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Effect of Chinese Civil War on the Economic Aspect

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Civil War

This investigation seeks to answer the research question: “To what extent did the Chinese Civil War brings effects on the economic aspect?” During the Republic of China, the foreign capitalist economy controlled China’s financial and economic lifeline. They used political and economic privileges to plunder China’s resources and suppress the Chinese national capitalist economy. The…

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Civil Rights Movement In The USA

Pages 12 (2 808 words)

Civil Rights Movement

Civil War

Harriet Tubman

Martin Luther King I Have a Dream

Of course, it is true that Martin Luther King’s influence was great in terms of raising awareness of the African American plight to advance their position towards equality. One of the leading qualities about King’s protests was that they were intended to be peaceful, in order to promote the message of the Civil Rights movement….

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The Civil War in Roman Republic

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Ancient Rome

Civil War

The Social War was a civil war that waged for three years from 91 BCE to 88 BCE between the Roman Republic and the former Roman allies, the Italians. This war was known by other names, such as the Italic War and the Marsic War. Cause of the Social War The cause of the Social…

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Technology in Civil War

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American Civil War

Civil War


Civil war over time has motivated man to develop technology that will give him the upper hand against his enemies. American civil war was the first modern Civil war. Civil war was the main cause of death in America in 1861 to 1865, this deaths were mostly due to the use of advance weapons. Aside…

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Civil War In The USA

Pages 2 (468 words)

Civil War

Frederick Douglass

Harriet Tubman

Slavery In America

On April 12, 1861, Confederate guns opened fire on Fort Sumter, South Carolina, this action started the Civil War. The war lasted four years and over 620,000 people were killed. The three primary causes of the of the Civil War were slavery, states’ rights, and secession. Slavery was the leading motivation for the Civil War….

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Spanish Civil War

Pages 4 (922 words)

Civil War


In July 1936, Francisco Franco led the first revolt that sparked the start of the Spanish Civil war. After the election of February 16, 1936 and the election of Republican Manuel Azana, things began to heat up between the Republican and Nationalist side of Spain. This was mainly because of the controversial new reforms Manual…

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Was the Civil War Preventable?

Pages 3 (704 words)

Abraham Lincoln

American Civil War

Civil War

The civil war was not preventable. The tensions between the North and the South were too great to overcome. Civil War although some will argue was avoidable many will also state that it was unavoidable due to many events throughout the time frames of 1850-1861. The issue of slavery caused a sectional divide in the…

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The Civil War in America and The Vietnam War

Pages 5 (1 002 words)

American Civil War

Civil War

Vietnam War

The Civil War was characterized by a lot of changes in American society and its politics, more than any other event in the history of the United States. Of all the experiences endured by the generations of Americans, The Civil war was the most traumatizing, with over 620,000 soldiers losing their lives in the war….

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What Caused the Civil War

Pages 3 (603 words)

Abraham Lincoln

American Civil War

Civil War

Frederick Douglass

In 1861, a Civil War broke out in the United States. It was one of the worst wars and many conditions contributed to the cause of this terrible war. The war was a fight between the United States of America, and the Confederate States of America, that lasted four very long years and cost the…

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Conflict in Yemen: Civil War and Food Insecurity

Pages 4 (824 words)

Civil War


Yemen is the corner of the Arabian Peninsula, located directly next to the Red Sea, making it both a historical and modern port of trade. In the ancient world, Yemen was the source of many precious spices, aromatics, and coffee (Wenner and Borrowes). In May 1990, North Yemen (Yemen Arab Republic) merged with South Yemen…

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Four years of gruesome battle over freedom and equality. The Civil War itself started in 1861 on April 12th. However, the issues of the Civil War started long before that. The consequences would last centuries.

During the Civil War, roughly seven hundred thousand lives were lost between the union and confederacy, and it is seen as the bloodiest fight in American history.

Both the North and South had numerous reasons as to how and why they justified war. First, both sides saw that they were acting defensively. The south said that they had the right to succeed from a tyrannical government, and that going to war was a constitutional right to protect their liberties. The north saw it as their job to crush and end the rebellion (the Confederacy). Also, the union always said how they were acting in response to the succession of the southern states. Leaders of the union said that war might be the only way to protect the things that the Confederacy and succession of states hoped to destroy. Both sides also began to build their reasons for war from ancient histories such as the Spartans, Peloponnesians, and Athens. As the war went on both sides began condemning the other side while building up their moral reasons as to why they are fighting the war. Also as the war went on both side’s morals seemed to grow, and they felt that they were fighting for something bigger. Guerrilla warfare became a war tactic for those in southern states who did not live in densely populated areas. They had to form because they wanted to protect their communities and towns from northerners who they deemed as invaders. The guerrilla fighters often fought separately from the Confederate army, and most of their gains were for personal reasons. Guerilla-style warfare was seen as an unprincipled war by the northerners, but the confederacy sanctioned it, and the guerillas were one of the reasons the war was so destructive.

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