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Food Insecurity and New Technologies

Introduction Global food security is the availability of food for all individuals. A nation is considered food secure when all the citizens of the country have access to safe, sufficient, and nutritious food that helps them to maintain a healthy and quality life (United States Department of Agriculture, 2020). In ensuring global food security, different…



Global Food Security

Abstract The aim of this essay writing is to enhance the understanding of global food security and what factors that affect to the conditions of food security. This essay also include what aspect needs to be improved in order to develop food security nowadays. The method I am using in writing this essay is descriptive…


Social Issues

Evolution of Food: Colonial North America

What and how did food sources, its availability and sustainability changed from the 16th century until just before the Civil War? What foods were introduced by the settlers to Native Americans and vice versa? The food sources of the Native Americans were said to be given by their gods and they were placed where they…

American History,


Food Scarcity

Scarcity means limited accessibility of a commodity which may be in demand in the market or by the commons. Scarcity also comprises of an individual’s lack of resources to purchase products. The opposite of scarcity is abundance. Scarcity refers to the gap between the limited resources and the limitless wants of the consumer. The thought…


Food Waste,

Social Issues

Concept of Food Security

The concept of Food Security can be traced back to the early 1990s whose focus is beyond just the provision and supply of food at national level. The concept has over the years had various general definitions to it with divergent views as to what food security is. One definition that stand out arose from…


Social Issues

Importance of Food Security for Human Health

Food security has been classified into two levels one being “high food security” and the other being “marginal food security” by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). The former category of individuals does not face and issues with access or availability of food, the latter group of people are concerned about the sufficiency of food,…



Public Health

Traditional Filipino Vegetable Dish

Ingredients 4 tablespoon oil (preferably olive) 1 red onion (chopped) 4 cloves garlic (minced) ¼ kg pork lion (chopped) 1 tomato (chopped) ¼ kg Squash, seeded and cut into bite-size pieces ¼ kg okra, (ends trimmed) 15-20 pcs yard-long beans, (trimmed) ¼ pound eggplant cut into bite-size pieces 1 small bitter melon (ampalaya) cut into…

Eating Healthy,



Food Journal Project

In class we did a food tracking project where we tracked out food intake for three days and reflected on our eating habits. I found out that I am not a healthy eater and tend to eat under the minimum number of calories a healthy person should be eating on a day to day basis….


Healthy Eating Habits,


Impact of Poor Hygiene in Food Preparation at Food Stall

Abstract Hygiene is very important to our personal subject and encourage the change in hygiene requires skill and full of care. The bad impact of poor personal hygiene commonly affect the people who taken the food produce by the food that poor of hygiene is diarrhoea. Recent study showed that poor personal hygiene practices play…




Sudanese Food and Cuisine

Sudan civilization based upon its accumulated heritage. Sudanese cuisine has different cultural based on geography. Sudan maybe the region of the world that is the most diversified and colorful in and dietary habits. this is due to there are different ethnics groups and cultures and its interact with external world due to globalization. Sudanese food…



Food And Culture

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