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How To Avoid Spending Too Much Money? Personal Essay

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Personal Finance

Saving Money

First, understand what it triggers you to spend. Figuring out how to stop spending money relates to identifying the triggers that leads you to spend. By removing the triggers, you will no longer have the opportunity or the temptation to spend money. When you know that it will happen again, make sure to just carry…

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Negative Impact of Money

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Although money has been a big part of our economy, money has negatively impacted our community by making people feel negative emotions, creating inequality between the rich and poor, and have low-income families struggle for money every day. To begin, one negative impact of money is money has caused people to feel negative emotions. According…

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Mobile Money Services

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Mobile money has a lot of potential and some writers have argued that its potential has not yet been appreciated. Services of mobile money are deployed in different countries around Africa. Noteworthy factors that push the adoption of mobile money services include, but not limited to, the fact that it is less costly to use…

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Evolution of Money to the Present and the Future

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There are many types of currency such as trading items, paper money, coins, credit cards, and debit cards, etc. This essay is going to be talking about Currency and history, timeline, and who is affected by inflation. This essay will utilize numerous types of articles to give the reader of this essay the best information…

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The Federal Reserve Bank Structure

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Introduction A comparison between the Federal Reserve Bank and the European Central Bank, exploring the differences between bank structures, work models, main policies and roles. The paper will go in more details about each bank, explaining the roles of each bank, responsibilities. It will also cover the establishment history and how it became important worldwide,…

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Money Becoming Digital – Cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrencies is the new digital money. These currencies are not treated like the paper and coin currency, as they are faster and more dependable. Cryptocurrency has the equal value as the coin and paper currency. Cryptocurrencies are mainly to eliminate the middleman, who are targeted like the banks as they store our money for us….

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Money and Our Overall Satisfaction

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Can Money Buy Happiness


With money, we would not need to worry abt having not enough money where we can buy whatever we like. If someone has a lot of money, she can buy a house, a car, a yacht or even an island. Those who are rich can also enjoy expensive food and clothing. According to Libby Kane,…

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Time Value of Money (TMV) Argumentative Essay

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The concept of Time Value of Money (TMV) is essential part of my everday person’s life and professional life. TMV as explained by Brigham “ money in my pocket now, is worth more than it would be in the future because I have the option to invest it and earn interest. The interest earned is…

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The Future of Money – Mary Mellor

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Money appears to be so straightforward – you hand it over and receive stuff consequently – but not many of us know how it truly functions or where it originates from. Whatever we consider cash, we’re probably going to discover Mary Mellor’s case that it’s been privatized rather stunning, if not foolish. That she presents…

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Role of Money in World

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Now days we are living in a world where everything turns around money and luxury. People do not realize that we can find things which are more important for our lives and happiness. Money is used to do a lot, you use it to buy a house, you use it to keep your car running…

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