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Fear In “The Seventh Man” by Haruki Murakami

All people have something that they fear and when it’s not faced, it can become a part of their lives. The narrator of “The Seventh Man” by Haruki Murakami shares a story about a tragedy that changed his life. When he was 10 years old, his friend, K, died and he blamed himself. He couldn’t…



Theme In Literature

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Role of Literature in Human Life

What is Literature? When we heard the word “Literature” the first thing came to our mind is books, poems, novels, stories and other more. Recently, I’ve acknowledged that literature additionally includes songs, speeches, plays and other more in written and spoken forms. I have also acknowledged that matters that are produced out of creative imagination…

Interpersonal relationship,



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Comparing of Sylvia Plath’s and Gabriel García Márquez’ Works

Over the course of this class, we have learned the importance of the elements of literature and expanding our understanding in fiction, poetry, and drama. This course has also helped us to develop the knowledge of the human condition and cultures, especially to relation behavior, and also ideas and values of human imagination. Feminism was…

Literary Criticism,



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History of French Literature and Its Influence on World Literature

French literature is absolutely homogeneous. Originally they were not written, but recited. Its history is closely linked to the state of French politics, ideology, and culture, often reflecting and shaping these realities in France. Some of the said qualities are already distinctly visible in the earliest French works which have come down to us today….




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Wilam Faulkner in Literature Genre and Period Classification

Literature is any textual record that represents or illustrates human thoughts, expressions and lived in experiences of any nature.Text is one of the earliest medium used for the conveyance of literature and has over time achieved a more prominent status.The use of language as the common medium of expression helped text to an extend to…

American Literature,

Literary Genre,


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Transcendentalism in Literature

The Transcendental Movement in literature and poetry spawned, for the most part, from its predecessor, the Romantic Era, as well as in reaction to the re-christianization of New England during the Second Great Awakening. Many transcendental poets and philosophers began as liberal Unitarian preachers during the Second Great Awakening, who wished to focus American religion…



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Beowulf Conclusion Essay

“ . . . Another character entitled at least temporarily to the label of the female monster” (Irving 73). This comment reflects the grievances several literary critics now express in the wake of the feminist movement. In contemporary translations of the epic poem Beowulf, the reader witnesses several portrayals of patriarchal history that contributes to…



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Why Literature Matters

Literature matters, because it is a valuable and a major impact in society. This is true because today’s society without literature the people wouldn’t know the proper way to speak and write. We could also learn about real life problems in literature and understand and help our society in many different ways.In Gioia, Dana. Why…



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History of British Literature

A theme is defined as an idea or subject that repeatedly occurs in literary pieces. Throughout history, recurring themes in British literature have played an important role in shedding light on serious concerns of mankind. Feminism and the representation of gender roles began in ancient times and are still current today. Another important theme is…



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Victorian Literature

Victorian Literature was nothing short of discussing many different forms of themes and genres throughout many means such as prose and poetry. Many of the authors of this era, including Mary Elizabeth Braddon and Christina Rossetti are two such writers who greatly influenced the era and that of the literature that followed. Their pieces of…



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