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How Do Oil Spills Impact the Environment?

My audience for my argumentative essay will consist of scientists, environmentalists, researchers, humanitarians, marine biologists, oil companies, and future generations. My intended audience should understand how oil spills can impact our environment and change the ecosystem. The marine life and wildlife are affected the most when an oil spill occurs in the ocean, river, or…



The Future of Our Environment

Few people think about the impact of air pollution. Most of the consequences of abusing the environment by engaging in tasks such as pouring cooking oil in the kitchen sink or toilet, can lead to long-term damage to public health. The disposal of oil down the drain of your kitchen sink or toilet can clog…

Air Pollution,



Outer Banks Erosion as an Environmental Problem

Outer banks are 200 mile long strings of barrier islands off the coast of NC and SE virginia. Barrier islands protect land from storms and waves and they are nurseries for fish and shellfish. Occur in chains, from few islands to a dozen. Barrier islands also protect habitats for animals. The erosion of rock in…



Healthy Environment in China by 2030

Ensuring a healthy environment throughout China is one of the strategic ap-proaches pursued in the “Healthy China 2030”, which also responds to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of 2030 Of United Nations in this case target 3.9 – reduce “mortality from environmental pollution”, 7.1- ensure “clean household energy” and 11.6 – ensure “clean…



Work Environment

The term ‘work environment’ is known to explain the environmental conditions in which an employee perform different tasks. The work environment can be of physical conditions such as, workplace temperature, workplace equipment tools such as- personal computer systems, etc. it can also be related to the factors such as work processes or work protocols. Work…



Ethical Principle Regarding Environment in Touch of Morality

Environmental ethics belief assured that further animals , plants and other element of the earth are morally significant and human and society have responsibilities maintain a harmonious touch with the earth . We should inherent respect for nature. The environmental rules of ethics assist and esteem the nature .The present study expand and refers basic…


Environmental Issues,


Alternative Approaches to Planning of SWM of the Urban Environment

EPM is an alternative approach to urban planning and management has been introduced in preference of conventional urban development planning and management approaches based on grounds that issues that need to be addressed in cities, as already pointed out, are beyond the competence of only conventional approaches [80]. The aim of EPM is to enhance…




Impact of Transportation on Environment

Abstract Human activities, “especially transportation, have disastrous effects on humans, animals, plants and the environment as a whole. One of the most worrying matter today is the protection of the environment. Having a better environment to meet the different needs of human is one of the most important goals to reach. Transportation is an essential…

Air Pollution,


Environment Pollution,


Globalization and Its Impact on the Environment 

Globalization, by definition, is the process of interaction and integration among people, companies, and government. Globalization has grown throughout the years due to advance in transportation and communication technology. From an economic perspective, globalization involves goods, services, technology, and data. Though many scholars place the origins of globalization in modern times, others trace its history…

Economic Growth,


Environmental Protection,


Outdoor Education

I believe outdoor learning experiences are essential to students’ development. Their motor skills, language skills, thinking skills, are all enhanced by outdoor learning. Just playing outside and away from technology is a benefit. Outdoor learning promotes the spark of curiosity in the student and encourages them to explore the environment. “Holistic education is at its…




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