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Islam Religion

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Head covering is still a significant practice in many religions in the world including Catholicism and Orthodox Judaism. The practice of covering the head plays a central role in the Islam religion. Islam is one of the most popular religions in the world. It began as a small faith community within the region of Arabian…

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5 Attributes a Teacher Must Have to Teach Islam

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In the name of Allah the most gracious, the most merciful. Introduction Alhamdulillah, I thank Allah for giving me the strength and yet an opportunity to be able to attempt this assignment, with the instruction to write and discuss on five attributes a teacher must possess to teach Islam. Teaching is one of the major…

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The Spread of Islam

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The spread of Islam in the late 600’s and 700’s has acquired a lot of study. It began when the prophet Muhammad (who lived from 570 C.E. to 632 C.E.) began sharing his belief that God had sent him a revelation at the age of 40. Before the rise of Islam, Arabia was a peripheral…

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Issues of Islamic Anti-Semitism

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History of Islam



Introduction Number of scholars has reported the strengthening as well as extent of anti-Semitism in large parts of the Muslim world over the last eight decades which included Andrew Bostom, Klaus Gensicke and Meir Litvak . A comprehensive acceptance of Islamic anti-Semitism thus not only demands review of existing proceedings, but also an appreciative of…

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Crime and Punishment in Islam

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Crime and Punishment



Abstract In Islam, there is punishment for criminals and these punishments are for the betterment for society. If there are no punishments in society then there is no fear of doing crimes. ALLAH (Subhanahu WA ta’ala) makes everything for the betterment for society. Following are wisdom and logic behind the harsh criminal penalties of Islam….

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Islam and Islamic Civilization

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History of Islam



The starting point to one of the most successful religions took place in an arid desert with scorching hot temperatures. This peninsula, in the Middle East, known as Arabia was located between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. This desert is where a prophet would emerge and create an everlasting impact on a civilization…

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Human Rights in Islam Culture

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Belief Systems

Human rights


Introduction Human rights rely upon the standard of respect for the individual. Their real supposition that can’t avoid being that each individual is a decent and goal being who has the option to be treated proudly. They are called human rights since they are across the board. While nations or specific social occasions acknowledge express…

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Islam in European Context

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History of Islam



For centuries, Christian Europe experienced both conflict and coexistence with Islam. As the Ottoman Turkey’s collapse ended the conflict, the coexistence took the lead until the end of the Cold War. The end of the Cold War saw the highjack of Islam by quasi-Muslims leading the fight for a “true” Islam. Their fight brought to…

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Lifecycle Rituals in Islam

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Islam is one of the three biggest religions in the world. It began in Arabia and was revealed to humanity by the prophet Muhammad, who was a messenger of God and a model of the life of faith. Those who follow Islam are called Muslims. Muslims believe that there is only one God, which is…

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Music and Religion in Islam

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Whilst dealing with questions pertaining music and religion it is necessary to make a distinction between culture and religion because there are plenty of cases where religious thought and practice is more than interpretation of religious texts in a specific milieu and thus shaped the religious understanding of Qur’an and Hadith. In the article provide,…

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