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Life Is Not A Bed Of Roses

Abstract Life is full of struggle but there is a lot of problems and challenges faced by the people in daily life. Prosperity in every field of life never comes to you on People are exposed to a number of problems and challenges, and it is only when such obstacles are tackled will a person…




Living “The Good Life” 

Humans are complicated and there are a lot of definition of good life in different perspectives of people but now, I am going to share of living in a good life for me. First, it comes from being loved from the most important people around you and having satisfaction of what you have achieved in…




The Best Gift Is Life

What is the most precious gift you can give to someone? An iphone, a diamond, a BMW or a life. A wise man once said, if you are not making someones life better, you are wasting your time because what you do for yourelf will die with you but what you do for others will…


Human Body,


Importance of Examined Life and Its Definition

Is the examined life of greater worth? Living the examined life can mean different things to many people. It is a personal introspection for the most part because the actions made come from within and no one else can control the thoughts that a person is thinking. It can also bring value to anyone’s life…




Find Your Value of Life

When asked the question “What does the Good Life mean?” most Americans would answer with stability, wealth, and love. The good life to me would be a family, nice house, being financially stable, and having a balance between work and home. These values are what we consider important in our lives as they create joy,…


Personal Values,


My Life Challenges in Childhood

My life challenges were growing up not having much money not being able to help all those things that you want because your mom is a single parent who is raising 5 kids and the only support that you have from your grandma stop child support him in a minimum wage job. When you’re a…




Boredom Issue in Life Extension

People suggest that life extension would not go as expected, and instead of being a dreamy world and perfect as we crave for, turns out to be indifferent and meaningless. Would life extension reach a boredom stage? first of all boredom is a state of losing interest and motivation to do certain things, according to…



 Finding Balance in Life – A New Way for Change

Do you know your inner center? Finding one’s center ultimately means knowing and loving oneself. this article explains the concept of the inner center, and how we can find our inner balance and which exercises help. The inner center is the feeling that comes from the heart, In principle, it is love for yourself by that…



Quotes about Life that Inspire

Life can’t be depicted by just a couple of words. It is a blend of everything. The blend of satisfaction and trouble, achievement and disappointment, comfort and anguish, support and dissatisfaction, love and contempt, alleviation and distress, and fight and giving up. Life isn’t flawless , however it is wonderful. Life is a voyage. This…



Why Human Life Expectancy Is Increasing Globally

This is a measure of an average time of any living organism like – survival time of humans. Life expectancy is different for different organism. For example – human have different life span than animals. Even in animals, life expectancy is different among them. In the upcoming paragraphs, I will discuss the life expectancy in 3…



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