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Difference between Jamaican and American Culture Compare And Contrast

The difference between cultures can vary or clash. Culture, as we know, is the knowledge, language, customs and values passed down from generation to generations. Cultural tradition can be simple to follow or beliefs that you don’t want to represent as an individual even though it is a part of your culture are sub-culture. Your…

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American culture and Haitian culture

American culture and Haitian culture have major differences in many different ways stemming from the fact that Haiti is one of the poorest countries where most of the country is at risk of hunger and lack of medical supplies, the average family of 6 makes less than 500 per year. America on the other hand…

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Diverse Cultures of American Society

American society has many different races and ethnic group, various social groups. Therefore, there is a high possibility that conflict will occur without preference but with prejudice. The Sociologists define a race as the social construction of race (). In the past, race defines skin colors, regions, and ethnicities. As society has changed, the concept…

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American Culture – act based on social norms and morals

Culture is how a select group of people act based on social norms and morals. Culture can be based on religion, on family values and similar things. In American Culture we take a lot of things for granted, our “necessities” and material culture is often unattainable for others living in 3rd World countries. Watching the…

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Comparing American and Chinese Cultures

After reading River Town, by Peter Hessler, as well as out studies of the culture differences from across the world. Culture now has a greater meaning to me than it did before taking this class, or by reading our books. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, culture is defined as “the customary beliefs, social forms,…

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Differences between Japanese and American Culture

Facing culture differences is inevitable when a person as an international student from another culture lives and studies in the United States. Taka, a senior physics major student who came from Japan and has lived in Santa Barbara for almost four years, shared some of his stories with me. After finishing this culture interview, I…

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The Beatles – Rock Band

The Beatles were the most impactful band of their time because of their effect on American popular culture, the enduring impact they had on how music is made and produced, and the motivation they give to artists in the modern era. Before the Beatles, no other band made quite the cultural impact like they did….

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Self-Reliance as an American Basic Value

Self-reliance is especially valued by Americans. It is seen as a requirement to obtain and secure individual freedom. It means that people don’t depend on their family, the government or any organizations. Americans believe they should take care of themselves and solve their own problems. In addition, individuals believe that they should be financially and…

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The Value of Culture in Everyday Use Literary Analysis

Thesis “Everyday Use” is a short story that talks about culture and heritage and how they create a sense of identity for those who see the true value. Everywhere we go, the setup of our background comes with us even when we wish to reject it. Through Mama, Dee, and Maggie, we get a glimpse…

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Everyday Use

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Americans is blend of cultures and beliefs

Americans are not one nationality, but a blend of cultures and beliefs. We have one goal of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The National Museum of American History and Zócalo Public Square have joined together to produce an unprecedented partnership and a new, three-year project: What It Means to Be American. Beginning in…

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Completing a thorough analysis of a specific ethnic group is definitely not easy. For example, when you are required to write an American culture essay, you may struggle to decide what aspects of the given culture to embrace. You may focus on Hollywood movies, novels, comic books, or the lifestyle of US citizens.

There is also a variant to describe cuisine, historical events, festivals, or mentality features of the Americans. It is very easy to get lost among such immense loads of information, which means that you may need some help with such an assignment. Make sure to check our collection of American culture essay examples.

Here you will find the analysis of the US lifestyle and diverse perspectives on its peculiarities. This will provide you with relevant ideas and sources that will help you organize your paper. As a result, you get good chances to get a positive grade for your essay on American culture.

American Culture

The cultural traditions of the peoples inhabiting the Americas have been shaped over the centuries. In the early stages of formation, the culture of the British colonists, who actively spread the English language and their legal system, had a major influence. Beginning in the seventeenth century, European settlers from Italy, Holland, Ireland, and Poland began to contribute to the formation of American culture. It is also worth considering the contribution to cultural development of local Indian tribes, the original inhabitants of the American continent, as well as the ancestors of African-American settlers from Africa.

The United States is known for its mix of cultures. However, it is worth noting that there are a large number of individual subcultures. In fact, American culture is a mixture of a large variety of different cultures.


Religion and Holidays

Religious faith plays a significant role in the life of the average American. The U.S. is one of the few countries in the world where the church has had the greatest influence on people’s minds. Today its influence is taking on a slightly different form than it did in the past. For example, various interest groups are being organized in churches. Despite the rapidly changing social life of Americans, the church is still what brings Americans together. Statistics show that 98 percent of Americans believe in the presence of God.

The main tribute in the United States is to holidays with a long tradition:

– Thanksgiving. It is commonly celebrated as an appreciation for the prosperity available.

– Christmas in the United States. Traditionally, it is widely celebrated in American families. Homes are decorated with bright wreaths and garlands, and the whole family gathers together.

Income Distribution

Americans typically plan for the future, and this is most evident in income distribution. Conscientious Americans will have a retirement fund in a prominent place, determining their income when they reach retirement age. Another distinctive aspect of American family culture is the fact that, upon graduation, children live separately from their parents and do not help each other with daily chores.

A defining factor in American relationships is whether a person belongs to a particular social class. There are usually three to five socioeconomic classes. Income is the main indicator of social class in the United States, showing the level of education and qualifications. Income has a significant impact on a person’s ability to maintain health, as it allows for better nutrition and medical care.


Literature is an essential part of American culture. Its beginnings date back to the 17th and 18th centuries with the appearance of diaries and religious writings. American writers Irving and Cooper (founders of American Romanticism), Edgar Allan Poe (representative of the detective genre in literature), Howard Lovecraft and Stephen King became world famous.


American music played a huge role in shaping modern musical trends. Thanks to Americans, jazz, soul, blues, rock, and rap have enriched the music culture of the world. African and Latin American migrants have also had a significant influence on the formation of national musical traditions. Over the centuries, American music has been a successful blend of seemingly incongruous styles. At the moment, the American music industry is the most developed in the world.


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