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Graphic Design and its Outlook for the Future

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Graphic Design


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in their Occupational Outlook Handbook, the job outlook for graphic designers in 2018-2028 is 3%, that is below average for other jobs which mean there is quite a bit of competition. The number of jobs in 2018 for graphic designers are only 290,100 and is expected to grow…

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Merits and Demerits of Technology

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Science has confirmed great boons on mankind whilst technology augments the agenda of science. Technology, as a whole, has helped and still rendering great services to the growth and development of the mankind. There has been a significant advancement in the field of technology that enhances the life of the people in various ways, all…

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Technology Is Not Limiting Creativity

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My Hobby


Technology does not limit creativity but rather technology-enhanced creativity. Technology is a big part of our culture nowadays as we are in the modern age. With technology being so ubiquitous, it is not surprising that kids and young adults are using technology for their pleasure. Examples of that are playing videogames, watching television, and playing…

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Benefit of Technology in Different Aspects of Human Life

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Advantages of Technology


What would we do without technology? We are living in a century where technology is developing faster than ever. Many years ago, moving long distances would take days, even weeks to get to the destination. Nowadays, technology has expanded the transportation system to the point that we can take an airplane and go to the…

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The History of Nanotechnology 

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Nanotechnology is a large research area where many fields such as chemical, physics and engineering, and life sciences meet, enrich one another and provide a fertile ground for the development of science, engineering and technology. It deals with science, engineering, and technology conducted at the nanoscale, with dimensions in the range of 0.1 to 100…

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Technology Offers People a Better Life

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Advantages of Technology



What is technology? According to me, technology is something that helps any person with his daily works or routine e.g. a person wants to do some exercise he uses a treadmill, cross-trainer, cardio cycle which makes him work and also gives out the person displayed results like the calories the person burnt or the distance…

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Importance of Ethics in the Development of Technologies

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Technological inventions aim at assisting and promoting the efficiency of human activities (Sollie, 2007). Notably, technology advances every other day, as inventors compete to introduce their latest development. Similarly, society reveals unusual patterns of technology absorption. Today, for instance, for every passing minute, users upload more than twenty-four hours of video content. Sollie (2007) notes…

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Technology Can Help Elderly

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Advantages of Technology



Background Singapore’s aging population is increasing rapidly than years ago. The number of citizens over the age of 65 is expected to double by 2030, to 900,000. Aging has often been associated with a decrease in independence. To maintain independence among the elderly, they are called upon to adapt to the new technology in this…

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Technology is Steering to Unemployment

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Social Media



I picked this topic because I see many youngsters who have left their village to find a better job in developed cities but due to the growth in technology they are left unemployed. Technology has been a cause of unemployment for centuries. When cars were invented as a source of travel for the first time…

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Impact of Technology to Human Life

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Advantages of Technology


Technology, according to the dictionary it defined as “the collection of skills, methods, and processes used in the production of goods or services”. Or simply to put it another way say that is the machines which help to solve problems or create new things. Seeing the ubiquitous pace of innovation is spawning a majority of…

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Today, technology is continuing to advance at rates never seen before. Technological innovations are playing a significant role in our life, and have made our life easier by allowing us to carry out a wide range of tasks by using our portable devices. It’s amazing to look back and see just how far technology has improved from decades ago.

Furthermore, the growth in the technology and globalization helped people to connected to each other in different ways. For instance, some of this connection could be social, economical, environmentally, or even politically. Nowadays, with the growth of technology and social media we get inform about what is happening around us. For example, look at the use of Facebook, Instagram, snapchat or ext. As it happens, before people were use most of this social media to only post pictures and videos but these days we will see how people all around the world advertise for their business and by using the popular platforms try to make a rise in their market share. We should remember with the growth of the technology in the globalization even for applying for simple jobs such as being a cashier or working at the restaurants people need to send their resume online. “Eighty percent of Fortune 500 companies, including Walmart, Comcast, and McDonald’s, now only accept job applications online. Internet use is prevalent among 94 percent of jobholders across industries, including non-technology firms, big corporations, and small businesses” (Byrum 2015).

To conclude, technology give us the ability to be more informative and knowledgeable about the world. We live in a world that is becoming more adaptable to the advance teleology, in the way we have the ability to input the information into the programs and by using the technology and programming control what interests us. However, using the technology like any other aspects in our life has it’s owns pros and cons in our daily life. It is just the matter of how we are controlling the use of these gadgets.

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