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Patriotism – William Butler Yeats

William Butler Yeats is considered of the most influential authors of the twentieth century. His poems are a reflection of his life, as they tell of the love and patriotism he felt for Ireland. Also, his poems describe the hope he had for his country during tough times and how the struggles he faced encouraged…


Patriotism and Nationalism – Two Ideologies

Nationalism and patriotism are two different words and ideologies that one can misunderstand or mix, with both words mostly being used to mention a general love of one’s country. People think they have the same meaning and concepts. These two words may have shared a special sense in the 19th century, but they seem to…



Charge of the Light Brigade – Patriotism

Tennyson presents the true reality of war as being chaotic and disorientating. The poet uses sibilance throughout the poem in nouns like ‘shot, and ‘shell’. This whistling sound captures a sense of the noise on the battlefield as the horses whizz by, emphasises the intense atmosphere of battle as it captures a sense of the…


Patriotism Must be Embraced

Introduction Patriotism must be embraced by all levels of society, especially the younger generation. It is important to form an ethical generation that shape values in all Malaysian generally. Patriotism also could instil moral attitude among the young generation particularly. Hence, through patriotism, it gathers one nation. With that, I would agree if the lack…


Patriotism and Honor In Society

Remarque heavily influences the feelings of war, honor, and patriotism by killing the primary view of the story, Paul Baumer, at the end. Remarque does this to truly show how gruesome a war can be. Paul Baumer was a normal German citizen who was “brainwashed” with the beliefs that countries instilled with war, honor, and…




K to 12 Curriculum – Patriotism

The introduction of the K to 12 curriculum has changed the way students learn the lesson in the classroom and how the teachers teach the subject matter. One of its positive features is giving emphasis on the strengthening of the character building of the students. In the Deped memorandum 40, series of S.Y.2013, it was…


What Does Patriotism Really Mean to a Filipino?

Is it merely speaking the language, and embodying our culture by practicing our traditions or staying, even if it means being robbed of the opportunities overseas. The fact that more and more people leave every year is a vicious circle, when people leave for a greener pasture it makes the situation worst for those who…