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Reasons to Make Abortion

Abortion is always a painful topic to bring up because of those who are against it. Personally, I believe that adoption is a better choice, however I know that other women may not have that choice. For instance, if you were raped, if you or the baby will not survive post childbirth, if there is…


Abortion Is Murder

The right to life is the most basic and important right that we have, or at least should have. Through a procedure called abortion, each day throughout our world medical professionals are suctioning thousands of babies from their mothers’ wombs. Within the 21 days into the fetal development the baby’s heart begins to beat, but…


Abortion Ethics

Abortion is a heavily debated and controversial topic in today’s climate. While it has been going on for several years, abortion and abortion laws have quickly become popular, primarily in topics involving women’s rights, human rights, as well as becoming a dominant talking point for many political campaigns. For a majority of people, the debate…



Abortion Politics

Over the past few decades, the level of maternal mortality rates has decreased across the world. Availability of medical abortion improved levels of health care, and increased access to safe abortion as well as post-abortion attention must have contributed to the above global scenario. However, scholars have argued it is difficult to evaluate the extent…



Pro-Abortion Canada

Abortion refers to a deliberate attempt to terminate a pregnancy resulting in the death of the fetus. Once a pregnancy has been conceived, it is usually expected that the mother will carry the pregnancy to term since many people see the fetus as a living being. Countries such as Canada have adopted to pro-abortion policies,…




The Women’s Right to Abortion

Throughout the 21st century, that has been multiple controversies around the world, with a new one every few months. One of the unsettled controversies involves giving women the right to abortion. In easy terms, abortion goes by the definition of ending a pregnancy prematurely by removing the embryo or foetus from the body intentionally. Women…


Human rights

Abortion: Judith Jarvis Thomson’s Case of the Violinist

In every country, abortion is one of the ethical issues they are facing. Judith Jarvis Thompson’s case of the violinist is one of the important ethical argument for abortion that do not depend on the moral status of the fetus. As stated in her 1971 essay entitled, “A Defense of Abortion,” she argues that abortion…


Abortion: Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Supporters

Have you ever thought of getting an abortion? Well don’t, and here is where people learn why. The issue with abortion is that some people feel that it should be legal everywhere, although they feel that others believe that abortion should not be legal except for when it comes to rape and incest. As defined…


Two Sides of Abortions

The word abortion simply saying it leaves an uneasy feeling and bad taste in your mouth literary speaking. Abortions happen constantly and some future fathers and mothers are ecstatic, and some are devastated. I feel like abortions is someone’s choice and a woman have rights like a man, but who should set laws to ensure…


Abortion Should Be Legal

The argument of abortion has been debated for 10 plus years and is still a subject matter among todays society. Many women have tried to terminate their pregnancies because they believe now is not the right time to step into motherhood. Many are under the impression that they are too young to become a mother….



Human rights