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Correlation of Consumerism and Environment Pollution

Have you ever wondered about what is consumerism? What cause it? Have you ever had hundreds of different colored pens? But most of them are only something you see when you open your cabin? Have you ever had any clothe that even the tag was not pulled off, when you realized it was there, and…


Environment Pollution

Ecology and Consumerism in Film Wall-E

Back in 2008, Pixar Production Company produced Wall-E, a film whose purpose was not to only entertain children and families around the globe, but to see a glimpse of our future when consumerism heads in. In the movie, it started off by showing the abandoned garbage left by mankind. It showed how the earth was…



Movie Review

Consumerism as One of American Traits

During the 1800’s the “prosperity” of land gave people the opportunities to obtain better lives. Although it was a never ending expanse it enabled people to take enormous risks, in hopes of gaining back double the amount of what they had invested, even if their wager was at stake, they knew that they would be…


Consumption as a Goal of Life

Consumerism is the belief that personal well-being and happiness depend on the level of personal consumption, particularly the purchase of material possessions, to a very large extent. The idea is not simply that well-being depends on a living standard above a certain threshold, but that consumption and material possessions are at the center of happiness….


Ethical Branding and Consumerism

Ethical branding is a subset of ethical marketing which relates to certain moral principles that define right and wrong behavior in branding decisions. These brands generally act morally correct and do not harm people, animals and the environment. They also contribute to society and public good in a responsible, positive and sustainable way. Since ethical…



Consumerism Theory

This theory is built on the premise of a progressively greater consumption of goods that is economically beneficial and attachment to materialistic values and possessions that is propelled by media influences. Consumerism in the context of this study is the false creation of a particular system aimed at encouraging consumers/citizenry to spend on frivolities and…



Effect of Green Consumerism on Consumer Behavior

Abstract Since the onset of the industrial revolution, the era of mass production began. Prices got cheaper and demand, ever increasing. People started buying things which they wouldn’t have earlier and thus a lot of them even started exploiting and wasting the resources. Most of us didn’t realise that some of the products we use…

Consumer Behavior,


Consumerism Being Ethical

Consumer culture is essential in society for individuals to construct and present an image of self, to distinguish from others and create a self-identity. Therefore, consumerism is an essential part of the society and economy that continues to thrive and allow for individuals in the late-modern life express themselves. Economist use the term consumerism in…



Consumerism and Non-profits Organizations

The economy in the United States changed due to the rise of consumerism. What is consumerism? While consumption is an act that people engage in, sociologists understand consumerism to be a characteristic of society and a powerful ideology that frames our worldview, values, relationships, identities, and behaviors (Cole, 2018). The social institutions largely drove by…



Grounded Theory Ethical Consumerism 

In the last quarter of the 20th century, a rise in ethical consumption attracted researchers (Harrison et al., 2005; Newholm & Shaw, 2007). One of the first researchers to study “green market” was Mintel (1994) who reported that consumers increasingly adjust their buying habits based on ethical issues. Some of the ethical issues that affected…



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