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Brief Background of Water Pollution

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Water Pollution

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Water Pollution as an Environmental Issue

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Environmental Issues

Water Pollution

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The Negative Consequences of Water Pollution

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Ocean Pollution

Plastic Pollution

Water Pollution

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Government Agains Water Pollution

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Water Pollution

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Global Effects of Water Pollution

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Ocean Pollution

Water Pollution

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What Is the Cause of Water Pollution

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Plastic Pollution

Water Pollution

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Effect of Water Pollution

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Water Pollution

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Education Can Stop Water Pollution

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Water Pollution

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Cause and Effect of Water Pollution

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Plastic Pollution

Water Pollution

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What Is Water Pollution?

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Ocean Pollution

Water Pollution

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Water pollution is one of the most significant environmental challenges in the modern world. It kills thousands of marine species and significantly harms human health. A water pollution essay is a great way to research this problem and understand it better. You may write about big companies dumping waste into seas, oceans, lakes, or rivers. There are also water pollution essays dedicated to the measures taken to prevent the problem. Probably, there will also be no problems with finding relevant materials on the topic. Unfortunately, you may still face issues while working on such a paper. After all, it may be challenging to come up with the most appropriate structure and writing style. In this case, do not hesitate to search for a water pollution essay for students on our website. You will get a clear understanding of how such a paper should be written, which will help you deliver an excellently written assignment.

Since about 70% of the earth’s cover is water, it is undoubtedly becoming one of our greatest resources. It is used in almost all areas and processes of human activity. It is an important element for both domestic and industrial purposes. Nevertheless, a closer inspection of the planet’s water resources, points to their poor, threatening condition. The scarcity of clean sources is the danger of water pollution.

Water pollution

Water pollution

Water pollution is a problem powerful enough to bring the world to the brink of destruction. Water is a mild solvent, allowing most pollutants to easily dissolve into it and contaminate it. In the first place, the organisms and vegetation for which water is a habitat are directly affected. The second is people who come into direct or indirect contact with contaminated water sources.

For reference! Several hundred people die each day due to the consumption of contaminated and contaminated water. Other data is more stark. For example, more than 1,000 children die of diarrhea every day in India. And that number continues to grow.
Water is contaminated by both natural and anthropogenic activities. Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. are known to alter and pollute it, also affecting the ecosystems that are underwater.

Pollutants come from point or dispersed sources. A point source is a pipe or channel, such as those used to discharge from an industrial facility or municipal sewer.

Diffuse (or non-point) are types of water pollution that refer to a very wide, unrestricted area from which various pollutants, such as runoff from an agricultural area, enter a body of water.

Point sources of water pollution are easier to control than diffuse sources because polluted water collects and flows to a single point where it can be treated. Pollution from diffuse sources is difficult to control, and despite significant progress in the construction of modern treatment facilities, diffuse sources continue to be a significant problem.

The following causes of water pollution are distinguished:

  • Industrial wastes;
  • Sewage and wastewater;
  • Mining activities;
  • Marine discharge;
  • Accidental oil spills;
  • Fossil fuel combustion;
  • Chemical fertilizers and pesticides;
  • Leakage from sewer lines;
  • Global warming;
  • Radioactive waste;
  • Urban development;
  • Leakage from landfills;
  • Animal waste;
  • Underground storage leakage.

Industry produces a huge (over 90%) amount of waste. Their main mass contains toxic chemicals and pollutants. They are capable of causing environmental pollution and contain substances that are hazardous to living organisms, such as lead, mercury, sulfur, asbestos, nitrates and many other harmful chemicals.

Many industries do not have a proper waste management system and dump waste into fresh water that flows into rivers, canals, and then into the sea. Toxic chemicals can change the color of water, increase the amount of minerals, also known as eutrophication, change the temperature of water, and pose a serious threat to aquatic organisms.

Effects of water pollution on humans

The most devastating economic consequences of water pollution occur in four main areas:

The cost of treating drinking water;
Losses from tourism (swimming, snorkeling, boating);
Damage to commercial fishing and shellfish harvesting;
Lower property values.
For example, in the U.S., tourism alone loses nearly $1 billion in revenue each year. Caused by nutrient pollution of bodies of water and shorelines and algae blooms. In August 2018, red algae off the southwest coast of Florida caused a public health emergency. Hospitalizations increased by 54% due to toxic fumes released from the decomposing algae.

These are direct losses, but there are also indirect losses, such as increased morbidity in the population, decreased ability to work, and excessive health care and insurance costs.

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  • Water Pollution Origins and Ways of Resolving
  • Causes of Water Pollution
  • Water Pollution and Ocean Pollution
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  • Major Sources of Water Pollution Nowadays
  • Water Quality Monitoring System in the South Sudan
  • Economics of water pollution: the Indian experience Essay
  • Plastic Pollution in the Ocean

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Key fact about water pollution

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Trash in oceans

3. The problem of plastic

The problem of plastic


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