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Body-Worn Cameras as Solution of Social Issues

The death of Michael Brown and Eric Garnet President Obama decide the time has come for body-worn cameras for state officers and federal officers as a promising tool for police accountability. Although, it would cause an serious financial costs, President Obama felt it was best for the police officers and the citizens of the United…

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Social Issues

Income Inequality as an American Social Issue

One of the social issues concerning power, status, and class in current American society is income inequality. The income gap between the social classes has increased significantly throughout the last few decades, creating a significant gap between the rich and the poor. This gap has become so large that the middle class has nearly disappeared,…


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Social Issues

Six Social Issues of the American Educational System

A social issue is defined as “an undesirable condition that people believe should be corrected” (Social problem, n.d.). When pondering the words “undesirable condition” one is bond to acknowledge the educational system in America has a plethora of issues that are not favorable. Remarkably, all issues within the American educational system have a connection to…

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Social Issues

Safety & Social Issues Impacting Education

Safety and social issues are problems that affect many individuals on a daily basis. When such issues occur, right away, society gets the idea that ‘something must be done.’ Issues can be in any shape or form, from small to major, infants to elderly – any issue should be taken seriously, and a course of…


Social Issues

The Effects of Culture on Education in Regards to Social Issues

Education is among the most important things in society today because through it young people grow to become responsible adults in the future. However, education brings together people from different backgrounds, ethnicity, levels of life and races. Therefore, education providers need to create a platform that supports different people’s culture thus fostering the impact of…



Social Issues

Obesity in America as a Social Issue

Millions of adults and children in America are dealing with health problems that are emotionally hurting them because they can’t stop eating. It is downhearted and miserable that we see young children, of ages nine through the teen stage or even adults, of ages twenty-five and up having a hard time taking a few steps, going up the stairs, using wheelchairs or even just walking. These are…

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Social Issues

Brutality of Police Officers as Social Issue

The problem with police brutality is that innocent people are getting beat for no reason. We need to do something about it fast. The first solution is that police’s need to wear body cameras. The second thing is stop using poor people to fatten city budgets, and the last is train police officers to be…

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Social Problems

Impact of Slavery on Contemporary Society

The study of history plays a big role in fostering knowledge about people and societies. In particular, learning about the history of slavery is pivotal towards appreciating the significant steps the world has made towards freedom. When people learn about the slavery history of their forefathers, they can test their moral sense against the happenings…



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Global Food Security

Abstract The aim of this essay writing is to enhance the understanding of global food security and what factors that affect to the conditions of food security. This essay also include what aspect needs to be improved in order to develop food security nowadays. The method I am using in writing this essay is descriptive…


Social Issues

Meaning of Prejudice and Discrimination

This essay will focus on the meaning of prejudice and discrimination. This essay will also describe the difference between prejudice and discrimination. This essay will then examine if socially constructed ideas about race and ethnicity lead to discrimination and how this may do so. Prejudice is a strong influence on how people interact and behave…



Social Issues

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