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Research Related To Evidence-based Practice For Nurses

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Nursing Profession

Nursing Scholarship

Introduction The nursing profession is becoming high demand and turnover career because of the growing trend in our society today that expects nurses and caregivers to give and provide high-quality cost-effective health care. Evidence-based practice (EBP) is widely recognized as a key strategy to provide improved best patient outcomes and cost-effective care (Chang & Crowe,2011)….

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The Knowledge And The Strategies Needed For Effective Nursing Learning

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Nursing Profession

Nursing Scholarship

In today’s society, things are ever changing. In many ways change is good, it gives us the opportunity to better ourselves. However, the one problem with this is how fast things change. Current nursing education is challenged by the rapid evolvement of technology, biosciences, and globalization (Culyer, Jatulis, Cannistraci & Brownell, 2018). Traditionally, nursing education…

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Different Types of Accelerated Nursing Programs

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Nursing Profession

Nursing Scholarship

Accelerated Nursing Programs Of the considerable number of medical professionals or nurses working, not every one of them chose to enter the workforce when they completed school or college. Some people decided, later, to get a nursing degree even after the fact that they already have a degree in something else. (Anbari, 2015). Now, someone…

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Trends in Nursing Industry

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Nursing Scholarship

What is a Trend? According to the Google, a trend is a general direction in which something is developing or changing. This is in direct agreement with the saying that the only thing which is constant in life is change. In the Nursing industry, studying trends is quite important because it helps to predict the…

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My Personal Philosophy of Nursing Admission Essay

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College Students


Nursing Profession

Personal Philosophy

I as the nursing student in Seneca College view health as the complete well being of a person where a person is affected by health beliefs and health behaviours. Health is holistic settlement of person encompassing physical, spiritual, emotional and social aspect. As a nurse, i will make a nursing philosophy paper by using my…

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Contemporary Nursing Practice Argumentative Essay

Pages 2 (387 words)

Higher Education


Nursing Profession

Contemporary nursing practice means that nursing practice is changing according to needs of community. The nurses are adopting to theses changes like have higher education and having more knowledge and skills to provide better care. Evolution in Nursing Practice When nursing began it had very little to do with formal medical training and willingness to…

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Nursing Leadership/Management Role in Budgets Argumentative Essay

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Leadership and Management


Nurse Leadership/Management Role in Financial Management and Budgeting Kimberly Lizard Holy Names University NURSE 151 IFS December 6, 2010 Abstract The following paper discusses the nurse manager’s/leader role in healthcare financial management and budgeting. The definition of a budget is a detailed financial plan. The nurse manager/leader is responsible in knowing and understanding the different…

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Nurse’s Role and Responsibility as Health Educator 

Pages 2 (349 words)

Health Care


Nursing Profession

Nurses play the role of educating patients during the provision of care. This is because nurses directly interact with patients giving them an opportunity to educate them on diverse aspects relating to health improvement (Ashton & Oermann, 2014). One of the roles of nurses as health educator involves providing relevant information to patients or other…

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The Importance of Nursing Theory Application

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The nursing profession requires continued research to improve patient outcomes. When a gap in nursing care is perceived, often a theory is presented to improve patient care and outcomes. Nursing theory is an idea or intuition based on perceived or needed improvements in nursing care or patient outcomes. Through this process, nursing theory keeps the…

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Helping Others in Nursing Career

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Helping Others


Why Become A Nurse

Helping and caring for other people have been part of life. I therefore used that as an opportunity to considered pursuing nursing as a career. There are many reasons why I have decided to become a nurse. However, before stating my reasons, I will like to educate readers of this paper as what nursing is…

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Written assignments on medical topics bring many challenges. For example, if you have to write a nursing essay for college or university, you may face some real problems with finding and using reputable sources. In particular, you have to use only the most recent and the most relevant data. Also, pay attention to their credibility, which means searching only for peer-reviewed materials. Even if you are writing a seemingly simple nursing narrative essay, focus on the structure. Your text should flow and be organized logically. Sounds challenging? No worries, there is always an opportunity to ask for help. Use our selection of nursing essay examples to get relevant materials on the topic. You shall also get the ideas that will inspire you and help deliver a top-quality paper. Whether you have to write about a specific case, diagnosis, professional values, or personal medical experience, our materials will definitely come in handy.

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