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Role Of Nature In Our Life Personal Essay

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The State Of Nature

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Importance of Rewilding of Nature

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The Essence of Nature in Our World

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The Scarlet Letter

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Incredible Cathartic Traits of Nature

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Self-Renewal and Self-Healing of Nature

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The Truth about Nature

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Effects of Inhumane Activity towards Nature

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Environmental Issues


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Nature of Linear Park in Madrid

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Human Negative Impact on Nature

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The importance of nature for me and society


Why nature conservation is important

However, conservation and recreation have to be handled carefully. Undoubtedly, an ecologically valuable site may attract tourists. The higher the ecological value, the more attractive these sites are. Tourist activities may however jeopardize the site if the number of tourists and forms of activities go beyond its carrying capacity; or if it is not managed and monitored under careful plans. Plans are of utmost importance to avoid any possible disturbance, not to mention irreversible damage. Zoning has been a commonly adopted tool in managing the tension and possible conflict between conservation and recreation so as to seek ways of fostering tourism in natural areas noted the regional ecotourism development planning approach to determine opportunities for ecotourism development through the identification of significant features, critical areas and compatible activities. Four zones, namely sanctuary zones, nature conservation zones, outdoor recreation zones and tourism development zones, are identified with functions clearly defined. The zone plan developed is strategic to achieve compatibility between environmental conservation, ecotourism and sustainability. How this plan can be developed thus becomes an interesting research question to be addressed.


The Impacts of Nature

 “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” –Albert Einstein What is the importance of nature? What does nature mean to you? To me, nature is everything. It’s peaceful, it’s giving, but most of all, nature is everlasting. Give a second to think about it; nature is out oxygen, nature is our shelter, our food, our well-being. Without nature, what would we be? Nature can have many impacts on a person, including preserving positive physical and mental health as well as impacting diverse cultures. Natures influence on people is virtually, what keeps us alive. Being in nature, or even just viewing nature scenes reduces stress, anger, and anxiety, and in result creates happiness, and releases endorphins. 

All of this, then reduces blood pressure, heart rate, and stress hormones. Furthermore, this is proven in a study done by Dr. Robert Ulrich, in which half of the patients in recovery who underwent gallbladder surgery had the view of trees, while the other half had the view of a bare wall. It was found that the patients with the view of nature had better pain tolerance and less negative effects from the surgery than those who had the view of the wall. Not only does nature impact physical health, but also mental health. In multiple studies done by Ulrich and Kim reveals that nature is associated with positive moods and healthier minds. In many cultures, nature has many different connotations. Based on these connotations, whether they be from mythology or religion, shows the impact of nature on a person. 

In one culture, their mythology may teach them that nature is destructive and violent, and in turn that person may fear nature, giving them negative feelings towards it. However, in another culture, their religion/mythology teaches them to honor nature, and its sacrifices, allowing that person’s life to then to be highly impacted by nature in a positive way. For example, in India, the River Ganges is thought by Hindus to be the body of the goddess Ganga. They believe that bathing in the river will allow them to have a ‘spiritual release’ from reincarnation. Hindus find power and tranquility in nature, thus impacting that person’s life positively. In summary, Nature has many impacts on many different people, including preserving positive mental, and physical health, by reducing stress and anxiety as well as impacting diverse cultures and religions by their views on nature.  


Nature is important to me

It’s calm, powerful, yet enchanting. When I face north, I can see the shimmering essence of a rippling Ocean that looks like my Mother’s silk baby-blue night gown. My favorite spot on this little hilltop is to the west. A waterfall so majestic sometimes I think angels wept to make it. The deep crimson color the water produces when the sunshine hits the bark of the trees, sends shimmer to each droplet telling a more cynical story. The water falls to the river below and it’s like every single water molecule is having a romantic quarrel with the one right next to it. As I watch the romance blossom into a natural song and dance, my eyes trail off to the wildflowers along the river banks. The natural foliage from the river banks lined with a crayon box of pastel vibrant colors with sprigs of deep mismatched greens making for the perfect postcard. The water a smeared blur of the false crisp clear depth tracing to a very old wooden bridge, exceptionally gnarled and contorted with age, but consequently making it look picturesque with the river so quiet underneath as though the water sleeps to not disturb the gnarled monster above.

When I can remember a certain road that leads to a small town instead of a personal driveway, it is always a magnificent adventure to walk around them. The towns look like William Shakespeare was the architect and they have lost track of time with each shop borrowing from a different era but spoke in harmony with each other and the abundance of Nature around the sun shining through the trees as though it was a shimmering liquid gold. The street lamps lay in perfect rows like an airport strip only leading to the foliage of the outskirts of the town instead of the end to know where. The narrow-cobbled brick roads are flat against the reds of some of the buildings. Vacationers eyes zig zag back and forth when the flashy, radiant apple red has been spotted from afar. The blues are intense as well, ranging from baby blue that matches the sky to a dark handsome navy blue. Here and there sit turquoise or a rich deep blue-green on the spiritic shutters or window baskets from the shops. The shops that house florists with bouquets out on the streets in buckets, antique and coffees shops. Looking inside the laudably glazed windows you can see organic produce, fresh meats, local cheeses and wines, baked goods which include scones; massive cinnamon rolls, snickerdoodle cookies and home-made trinkets. All the shop owners have chalkboards with beautifully hand-written specials of the day  

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