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Tiktaalik Roseae in Taxonomy of Biological Organisms

At the time when Charles Darwin published his famous book, On the Origin of Species, in which evolution was intensively explored, there was no adequate tangible evidence to support his arguments. Charles hinted that fossil record could reveal species with intermediate or transitional features. He anticipated that lack of transitional fossil records could be the…


Charles Darwin,



Essay on Influential Scientists

Progress has been made to the subject of science through the intelligence of several scientists. All the contributions that were made are reflections of the individuals who discovered them. One of the influential scientists is Henri Moissan and he is arguably the most brilliant of chemists to ever exist. Henri Moissan is a notable scientist…


Difference Between Scientists and Inventors

Mathematician are responsible for the development of new mathematical rules, theories, and concepts in areas such as geometry and algebra. And the mathematician does was to design surveys, experiments, or opinion polls to collect data And to apply mathematical theories and techniques to solve practical problems in engineering, science and to other fields. And when…




Emmett Chappelle: Life and Work at NASA

Photobiologist, Biochemist, Astrochemist, Inventor and the recipient of 14 U.S. patents, Emmett Chappelle was one of our country’s most significant scientist. He was born in Phoenix Arizona on Oct 24, 1925 Emmett joined the army after graduating from high school in 1942. He took engineering classes while in the army. When Emmett left the army…



Life and Discoveries of William Rowan Hamilton

Sir William Rowan Hamilton was a very well known scientist who was born in Ireland. His specialties were in astronomy, physics, and mathematics. His expertise in mathematics was very helpful when he had contributed to the dynamics and geometry side of math. These skills had influenced many upcoming scientists and mathematicians because his skills were…



Proper Etiquette and Testimony as an Ethical Forensic Scientist

Throughout your career as a forensic expert, you can expect to appear in court as an expert witness to provide your expertise and interpretations of laboratory results. On September 2, 2019, Dr. Jack Kalin gave a talk at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) regarding expert testimony and ethics as a forensic scientist. Primarily,…



Work Ethics

Nikola Tesla as a Scientist

Do you know who was Nikola Tesla? Well, he was a scientist that was born on July 10, 1856 and sadly passed away at the age of 86 on January 7 1983 because of a disease called Coronary Thrombosis. He had one brother called Dane Tesla, and three sisters, Marica Kosanovic, Milka Tesla and Angelina…



Deepika Kurup as a Young Scientist

She was born in 1998, she is a inventor scientist and created a water purification method. She was also the winner of the 2012 Discovery Education 3M young scientist Award. Kurup was given the $25,000 award for creating a new water purification method. She also a finalist in the 2014 international Stockholm Junior Water Prize…

Clean Drinking Water,


Rizal as a Scientist: Shifting Paradigms in the Mind of a Filipino

“Be the change you want to see.” It was probably even before this quotation became famous that Rizal focused his mind on being that tiny spark in the lives of every Filipino, thinking that he’ll be able to cause a wildfire throughout the nation. To most of us Filipinos, Rizal has always been that respected…



Galileo Galilei and His Contribution in The Science Field

Galileo Galilei is a great scientist who has made a significant contribution in the science field. Galileo Galilei was the founder of modern physics. Galileo was born in Pisa, Italy on February 15, 1564. He died on January 8, 1642 at Arcetri, near Florence. His father, Vincenzo Galilei was a musician and Galileo’s mother was…


Galileo Galilei,



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