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This I Believe: Be Yourself

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Self Evaluation

This I Believe

I believe that people should be who they really are, but not to pretend to become someone else. What does it mean to be who you are? It is not what you want to be that makes you special, but it’s how God made you that shows your true colors and makes you unique. A…

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This I Believe: My Dream Career Argumentative Essay

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This I Believe


I believe that the most typical reasons of studying in university are to prepare for a dream job career, to have new experiences and to increase their knowledge. For me, I want to increase my academic knowledge and visit different countries and to learn from great people that I would meet. However, the most important…

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This I Believe: Prefect of the School Application

Pages 3 (550 words)

Academic Achievements

Personal Values

This I Believe

I believe that I should be prefect as I would portray to be a virtuous asset to the school. It will be a delight to help the staff and pupils and it will be my way of giving something back. I am raring to go, ready to offer my service to the school with utmost…

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This I Believe: Family Is the Most Important People

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This I Believe

Unfortunately, the biggest struggle for anyone seems to come from their need to fit in. Throughout highschool experience, I realized that even the best friends come and go, and at some points I may be very confused. However, I have found that whenever you feel like you don’t belong, there will always be a special…

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What I Believe In

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Racial Profiling

This I Believe

Around the world, the most common problem for all nations is racism. Some individuals are not aware of admitting that they are not racists, while their actions and remarks among other people shows otherwise. Between some people, they believe that any human race should not be treated equally. For some reason it could either be…

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This I Believe: Key of Happiness

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This I Believe

I believe acceptance is the root of all happiness. Self-acceptance, precisely. Embracing oneself moves mountains and changes the tides. There is no way to explicitly explain the allure of a human being. Truly, there is no way to define what it means to be beautiful. However, the outside world tells us otherwise and tries to…

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This I Believe: Real Love

Pages 3 (519 words)


Romeo and Juliet

This I Believe

Personally, I do not believe in “love at first sight”. I don’t think it is possible to be so deeply infatuated with someone with just a first glance of how they look, or just by seeing their outward appearance. You can’t fall in love with someone you have only just met. If you believe that…

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This I Believe: Me and My Family

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This I Believe

This, I believe…. My beliefs were originally from my perception of life. But I could not say that no one has shaped my beliefs about religion, politics, crime, and drugs because every day and everywhere I go, I learned something new. I believe that through growth I will discover new experiences. And I could say…

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This I Believe: Good Leader

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Effective Leadership


This I Believe

Determination I believe this is a good quality for a leader because leaders need to have a clear vision of the future even if others cannot see it. I also believe that determination is a good quality for a leader because. Leaders should be able to encourage and inspire other people, even when things don’t…

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This I Believe: Ethical Principles

Pages 4 (967 words)

Code of Ethics


This I Believe

I believe this case scenario would be an ethical dilemma. A dilemma is when someone has to make a choice between two options that are mutually exclusive and equally unfavorable (Burkhardt & Nathaniel, 2014). So when faced with an ethical dilemma, the basic ethical principles conflict with one another (Boyd, 2015). A moral dilemma arises…

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Something (object) I have unwavering faith in is…

What no one knows about me is…

What angries up my blood the most is…

What I believe the future holds is…

The world needs more…

I believe in kindness. A kind smile can speak louder than any words.

I believe in laughter. It is the best medicine and good for the soul.

I believe in always trusting your gut. It is the best guide and the wisest advisor.

I believe in future people can fly to Mars.

I believe that real love couldn’t be forgotten.

I believe in magical things that can happen to anyone.

I believe that I can graduate from college and get a job.

I believe in my parents, who are the closest people to me.

I believe only in good people around.

I believe in love because I had a great experience once.

I believe in the future teachers will be replaced with robots.

I believe I can do my best in college and get good grades only.

I believe in universal powers

I believe in the traditions followed in my family

I believe in commitment to work

I believe in real connection among people

I believe that responsibility can save lives

I believe in the power of science

I believe there is always the binary opposition in our life

I believe that any person can make our world better

I believe that God exists

This I Believe: Positivity Is the Key to Success

This I Believe: Self-Determination

This I Believe: Thomas Mann on Time and the Meaning of Our Existence

This I Believe- Type of Leader


You have to believe in yourself. Everyone has heard this phrase more than once, especially in their youth. It contains an appeal, an exhortation, an exhortation, and simply a sign of support. More often than not, it has passed by, as have most of the admonition phrases. But if those words were spoken by someone not only loved but appreciated seriously, they could really add determination and strength.

Sometimes it was just an attempt to cope with timidity: to jump for the first time from a three-meter tower, to cross the threshold of an examination room, or to submit to some kind of competition. It is, as they say, worldly.

But sometimes it is different. A person sets himself a task that no one before him has solved, and at first it seems impossible. We are talking about creativity, no matter if it is a laser, a musical theme or an unprecedented scooter. At the moment of solving a problem, a person must, by definition, feel special, maybe even brilliant. Otherwise, the task cannot be accomplished. The small-minded thought, “Do I not think of myself?” can only hinder the cause.

Early recognition, encouragement and freedom of creative expression are necessary for the formation of a genius.

And here the creator (the creator, because even a schoolboy assembling his first radio set is like air, water and bread) needs early encouragement. Psychologists and geneticists know this. Vladimir Efroimson, a geneticist, even introduced a new term for this – impressionism, denoting “the early and super-early impressions of childhood, which act in the sensitive period and determine the nature and direction of personality activity for life. Among other things, he argued, early recognition, encouragement, and freedom of creative expression are necessary for the formation of genius.

It is common to speak of genius as being lawless, exceptional, and inimitable. But by the example of impressionism, we are convinced that it is equally necessary for all people, both genius and the so-called ordinary. We find a case of early encouragement in the life of literally every outstanding person.

The most famous example from his school years is Pushkin’s Lyceum exam when he aroused the delight of Derzhavin. Even many years later Pushkin recollected this episode in his autobiographical notes: “I do not remember how I finished my reading, I do not remember where I ran away. Derzhavin was delighted; he demanded me, wanted to embrace me… I was sought, but not found…”.

A remarkable episode. Pushkin never met Derzhavin. He did not praise his poems in the eye, not parsed lines, did not give professional advice. For the rest of his life was enough: he wanted to embrace him.

However, what was more nourished by this confession: faith in himself or faith in himself? The latter state, in my opinion, is more profound and important. Perhaps this is why it is heard much less often. Belief in oneself has to do with the will, the determination of one’s character. Belief in oneself speaks of a sense of calling, of making the right choices, of behaving in the right way.

All that really matters is what one wants.

How many cases do we know, when yesterday’s schoolboy went for the company to enter the university, although secretly dreamed of another profession. Then it seemed to him that the dream – it may be a whim, something intangible and optional. And anyway, what does a person really want? All that really mattered was what a person wanted. It turns out that he believed in himself, believed that he could overcome any difficulties and achieve a good career. But he did not believe in himself and, perhaps, he condemned himself to a lifetime of boring work.

Or here is a case in point. A student wrote a term paper. Bright, causing a stir and controversy, perhaps promising a new direction in science. In the department she was subjected to a harsh reprimand, pointing out the obvious errors and amateurism.

Years went by. The work was dug out of a student collection. There was indeed a rational basis in it, and even the promise of discovery. However, yesterday’s student had long ago been working in the industry, it was too late to return to science. By chance, he met with the professor who had particularly scathingly denounced his work, and recalled a long-ago episode, expecting an apology and remorse.

He explained that he had thought the least of it at the time. There was indeed news in the work, which seemed at the time a brazen paradox. All the more striking were the glaring errors. She, too, of course, might have been treated more favorably. But the main target was not him, but his supervisor. If they recognized his work as promising, they could have given him a laboratory, but he had already annoyed everyone with his quarrelsome character. With him by this defeat was amicably decided to part with.

Well, as they say, it happens. It is important that the professor said at parting: “And why you did not continue to fight for your idea? You gave up, and now you are looking for someone to blame. It was with bitterness that the young industrialist had to admit that this was true.

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