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Government Surveillance in Digital Age

“Government surveillance” is defined by dictionary.com as a noun that states “close observation or supervision maintained over a person, group, etc, especially one in custody or under suspicion” the word was also taken from the French word “surveiller” that means to watch over and was adopted and changed as the English word surveillance. “Digital age”…




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Governmental Structure in Lesotho

The Lesotho country is a lawful ruling country under the leader ship of King. In Lesotho a king is a person who ruled their place; their ting is the head of the county unlike in our county we ruled by a president and here a president is elected there a King is born. The government…




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Government Subsidies for Brunei Citizens

Government subsidies refer to the state-paying institutes or organizations to reduce the price of their products and services. This may include commercial items, pensions, medical care, education, and so forth. For example, the Brunei government spends 470 million per year on subsidies in education but the numbers are increasing as, in 2017, the Ministry of…





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Confrontation Between Government of Texas and the United States Government

The state government of Texas and the United States government have been having a strained relationship especially where policy formulation and implementation is concerned. State of Texas has been forming policies that tend to be in contrast with the interests of the federal government. One of the affected areas is disaster management and funding. This…

American Government,


United States

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Government Economic Interventions and Regulations 

Government regulations in the business world have been attributed to some of the major economic changes in the world that have negatively affected the economy of the nation. These regulations are meant to ensure that the business world is not affected by changes in the economy and that a nation’s economy is stable. The government…




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Actions Taken by the Chinese Government to Overcome Problems

Overpopulation People’s Republic of China was officially established in 1949, soon after that Mao Zedong which was their leader at that time persuade the population to multiply so China can be a powerful country, and thus China’s population doubled. The success was only for a short period of time as the food supply became limited…




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Government Power of the United States

The government is made from three branches: executive, judicial, and legislative. power is vested in Congress, in the President, and the government courts by the United States Constitution. The power and obligations of these branches are additionally characterized by demonstrations of Congress, including the formation of official divisions and courts sub-par compared to the Supreme…

American Government,


United Nations

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Effective Control of Consequences Is a Success in the Transition From the Statutes of the Confederation

Factions are easy to spot and vary in size, scope, and reach. Not unlike your first day of high school, in the cafeteria, one might notice the different groups of students; athletes, mathletes, band members, thespians, etc. sitting in their own distinct groups. These groups within the student body, operate separately from one another within…

Articles of Confederation,



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King George the Thried

King George the third King george was a person that became the king in 1700s back then when only he was twelve years old his father died in he became prince of whales after that he was a hard working kid he was cared for by his mother in was also tuturored for thing by…

European Union,



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Positive and Negative Influence Of Political Parties Alexander Hamilton

I will talk about these five major political parties: Federalist, Democratic-Republicans, Democrats, Whigs and Republicans. The first party I will talk about is the federalist party. The Federalist Party was founded in 1791 by Alexander Hamilton. The Federalist Party was one of the first political parties in the United States. It did not survive long,…

Alexander Hamilton,



United States

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