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Immigration Policy

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Donald Trump

Illegal Immigration



“We are gonna build a wall to stop illegal immigration”- Donald Trump. Many Americans have agreed and disagreed with this statement from Donald Trump. It’s been a debate that has been going on for years. It keeps getting brought back when an illegal immigrant gets caught committing a murder or “stealing” jobs from Americans. It…

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Why Do Immigrants Come To The United States?

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Moving to America

Immigrants come to the United States looking for a better life, and successful education. They also migrate for economic opportunities and stability, the country they’re leaving might not provide adequate pay, and those who find jobs here often send money to their families back in their countries. As a result, many immigrants are inspired to…

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The Issue of Immigration

Pages 6 (1 458 words)

American Government


Immigration Reform

United States

In today’s modern era, immigration has become one the most important aspects of any great nation in the world and without immigrants, no nation in the world has survived on its own. Through immigration many nations in the past have achieved enormous economic growth and experienced the diversity of different languages, cultures, races and religion,…

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Immigration and National Identity Crisis in France

Pages 7 (1 685 words)

European Union



As quoted by President Barack Obama, “American isn’t just blood or birth but allegiance to our founding principles and faith in the idea that anyone – from anywhere – can write the next chapter.” This line is much related to the issue about immigration and identity crisis in France. France is in the grips of…

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Memo on Immigration

Pages 11 (2 732 words)

American Government

Donald Trump


Immigration has been an issue of controversy in the United states, political debates have lasted over decades bearing in mind that policymakers must put in consideration humanitarian, economic and security for the states at large. So far, congress a legislative branch of US federal government with the responsibility of amending/making laws and representing American people…

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Impact of Immigration on American Society

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United States

There is a strong debate in our country whether immigration has beneficial benefits or have a harmful impact on the United States. Immigration policies are very strict, the United States decides who may enter, who may become a member, and on the terms the country provides. In America completely open borders would be a political…

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Immigration in the United States

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United States

What exactly is Immigration? Immigration is the moving of people into a destination country which is not their native country of birth. People move with the intent of becoming permanent residents of that country and hopes of becoming citizens of that foreign country. The United states is a country built on immigration so much that…

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Essay on Immigration in Canada

Pages 2 (466 words)



Immigration is a very controversial topic in Canada, many believe our system is flawed and unfair or that it’s too hard. But is an easy system a good thing when deciding who should be accepted into our country? Is accepting people who will benefit little to society but are going to use great amounts of…

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Problems of Hatred of Arabs in Assimilation

Pages 4 (976 words)




As immigrants come to America they dream of having a better lifestyle. Immigrants that migrate to America come here for many reasons, such as issues with their country’s economy, war, colleges and so on. When immigrants do arrive to America it is troublesome for them to immediately understand everything that is around them as they…

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A Primary Source Analysis of The Power of Words: Documents in American History

Pages 3 (587 words)





This Primary source analysis I decided to write about was on Memorial of the Chinese Six Companies to U.S. Grant, President of the United States which was written in 1876 and reprinted in (The Power of Words: Documents in American History, vol. II: 35-37, 1996). The document was a petition addressed to United States President…

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Immigration is the act of trying to permanently enter and settle down in a foreign country by leaving your former country. There are many reasons as to why people would decide to immigrate.

Immigration has become a large topic worldwide. This is especially prominent in Europe as many Middle Eastern are trying to escape their countries because they are scared of the wars and violence that are happening. Years ago, Europe had open borders which allowed immigrants to flow into the continent through boats entering coastal countries like Greece and Italy. They would head to Germany where they would be granted asylum. In the present, this journey becomes close to impossible with the new border control by nations between a violent Africa and a safe Europe. Due to increased border control and the construction of a fence, these immigrants are forced to camp outside the border and wait until the border hopefully reopens.

Immigration has many positives that can benefit both the immigrants and the nation they are trying to enter. Immigrants not only bring themselves but also bring their cultures, perspectives, and experiences with them. This brings diversity to the country. Their presence also increases population and allows a mingling of knowledge and cultures as well as increasing cultural awareness between the immigrants and the citizens.

Many immigrants do not leave their homes unless they absolutely must. Many immigrants do so because they are seeking asylum from their dangerous home countries, trying to find better opportunities that are not given to them in their home countries, or giving their children a better place to grow up and be successful. Immigration is especially useful for labor due to the surge of incoming workers who are looking for jobs in order to support themselves and their families.

Immigration also has many negatives that can hurt the country they are trying to enter. Many immigrants try to enter wealthy countries which will eventually cause a disparity between the wealthy countries and the poor countries. This causes resource access issues at the local level because along with the normal population, the influx of immigrants will cause more demand for resources and less supply. Even at the national level, this can lead to overpopulation.

However, there is always that uncertainty and a loss of life, no matter how small is still a large burden to bear. While immigration does bring about new cultural ideas, whether or not the people will accept and embrace those ideas is an entirely different discussion. Bringing these new ideas to an already established community can cause friction between the two sides which will then lead to negative interactions. A solution to this problem is simply having the immigrants assimilate to life in their new community. Of course, this solution requires the immigrants to basically throw away everything they had and to start fresh. Doing so means the destruction of their roots which is something that many immigrants will not do.

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