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Successful Leadership Analysis: Aliko Dangote

Introduction Aliko Dangote is an African-Nigerian investor, businessman and the CEO of Dangote Industries/Group; born in 1957. Dangote holds a ‘Business Studies and Administration’ bachelor’s degree from Al-Azhar University, Cairo. Dangote founded the Dangote Group 38 years ago and has managed to establish the business as the largest corporation in West Africa; with most of…


Leadership and Management,


Personal Model of Leadership

Introduction For growth and development in any field, and especially a field involving working with different sets of people, personal values and leadership qualities play a vital role to ensure the achievement of the set objectives. The values and beliefs of the leader in any organizational set up will eventually influence the organization and the…



Leadership and Management,

Role Model

Contrast of Servant Leadership and Followership

The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast servant leadership and followership and explain how one depends on the other to fortify an organization. The success of any organization is dependent on having both to succeed. The definition for followership is “capability or willingness to follow a leader.” (Merriam-Webster page 435) The word…



Examples of Leaders in Health Care

One of the leaders in the health care setting is a clinical officer. Mr. John who is the clinical officer has different roles that include promoting the values and vision of the organization that is aimed at ensuring that other healthcare workers are focused on the organizations goals (Hitt, Miller, & Colella, 2015). Dr. Thomas…

Health Care,



Leadership Skills Essay

Leadership is important for a company to success as it can motivate people to a higher performance. To be a successful leader, one must have various managerial abilities to create an inspiring vision of the future and motivate people to establish the vision. Samsung’s CEO Lee Kun Hee has strong leadership skills which have helped…

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Effective Leadership,



Effective Leadership

Leadership is very important to any company, as it promotes the ideology of the company by motivating and inspiring the workers to help achieve the success of the organization. Effective leadership requires being focused and applying motivational techniques to build commitment from your employees. Many successful leaders demonstrate a positive attitude and proactiveness. Have a…

Barack Obama,



Social Leadership

Before proceeding onward to what Social Leadership really is or who is a social leader, it is smarter to initially depict what do we mean when we state/articulate the term leadership or what is anticipated from an individual when he plays out the job of a leader. A simple meaning of ‘Leadership’ would be that…



Leadership Approach Analysis

“Leadership is that the process whereby a leader influences a group of people to realize a standard goal” (Northouse, 2016, p. 33). Leadership is very significant to company as employees need someone to look, learn and grow with. Every leader has their own style and way of influencing individuals. The four main approaches are trait,…


Leadership Styles,


Theological Reflection on Two Types of Leaders: Needed Leader and Needy Leader

Introduction This paper is my reflections on the biblical foundations of leadership. I will be reflecting on two topics that have given me a better perspective of what it means to be a christian leader. Since I have been a pastor, I have always been taught basic knowledge of what it takes to lead. But…


Biblical Worldview,


Leadership Styles

Steward Leadership

A steward leadership is a leadership style that is more democratic instead of autocratic. The employees are the center of this model. This leader is one that assesses the employee in the professional and personal growth. Steward leader follow the model established by Robert Greenleaf in 1977. Mr. Greenleaf’s ten characteristics, those will show the…


Personal Characteristics,

Personality Traits

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