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Examining the Ethical Theories for Both Sides of the Abortion Debate

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Pro Choice Abortion

Pro Life

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The Issue of Every Woman Has Right To Choose in the Abortion Debate

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Pro Choice Abortion

Pro Life

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Both Extremes Go Too Far in the Abortion Debate

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Pro Choice Abortion

Pro Life

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A Look at the Two Sides of the Abortion Debate

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Pro Choice Abortion

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Abortion Should Be Legal

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Human rights

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Abortion Ethics

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The Women’s Right to Abortion

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Human rights

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Abortion Politics

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Abortion Is Murder

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Abortion: Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Supporters Opinion Essay

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Abortion is a controversial subject that has individuals across countries divided, due to various political, religious and even scientific beliefs. For legal and ethical reasons, women are often denied the possibility of abortion depending on how long they are into their pregnancy. The main driving forces behind the need to abort her baby are threefold; perceived stress, sexual assault, and health reasons. These reasons play a key factor in a mother’s desire to protect the well-being of her family, her baby as well as her own. Having an unplanned baby can lead to birth defects, health issues, or death to both the mother and baby. The mother’s desire to abort her baby should be up to her because the positive outcomes outweigh the cons of the situation.

Ethical dilemma background

Abortion is a common choice for women and adolescent girls who have unwanted pregnancies. “Abortion happens when there is lacking necessary skills, or in the environment lacking minimal medical standards”. This process, which entails the removal of a fertilized egg (fetus) from the uterus can be done either medical pills or through surgical abortion; However, the process is not always safe, “because abortions are sometimes not acceptable, accessible or affordable. About twenty-five million unsafe abortions (forty-five percent of all induced abortions) occur globally”. The fact of the matter is that abortion is not legal in every country but once a mother’s mind is set on it (due to varying personal reasons), they take matters into their own hands.

Stress effect reasons

Abortion is a major social argument in today’s society. One result of abortion can be the emotionally stressed state of a mother. “Perceived stress is the state of an individual life situation that is too overwhelming. Women have higher perceived stress during unwanted pregnancies than women with wanted pregnancies. Perceived stress is the most problematic during pregnancy because the negative outcomes affect the pregnant woman and the baby. The major stress problems include light birthweight and premature birth; neonatal health issues, including impaired cognitive development; postpartum depression; and maternal-newborn attachment issues”. Abortion because of perceived stress should be allowed because the choice protects both the mother and the baby’s safety, outweighing the personal beliefs of a few individuals. “Woman who gave birth after being denied abortion had a miscarriage or gave their baby up for adoption”. For example, not allowing a mother to abort her baby due to health issues can cause a mother to experience depression, anxiety and suicide because of a miscarriage. Another example is that often denying a mother the right to abortion results in a baby being fostered with health issues. “A baby with health issues is less likely to be adopted over a healthy baby”. Therefore, utilitarianism recommends that a woman should not only be denied an abortion because of the emotional stress a woman encounters, but also her psychological state as well.

Mental effect reasons

The psychological state of a woman is a vital reason to why a woman decides to abort their baby. In an article named “Domestic violence against women seeking induced abortion in China”, results showed that the prevalence of “domestic violence among participants was 22.6%. The violence included 18.1% sexual abuse, 7.8% physical abuse and 3% emotional abuse. Among abused women, 16.8% experienced violence frequently; 4.4% experienced three types of violence, such as sexual, physical and emotional violence”.

Sexual assault is the most common act of domestic violence that leads to a woman wanting to abort her baby. ‘Sexual assault is sexual contact that involves force, threat or intimidation without the victim’s consent. The mental state of a mother after being sexually assaulted is unstable thus resulting in stress and health issues to both the mother and the baby. When a mother is denied the right to abortion, she is then forced to carry the baby till delivery. Abortion should be granted to a woman who has been sexually assaulted because it minimizes the pain for both the mother and baby involved. It must also be considered that a woman who is mentally unstable and is forced to have a baby she doesn’t want, will affect the baby’s childhood growth mentally. Having a baby grow up with a mentally unprepared mother will restrict the needs that are required for the baby to live and be healthy. Therefore, a woman has the right to an abortion because it is the greater good mentally for both the baby and mother. Although sexual assault is the main reason of abortion, another reason is the physical state of the mother.

Physical effects reasons

The physical well-being of a mother is crucial in pregnancy and delivery. When a mother is not physically fit to have a baby, it can cause death to the mother or the baby at birth. “A mother will develop post-depression and suicidal thoughts from the hurt of losing a child. If the mom passes from the baby’s birth it leaves the baby motherless and grief upon family and friends”. A mother is at higher risk of giving birth when they are too old, too young, or has had pregnancies too close together. The risk factors include birth defects and the future physical state of the mother.

A mother who is not physically fit to have a baby should be allowed to have an abortion because minimizes the pain for the involved individual. For example, a mother who is physically not fit to have a baby and is forced to deliver could potentially die in the process of childbirth, leaving the baby with no mother. The baby must grow up without the emotional and physical care of a mother thus causing further grief. Therefore, the most positives effects of giving a mother the choice to abort a baby.

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