a trivial matter…


Problem Solving

Problem Solving During the Research Project

At this point I will present the problem and proposed solutions to it and the solution that has been used and the benefit, experiences and knowledge gained from solving each problem: I did not know how to use the accelerometer with Arduino to set up the programming or the circuit. So I could not write…

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Problem Solving of Chatbots

Chabot’s is a developing system which now-days take control in many areas by using its AI (Artificial intelligent) system. A lot of problem is solved and it also being helping kind of system for older people or professional people whose working high research areas. But the system has a certain problem in NLP domain areas…

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How Video Games Can Help to Improve Problem Solving and Creativity

Parents plead us to get away from our screen and that we should spend our playing outside or pick up a book, but video games are rather good at improving our problem-solving skills, building up friendships and even earning some money. I know it’s hard to get around the fact after listening to your parents…

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The Effectiveness of the Problem Solving Strategy

Problem solving is a very important part of learning mathematics, with problem solving students can practice and explore concepts, theorems and skills. So, the problem solving can improve students’ abilities and understanding in mathematics (Hudojo, 2005). Since 2006 Indonesia has begun implementing problem solving in student learning activities, this form of implementation is more focused…


Problem Solving

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