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Concept and Historical Brunches of Capitalism

“Capitalism is efficient in production but ineffective in ensuring equality ” BY VIKAS, ARJUN & NAMAN What is CAPITALISM ? Adam Smith – Father of Capitalism Capitalism is an economic system and an ideology based on private ownership of the means of production and their operation for profit. OR An economic system characterized by private…


Is Capitalism Working?

Explores the history of capitalism from the industrial revolution to the 21stcentury. Underlining strengths and weaknesses of such a system through the time it also provides potential alternatives. The interest in using this book is to study examples of the advantages and disadvantages of capitalism.The book is destined to general readers which means unaware people…


Capitalism and Socialism are the Two Major Economic Systems

Capitalism and socialism are the two major economic systems that underpin opposite structures and frameworks for economic and social management (Brander 15). The two systems are historically associated with the cold war altercation between the United States and the USSR. Therefore, the United States system represents capitalism while the former soviet systems represent socialism. These…



Capitalism – Economic Enterprise Involving Exchanging

Capitalism is characterised as a system based on economic enterprise involving exchanging within the market, it is a private economy where profit-seeking establishments employ salary-earning employees to carry out the production of goods and services (Stanford,2008). Capitalism advocators are those who support an economic system based on the freedom of private ownership (Amadeo, 2018). It…


What is Capitalism?

Capitalism is good or bad?What is capitalism? Suppose you have one million, you can set up a factory, the ownership of the factory and income generated is yours. Of course, if you want you can sell your plant for stock or real estate. You have the right to dispose of your property, and more importantly,…


Facts about Capitalism – Opportunities

Capitalism is easier for them in the western nations in that it uses the free market and gives people a solid incentive to innovate, innovate, and do other things that increase a national economic wellness. Corporations actually give investors the best available items at the cheapest price in a capitalist economy, which means competitiveness will…


Global Capitalism Reduces Poverty

Capitalism, due to its nature, results in improved profit margins. The major driving factor is profit making controlled by individuals with specific interests, which has led to the diversification of the economy, providing more opportunities for new entrants and encouraging innovation through competition. By making more profit, they can invest further and employ more people…


Capitalism as a System of Profits and Economic Growth

Capitalism is spread all around the world. The seek of the biggest profit margin in the less amount of time is the aim of societies participating in such a system. Privatisation and free-market economy are the basis of a system dominating the western world that is capitalism. The economies joining this system aim for profit,…


Economic Growth

Capitalism as a System of Inequality

Capitalism is a system of economic enterprise based on market exchange, an economy in which is private and where profit-seeking companies undertake production with wage-earning employees carrying out most of the work (Stanford,2008). Advocators of capitalism are those who support an economic system based on the freedom of private ownership (Amadeo, 2018). It would be…



Benefits and Harm of Capitalism

Capitalism may be a subject that may be deeply thought and talked with. Capitalism is an economic and political system controlled and own by individuals or private companies. This literally focuses in the production of goods and services and making profits. According to George Monbiot, Capitalism is like coal, it has brought many benefits. But,…




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