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Theories Underpinning Health and Social Care Practice

Pages 2 (304 words)


The theory is critical to the field of health and social care, as it directs all practice (Jones & Atwal, 2009). The general theories and models of care utilized within the healthcare system ultimately dictate its legislation and policy reform (Jones & Atwal, 2009). Furthermore, delivering care based on theory helps guide future health and…

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Health Inequalities

Pages 8 (1 839 words)




From studies done in 2011 to 2013 over how the populations in the more developed countries of the world felt about their accessibility to healthcare, the United States was a leader in many different studies and surveys on multiple access of this inequality. The gap of not only the access but the quality, amount, and…

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Woman’s Health

Pages 2 (431 words)


Reproductive System

The Women’s Health Movement (WHM) came about during the 1960s and the 1970s with the primary goal to improve health care for all women. There were many challenges faced during the 1980s,however the WHM managed to make significant gains in women’s health in the 1980’s and 1990. In the past, women’s health was often seen…

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Automatic Wireless Health Monitoring System

Pages 3 (644 words)



Science And Technology

BACKGROUND An automatic wireless health monitoring system is an extension of a hospital medical system where a patient’s vital body state can be monitored remotely. Traditionally, different hospitals used large and very complex detection systems which consumed much power. Nevertheless, nowadays simple programmable systems are preferred in monitoring process of the patients’ body state. They are used because…

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Health Disparities 

Pages 3 (536 words)


Public Health

As of 2016, the leading cause of death was heart disease. 635,360 people died from heart disease in 2016 (CDC, 2017). People die from heart disease due to many circumstances, but there are two health disparities that really stand out. Those are socio-economic status and age. Socio-economic status and age both play a huge role…

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Effects of Socio Economic Determinants on Health in Australia

Pages 6 (1 464 words)



Heart Disease

Public Health

Introduction Based on the data of Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2014-2015, 18.3 per cent of Australian nearly 4.2 million adults are having diseases related to Circulation system where 1.2 million are suffering from cardiovascular diseases (Health.gov.au, 2016). Cardiovascular diseases (CD) include blood vessels and heart-related problems that create stroke, coronary artery diseases, heart muscle…

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Connection of Heart Health to Mental Health

Pages 2 (359 words)


Heart Disease

Mental Health

Heart Health can connect to Mental Health in many different ways. One way it can connect is if you have a stroke. A stroke can also be known as “brain attack”. When you get a stroke, it could be possible for your heart to stop. When a person has a stroke their blood flow through…

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Health and Optimal Wellness

Pages 2 (441 words)


Mental Health

In today’s media, our society uses the word “health” when it is referring to an individual being physically fit without considering other factors. However, being physically fit or known as fit, does not mean that one’s health is at optimal wellness; wellness is more than just being free from any type of illnesses or injuries,…

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Four-Year-Old Calum’s Case

Pages 2 (280 words)

Child Development


Social Work

The Social Work Department is involved with four-year-old Calum after concerns with his erratic attendance and several health dimensions were raised by his nursery team. This essay will identify lay explanations of health as accounts most evident in Calum’s life. The World Health Organisation (1946) defined health as ‘a state of complete physical, mental and…

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Health Disparities Research

Pages 6 (1 424 words)


Social Class

United States

Healthy People 2020 is aimed at reducing health disparities among different groups in the United States. This is achieved by setting national goals and objectives which are meant to improve the health status of all Americans regardless of their ethnic backgrounds (HealthyPeople.gov, 2018). The Healthy People 2020 objectives are also known as Leading Health Indicators,…

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