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Brutality of Police Officers as Social Issue

The problem with police brutality is that innocent people are getting beat for no reason. We need to do something about it fast. The first solution is that police’s need to wear body cameras. The second thing is stop using poor people to fatten city budgets, and the last is train police officers to be…

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Police Brutality in America

The minority in communities has been associated with violence by the law enforcement in the United States for many decades. Police brutality has been seen as an issue for many years, and it will remain a major concern for those in the minority throughout communities. In history, racist violence, also known as police brutality, was…


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Police Brutality: Issue for Decades

Police brutality has been an issue for decades and is continuing to occur. Police brutality occurs when a police officer assaults a suspect when the suspect did not initiate violence. This usually happens when the suspect is either resisting arrest or committed an offense. Police brutality ranges from offending the police to resisting arrest. Although…


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Racism and Police Brutality in America

In recent years, the US Department of Justice have uncovered patterns of abuse and excessive use of force — particularly against black residents and all over the country. It would be one thing if allegations of police abuse were focused on one city, state, or region, but multiple investigations by the media. Racism and Police…


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Are Police Going Too Far?

“Police brutality refers to all acts of unjustified cruelty inflicted by police on others” (Phelps). Social media and news outlets are providing the public with more information; however, the problem of police brutality is something that does not get enough attention. The high-profile cases that are publicized are not only having negative effects on the…

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Police Body-Worn Cameras

Several events that have involved police brutality and misconduct have sparked the conversation over body worn cameras. Body worn cameras are small devices often worn on an officer’s chest or head with a microphone to capture sound and video. (Braga, Coldren, Sousa, Rodriguez, and Alper, 2017). These devices are being considered as a solution to…

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Use of Deadly Force and Police Brutality

Abstract In most instances, misconduct and harassment by police are often referred to as police brutality, while others refer to it as the use of excessive force. This event could result in the use of deadly force, which are a significant matter in America and other countries. Police brutality first came to the public domain…

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Police Brutality and Its Effects on the Contemporary Society in Kenya

Introduction Police brutality is the independent variable in this paper and can be termed as the use of excessive force by the police. Kenyan society are the dependent variable since they are the group that are being affected by the acts if the independent variable. Background to the Study Now more than ever the legacies…


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Police Brutality against Hispanic People in the United States

Latinos have helped shape North America over the last 500-plus years and have become the largest minority group in the U.S. There are an estimated 55 million Hispanic people in the United States, comprising over 17% of the population. California is the state with the largest Hispanic population an estimated 15 million, followed by Texas…


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Police Brutality against African American Males

Did you know that African American males face the highest risk of being killed by police at a rate of 96 out of 100,000 deaths as of 2019? Between the years of 2005 and 2017, 80 officers have been arrested for on-duty shootings. Police brutality has been a prevalent issue in America since the 1950’s….

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