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Christmas Letter by Uncle Scrooge

Dear Fred, I am writing you this letter to apologise for my poor attitude I have had towards Christmas for these past few years. I would just like to start by saying how deeply sorry I am for bringing all my misery and sadness into your life, you are such a generous and kind young…




‘Memories of Christmas’ Dylan Thomas

In his journal entry, published in 1954, “Memories of Christmas” Dylan Thomas conveys the feeling of childhood. The punctuation, structure, and alliteration in Thomas’ essay work to create a childlike tone. Thomas’ writing style makes it easy to remember what the readers childhood was like. When he writes about his own memories, it helps the…

Childhood Memory,




Society in A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens’, A Christmas Carol is an allegorical tale that functions to educate Dickens’ society. His novella explores how the people living in poverty were disregarded by the wealthy, first class citizens. Furthermore, Dickens highlights how kindness and virtuousness can be used to overcome difficulty and hardship. However, regardless of the apparent allegories, Dickens’ story…

Charles Dickens,




‘Christmas from the Back Side’ by J. Ellsworth Kalas

This week I was reading a book called, “Christmas from the Back Side” by J. Ellsworth Kalas. I like the way he often sheds a new light on familiar scripture. His chapter, “Christmas comes to a back fence” did that for me this week. He seldom says anything that is really new, but much more…

Christian Worldview,


Reading Books

Ethnography of Christmas

Ethnography, “emerging from anthropology and adopted by Sociologists, is a qualitative methodology that lends itself to the study of the beliefs, social interactions, and behaviours of small societies involving participation and observation over a period of time, and the interpretation of the data collected” ( Denzin 1997).It provides meaningful information to inform the right decision…




Christmas in My Family

Christmas is my favorite season. It isn’t only because of the presents we get but also because of the family gatherings. I am always so excited for Christmas due the amount of time I get to spend with my family and for the days at which I get to relax. This year we spent these…



My Family

Christmas in Cousin’s House

A special place for me is my Cousin’s house. I have many Cousins this Christmas the one I will never forget. It when all my cousins gather in one roof and open our present and play games together on Christmas eve. My aunts and Uncles sat and spend together. I was excited about the day….



My Family

Christmas Tree Real or Fake

Abstract This essay portrays a portion of the significant focuses and furthermore repudiates the positive and negative impacts of having a real or fake Christmas tree. This paper explains the advantages and disadvantages of having a real Christmas tree or a fake Christmas tree. This article examines the recorded festival of Christmas, and how it…



Western Culture

A Glorious Week In Kitwe

The six days after Christmas were days of glory in Kitwe. The grand carnival of coons was the heart-beat of these days. There were six coons’ teams in Kitwe. Each tried to undo the others in uniform, dancing and singing. A team was made up of between thirty and forty men and boys. Their uniforms…




Christmas Gift Mistakes You Should Avoid

Mistakes are common during the holidays. You might find yourself buying expensive items beyond your budget or buying items only for them to get rejected. While it is easy to get carried by the frenzied mood in the festive season, you should avoid making the following mistakes. Focusing on the External If you are not…



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