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Relation Between Gastronomy, Cooking and Culture

The word ‘gastronomy’ has been defined by different authors in different ways. As a concept, its definition is domicile in a number of food-related studies such as catering, food science, nutrition and dietetics. In the literal sense, gastronomyis the art and science of cooking and eating good food (Longman, 2005). Tikkanen (2007)defines practical gastronomy as…




Transmission of Food Data and Cooking Technics

Continuity in food apply is quality application of food data that doesn’t stop or modification as time passes. The method of continuation of food apply routine always involves mother because the transfer comes from them and passes to their children. Sharif, Zahari, Nor, and Muhammad (2013) expressed that the contribution of food data transfer from…


Science And Technology

Advantages of Home Cooking

We live in a very busy world where most people set out daily in pursuit of means of livelihood. This way of life has left people with little or no chance of making healthy food at home. In a bid to bridge this gap, most people have resulted in consuming restaurant food which has its…


Eating Healthy,

Healthy Eating Habits

Unsafe Most Loved Cooking

Much is found out about immersed and trans fats and that we ought to dodge them for good wellbeing yet there is minimal general data about what they are. While it is anything but difficult to perceive how thy throats influence the body while putting fat around our fundamental organs, one needs to burrow further…


Eating Habits,

Eating Healthy

Cooking With Children

It is a fun way for children to engage in various activities and develop their interests. Children and parents can make great use of cooking together. Cookbooks will give kids some exciting ideas about cooking. These blogs have many interesting, easy cooking and healthy food recipes. Begin your culinary involvement with a decent planning. Ask…



Purification of Cooking Oil

Reusing cooking oils has been a practice by many, and this has motivated the researchers to aid and search for purification methods. Arellano et al,(2002) showed that bentonite is successful in aiding the purification of used cooking oil. It was also proven that bentonite-purified cooking oil does not yield any pathogens. Most restaurant workers tend…



French Cooking Style

French cuisine is one of the most refined styles of cooking and considered an art in France. Eating is not only about the good or drinks, but it is also the about family, culture, and socializing. It is a very distinguishable food form, from its richness to the elegant presentation. There is a vast number…


European Union

Ways to Improve Cooking Skills

As stated the hobby of choice to be second career is cooking. The first step to really improve your cooking skills is to enroll in the cooking class. The cooking class does not have to be every day. At least, one day per week. If your timetable is full and you does not have the…



Ten Must-Have for Camping Cooking

Cooking is one of the best part camping but you can enjoy this segment if you have a good meal plan with all the cooking essentials. So don’t forget to make a check list of camping cooking essentials with you. If you don’t want to indulge yourself in lengthy search then here we are giving…



Tips to Cooking with Wok

When you start out cooking with a wok, it can be daunting. But really, it is not. The wok is one of the most versatile cooking tools you will ever use. It can be used to stir-fry, bake, deep-fry, steam, grill, simmer, stew, etc. The key is to choose a good Wok, use quality ingredients,…


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