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Role Of Nature In Our Life

In this article we are discussing how nature plays significant role in our life. How and why it is important after reading this article I feel how much I am connected/disconnected from nature. It also mention how to connect with nature but everyone have own ways to connect you cannot learn how to connect I…



The State Of Nature

Introduction The state of nature is the states were humans existed before government was ever created. There once was a period where there were not any rules, or laws to exactly follow (orders). In a state of nature, there are no (good things that help all people). No farming, housing, technology, or education. With a…


Self-Renewal and Self-Healing of Nature

Nature constantly heals and changes itself; It covers all living and inanimate organisms. This includes plants, organisms, humans, and the ecosystem that contains them all. Environment; is the physical, biological, social, economic and cultural environment in which people and other creatures interact and interact with them throughout their lives. In other words, the environment that…



Importance of Rewilding of Nature

Introduction Re-wilding is the progressive conservation approaches that aim at letting nature to take care of itself and enabling the natural processes to shape the sea and land, restore degraded landscapes and repair damaged ecosystems. More diverse habitats can be created by wildlife’s natural rhythms through re-wilding. Nature has its own ways and knows the…



Human Negative Impact on Nature

The immediate response of a parent when his/her offspring cries is to attend to its needs whether of sustenance or of bodily discomfort. The objects of basic needs are rendered in order to assist the child in its overall development. To be concise, these are what aid us in the nurture of our people and…



Nature of Linear Park in Madrid

The environmental importance of the Linear Park lies in the fact that it houses one of the most valuable and complete natural landscapes of Madrid’s geography. Geography that is also the habitat of a large number of species, some threatened, forming life forms in delicate balance. Moreover, all forms of life that populate the Linear Park…



Inhumane Act towards Nature

From the moment we subsist in this world, nature already existed and appreciated by human beings. Our challenge and role is to take good care of it. Perhaps many other people cannot learn how to appreciate the pulchritude of nature. The somber truth to this is we, human beings tend to forget how nature can…



Effects of Inhumane Activity towards Nature

Inhumane act around the world is spreading like wild fire, according to research more than 100 animals are killed every year by hunters and habitat loss are increasing due to human activity such as agricultural and industrial development. Some human activities that cause damage (either directly or indirectly) to the environment on a global scale…

Environmental Issues,


Incredible Cathartic Traits of Nature

Till this moment, any discipline of Science and Technology couldn’t satisfactorily fathom out the mystic factor in the healing power of ‘Nature’. It is purely an abstract entity that with its replenishing effect, nature rejuvenates the dejected body, mind and soul. Among the whole components of nature, Mountains are the primary constituent which can easily…



Global Warming Effects

The temperature of the planet has consistently risen in recent years leading to several adverse long-term consequences. Scientists have termed this as the biggest threat to life in the future due to its intergenerational effects. Global warming has caused the deaths of hundreds of people through severe heat waves, flooding, wild fires, cyclones and hurricanes…

Global Warming,

Natural Disasters,


Public Health

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