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An Overview of Life in America and the Philosophy of Kindness

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There are three traits necessary to live a great life in America. One trait is to live with kindness, to ourselves and others. Another is to live with faith, whether a greater being or ourselves. And lastly, we must live with simplicity. A great life is one with kindness. As Edwards said, we “must not…

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Literary Techniques Used to Create Tension in The Monkey’s Paw

Pages 3 (704 words)





There are many techniques that are used to create tension and suspense in “The Monkey’s Paw’. From the very beginning we can see that the language used sets the scene and conveys the mood of the story; “the night was cold and wet”. Pathetic fallacy immediately implies that the story will be based on evil…

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The 8 Stages of the Hero’s Journey in Modern Novels and Stories

Pages 3 (734 words)



In most modern novels, movies, and stories, the main character goes through a journey. In fact, even we go through this journey so often, that we may not even recognize it. What is this journey, you may be wondering. It is known as “The Hero’s Journey.’ As in any journey, there are stages in which…

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Nature of Science

Pages 6 (1 255 words)



Introduction Science plays a vital role in everyone’s life. Science is the process of understanding reality and nature of environment. It involves the observation about the natural world which helps to know about the unknown things to achieve a better understanding about the natural world. The nature of science leads to the development of new…

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The Role of Mistakes in Discovery

Pages 4 (821 words)




Alexander McQueen once said “You can only go forwards by making mistakes,” but is this true for even the biggest of mistakes? Are mistakes a key part of discovery? Not every mistake will lead to an amazing discovery, instead they can lead to the destruction of a site. Some of the biggest inventions can and…

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Science & Technology of Greek Civilizaton

Pages 7 (1 750 words)

Ancient Greece



The cutting edge Greek country came into survival as an impact of a long bleeding battle in inconsistency of the Ottoman. Realm (Turkey) right off the bat in the nineteenth century. The Greek were fortified in this battle by the primary Central European conditions and Greece turned into a self-overseeing under the gatekeeper (and the…

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Difference Between Science and Engineering

Pages 3 (573 words)



Scientific Method

The life of every one of us is extremely dependent on the scientific creations and modern-day machineries. Science and expertise have changed the lives of people to a great extent. It has made life easy, simple and fast. In the new epoch, the scientific advance has become a necessity to finish the time of bullock…

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Thomas Kuhn’s View of Science

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Scientific Method

In 1947, Thomas Samuel Kuhn accepted an invitation from the president of his school, (James B. Conant), to be one of his assistants. He was to assist Conant in creating a historically based course for undergraduates. He took on a project that investigated the origins of seventeenth century mechanics and this is what caused a…

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Positive Impact of Development of Science and Technology

Pages 4 (994 words)

Advantages of Technology




Science and Technology Studies (STS) is based on the premise that science and technology are entirely social activities. In addition, science and technology are areas where rhetorical work is essential because scientists and engineers are always in the position of having to convince their peers and others of the value of their favorite ideas and…

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History of Science in Dates

Pages 3 (668 words)



Science And Technology

Science is a precise enterprise that manufactures and composes knowledge in the form of experimental explanations and expectations about the universe. 3.3 million years ago: The first tools – used by an ancestor like Australopithecus. 1 million years ago: Fire- invented by the ancestor of Homo sapiens. 20,000 to 15,000 years ago: Neolithic Revolution- people…

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