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Who Am I: My Dreaming Future

The very first question is why am I here at U of R, I want to change the question and want to make it why am I here in Canada. Basically I’m from India but it always being my dream to get an degree and to open my own business in foreign country but I…


High School,

My Future,

Who Am I

Who Am I: My Diploma Education

I am Venkatesh putta reddy, born 25th April 1992 from the city of Tirupathi (Andhra Pradesh, India). I finished my primary Schooling to join Intermediate majoring in MPC(Maths, physics & Chemistry) after which I went to Chennai where I completed my Bachelor of Electronics and communication Engineering (ECE) successfully from the years 2009 to 2013…

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My Family,

Who Am I

Who Am I: Good Leader

I am deeply honored to be among the outstanding students who are being considered for the National Juniors Honors Society. I believe that this program does great things in the community, and I believe I can play a part in furthering the impression that is made. I possess and exceed all the qualities required by…

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Who Am I

Who I Want to Be

I am asked almost everyday what I am majoring in. The moment I say “Biology”, I usually get comments like “Wow, it’s going to be hard”. “Do you plan to sleep at all when in College” or something like “Good luck”. As I get these comments, I feel completely fine and understandable. I am getting…

Educational And Career Goals,

Who Am I

I Am a New Student

I am new and incomparable with other students, I am cut from a different cloth. I am far from your average, I am a hard-worker and earner, I do not have luxuries handed to me, I had to go through the pain and struggle in order to get where I am today, I put overtime…


Who Am I

I Am an Only Child

According to psychologists, I am labeled “a syndrome”. An only child. It is said that only children are lonely, selfish, spoiled and impatient. Whilst some of these personality traits may be true, isn’t everyone the smallest bit selfish and impatient? Everyone feels lonely sometimes, it’s not just something that’s specific to only children. Everything that…


Who Am I

I Am Similar to My Father

Hi, my name is Ramanpreet Kaur. I am student of international business course in Niagara college I learn a lot by doing this personality. By getting good result, I know about I am extrovert by nature as well as I find I am similar with my father. I would like to talk about al aspects…


Who Am I

Who Am I in Three Words

On the first day of High School, Mrs. Janowitz, my English teacher, handed out a paper which included questions such as, “What’s your weakest subject?”, “What do you hope to learn this year?”, and “How would you describe yourself in three words?”. The question I stayed on the longest was “How would you describe yourself…

Personal Identity,

Who Am I

I Am A Survivor – Not A Victim

Here I am glowing with happiness, health and joy. Happily married with two kids, looking forward to welcoming the third and rounding up my PhD. I never looked like what I have gone through, the torture, the pain, the tears, the scars are all gone! They made me who I am today. So, if I…


Who Am I

Who Am I? When Identity is Defined by Grades

I am a hard-working student, a dedicated athlete, and now a teacher candidate. During my undergrad degree, I studied kinesiology and never imagined that I would become a teacher. Growing up, school was an exciting place to learn new things and meet new people. As I got into high school and university, grades became the…


Who Am I

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