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Creative Writing: Who Am I?

Pages 3 (542 words)

All About Me



Who Am I

Who am I? This is a question we have all faced many times, from a multitude of sources. Ever since elementary school when I was asked to write about my family and myself, I disliked self-reflection. This was in part because I did not have the vocabulary to present my thoughts and majorly due to…

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An Analysis of Identity Crisis in Who Am I This Time, a Short Film by Kurt Vonnegut

Pages 4 (821 words)

All About Me



Who Am I

The in movie, Who Am I This Time, a short film by Kurt Vonnegut staring Academy Award-winners Susan Sarandon and Christopher Walken, who portrays Harry Nash. Harry is a great actor at the local theatre in town but is terribly shy and doesn’t speak to anyone outside the theatre. The film starts off with Helene…

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A Personal Revelation About Myself: Who Am I?

Pages 3 (571 words)

All About Me



Who Am I

Perception is the ultimate personal sacrifice that has hindered my daily lifestyle long since I can remember. Growing up I can always recall a moment in which I either didn’t have a certain experience or had purposely excluded myself from having certain experiences. If it wasn’t because of physical reasons, it was for materialistic reasons,…

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Who Am I: Good Leader Analytical Essay

Pages 3 (593 words)

Character Traits


Leadership Styles

Who Am I

I am deeply honored to be among the outstanding students who are being considered for the National Juniors Honors Society. I believe that this program does great things in the community, and I believe I can play a part in furthering the impression that is made. I possess and exceed all the qualities required by…

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Who Am I and How I Change Personal Essay

Pages 2 (488 words)

Personality Traits

Who Am I

Who Am I. It’s a simple statement and seems that it’s uncomplicated to answer. All the time, I answer by listing off my name, my age, where I was born, who are my parents and my siblings, hobbies and interests and so on. But when you think deeply about it, it’s a lot more complicated,…

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Who Am I: My Dreaming Future

Pages 3 (539 words)


High School

My Future

Who Am I

The very first question is why am I here at U of R, I want to change the question and want to make it why am I here in Canada. Basically I’m from India but it always being my dream to get an degree and to open my own business in foreign country but I…

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I Am an Only Child

Pages 5 (1 046 words)


Who Am I

According to psychologists, I am labeled “a syndrome”. An only child. It is said that only children are lonely, selfish, spoiled and impatient. Whilst some of these personality traits may be true, isn’t everyone the smallest bit selfish and impatient? Everyone feels lonely sometimes, it’s not just something that’s specific to only children. Everything that…

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Who I Want to Be Review

Pages 7 (1 737 words)

Educational And Career Goals

Who Am I

I am asked almost everyday what I am majoring in. The moment I say “Biology”, I usually get comments like “Wow, it’s going to be hard”. “Do you plan to sleep at all when in College” or something like “Good luck”. As I get these comments, I feel completely fine and understandable. I am getting…

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Who Am I in Three Words

Pages 6 (1 254 words)

Personal Identity

Who Am I

On the first day of High School, Mrs. Janowitz, my English teacher, handed out a paper which included questions such as, “What’s your weakest subject?”, “What do you hope to learn this year?”, and “How would you describe yourself in three words?”. The question I stayed on the longest was “How would you describe yourself…

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Who Am I: My Diploma Education

Pages 5 (1 096 words)

Higher Education

My Family

Who Am I

I am Venkatesh putta reddy, born 25th April 1992 from the city of Tirupathi (Andhra Pradesh, India). I finished my primary Schooling to join Intermediate majoring in MPC(Maths, physics & Chemistry) after which I went to Chennai where I completed my Bachelor of Electronics and communication Engineering (ECE) successfully from the years 2009 to 2013…

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Topics and ideas for Who Am I

I love my parents a lot. I idolise my father who is a doctor.

I want to become a doctor and save people’s lives when I grow up.

I believe I am an empathetic and compassionate person.

Like every human being, I have a few bad habits like short temper and biting my nails.

I am a hard worker and listen to my parents and teachers every time.

I love reading poetry and playing the guitar in my free time.

So, who am I?

How to Understand Who You Are?

How can I be myself when I don’t know who I am?

A place where you would like to live your whole life.

Works of art you admire.

The job of your dream.

Your biggest disappointment.

Books that made a great impression on you.

What annoys you?

Your family traditions.

Are you addicted to technology?

What could you live without?

Why are you concerned about environmental issues?

How much money do you need for happiness?

What does your ethnic identity mean to you?

Significance of personal growth.

A place you try to avoid

When a friend let you down

An event that changed your life

A special encounter with an animal

A time when you felt out of place


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Today we have more opportunities to live as our desires dictate. We more easily give up beliefs that limit us, we change our profession and social environment, we can choose our religion and political views. But the abundance of opportunities for self-actualization adds to doubts. What is truly mine in me? What is my authentic self?

Do an audit of your history

In order to say “I” rightly, we must understand and accept our family’s past and consciously take our place in it. The life situations we accept or reject become the building blocks of ourselves. And to become ourselves, we need to consciously choose what we feel is good about ourselves and get rid of what is painful.

Distinguish yourself from your social role

We may perceive ourselves mostly as a professional or, say, a mother of the family, as if we had locked ourselves into a single image. But during the day a person can be a worker and a friend, a parent and a spouse, sad and angry, loving and indifferent.

These states have to be constantly coordinated with each other. Wrong are those who think, “I have become myself and now I will remain so forever.

Keep evolving.

“This is who I am and I can’t help it,” “This is my character”-who among us hasn’t heard phrases like this? Sometimes we begin to believe that we are permanently formed, that all properties of our personality and character traits are unchangeable.

But having taken such a position, a person limits himself, he does not allow himself to move forward, to develop, and therefore fences off from himself. The way to self is constant development and change.

Be authentic in communication

Some people think that being yourself means telling literally everything about yourself and frankly telling others what you think of them. In fact, our job is to find consistency between our own thoughts and feelings and what we say to the other person.

If, when communicating, I understand what is meaningful to me, assume what is important to my interlocutor, consider the place and time of communication, I will be able to express my thoughts and feelings without violating the boundaries of the other.

How do I know who I am?

Acknowledge negative feelings.

Displaced memories, traumas, unconscious desires prevent us from being sincere. We do not admit them to myself, because we are unconsciously afraid of their destructive power. But if we work with them by studying ourselves, we begin to communicate differently with others.

This enriches and simplifies our lives: it allows us to experience feelings more vividly, to talk more freely about ourselves and our desires, and at the same time removes the heavy need to pretend or to embellish ourselves.

Determine your limits

Realizing that there is something we can’t do, don’t want to do, or don’t have time to do, we experience strong and not always pleasant emotions, but as a result we begin to understand ourselves much better.

See yourself from the outside.

It is important to distinguish the inner feeling, which makes it clear: we are now playing a role or living our own life. Each of us has an “other-as-us” who helps us notice and relate our feelings, thoughts, and actions to one another.

This other is not an overseer or evaluating intellectual. Rather, it can be likened to a kind of angel, one who carefully draws us to ourselves.

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