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History Of American Revolution War

Shortly after the French and Indian War ended in 1763, which left the British with a large war debt that needed to be paid, the English government decided to pass a few laws, imposing taxes on the colonists, such as the Sugar Act (1764), the Stamp Act (1765) which Congress later condemns, and the Townshend…

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John Locke,

Revolutionary War

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American Independent Revolution

When it comes to the American Revolution, there are so many factors that are said to have caused it, that it is hard to determine which are the direct causes, root causes and the fuse. The root points are the interest conflict between the development of north American capitalist economy and the British colonial rule,…

American Revolution,

Revolutionary War

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The American Revolution

The American revolution transpired in 1775. In 1765 Great Britain was in great debt caused by the seven-year war. Since they needed money quickly they started taxing the American colonies with an operation called “The Stamp Act”. This ended poorly despite trying a second time. Both times they had to take down the taxes. By…

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George Washington,

Revolutionary War,

US History

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Historical Events: The American Revolution and September 11, 2001

The first historical event is the american revolution. The revolution has changed the entire US because, if we didn’t have the war with england, we would still be stuck under british commands. The American Revolution is what caused this nation to exist. It motivated other nations to gain their independence from ruling lands, such as…

American Revolution,

Revolutionary War,


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American Revolution and Shay’s Rebellion

In today’s date the US government is dealing with enormous problems in which humans are being the most affected in the past years, with the increment of immigrants crossing illegally to the United States and no ways to regulate it, more and more problems occur as the time passes by. Another type of problems the…

American Revolution,

US History

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Slavery and the American Revolution

The talk and rationale of the Revolution constrained Americans to defy bondage in the middle as an infringement of common rights and republican citizenship. The logical inconsistency of white slaveholders broadcasting the privileges of man while holding blacks in servitude was striking. As ahead of schedule as 1766, slaves in Charleston strutted through the lanes…

American Revolution,


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Effect of American Revolution on America’s National Character

Americans had achieved independence from Great British control, but American’s still had to create their own national identity. For a new nation to be function, they must redefine who America is as a nation. Intellectual leaders pushed for Americans to express their patriotic spirit and create an American national character. Their goal was to remove…

American History,

American Revolution

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Latin America Revolutions and the North American Revolution

The revolutions of the Americas were both fighting for independence but were also differences in their infrastructure. North and South America had to gain their independence from Europe countries. North and Latin America won their independence differently. South America did not look to the intellectual side of the enlightenment. The revolutions were similar because they…

American Revolution,

Latin America

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Which Led to a New Constitution

After the American Revolution on September 3, 1783, many veterans that fought in the war returned to their regular lives as farmers. But, soon to learn, many farmers seen that they would be heavily taxed from each state to pay off the country’s $80 million war debt to the British. About $11 Million dollars was…

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Articles of Confederation,

George Washington

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George Washington – First President of the United States

General George Washington served two terms as the first president of the United States. Washington was loved by the American people and was seen in the eyes of many as hero who led the United States into triumph in the American Revolutionary War. Washington was a public figure that was appreciated and valued. The majority…

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Bill Of Rights,


George Washington,


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Dates: Mar 22, 1765 – Dec 15, 1791

Location: Thirteen Colonies

Official start: April 19, 1775

Participants: Colonists in British America, Slaves, Native Americans, supported by France, Spain & the Netherlands

American Revolution is unarguably the most important event in US history as it has been the starting point of the separate nation of Americans who defied the overlordship of the British crown and created their own country. Reading the causes of the American Revolution essay, you may find a variety of reasons as to why the conflict started to brew in the colonies – increasing taxes, imperialism, political corruption, and tyranny of the Crown. One of the prominent reasons, above all else, was the emerging national sentiments raising among the American people. These people no longer considered themselves Englishmen, they would rather call themselves Americans, and so they saw no reason to obey the oppressive government on the opposite side of the globe. Writing an essay on the American Revolution, you would find that there are many prominent figures who took part in the creation of the new nation. You can discuss such individuals as Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and more in your American Revolution essay. There’s lots of ground to cover here, so you have some serious work ahead.

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