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Freedom Ride in America and Australia

Freedom rides in the 1950s-1970s, was a controversial subject in society that occurred continuously worldwide. The main two places that freedom rides occurred would be in America and Australia, where there were significant problems that affected economy and society. In America, the southern United States were still segregated in 1961 and took a very long…



United States

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The American Political Culture

America is an accepting place where many people from different countries come together as one. The American political culture is where many different kinds of people share beliefs, values, attitudes about how the government should operate in America. Many people from other countries come to America for a better life. America is filled with opportunities…

American Culture,


Moving to America,

United States

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The United States as the Most Powerful Country

Introduction The United States has dominated power for quite some time, which is more than a century. Many analysts have argued that the United States may anytime lose its sole control to China, which is believed to be an emerging superpower. According to Beckley, the United States has several reasons why it will remain the…


United States

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Will the United States Remain the Most Powerful Country in the World

A British online newspaper, The Independent, has published an article about ‘‘the US remains the world’s most powerful country’’ even though its ongoing national emergencies are always menacing its predominance on other countries. Gun violence, the national debt, the border crisis, and the government shut down are some of the most disturbing problems affecting our…


United States

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Why Does the United States Depend on God’s Guidance as a Nation?

In 1787, the founding fathers believed in God as the creator of the universe and trusted that religion supported an ethical citizenship that they considered basic for the achievement of the new republic. The Founding Fathers and the Americans created the right of religious freedom where people had the right to choose their religion without…



United States

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American Nationalism Relate to Racism

American nationalism has been derived from a past of racism and slavery never fulling being accepted by others that is it unjust and immoral, and from a past which the nation has been lead by such believers in slavery, and lastly nationalism has built upon that immigration brings criminals and such despite being a country…



United States

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A Contrasting View: Individualism and Nationalism

There are unique values that every American citizen holds. According to each individual, some values have more weight than others. But without a doubt, freedom and peace are two essential values that every American seeks and expects to possess. Both President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and President Lyndon Baines Johnson made these qualities a priority for…



United States

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Hamilton: Two Legacies

‘Let me tell you what I wish I’d known, when I was young and dreamed of glory: you have no control who lives, who dies, who tells your story…’ (Miranda, Hamilton) These lyrics exemplify what it means to have a legacy and to have stories told about you. No one can control how their legacy…



United States

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Ginsberg perspective of American Political Culture

Americans share three basic values that consist of, liberty, equality, and democracy. The author also emphasizes the importance of government and citizens participation, and how there is a lack of participation from the citizens. Ginsberg also explains and defines who are considered Americans. This perspective of American political culture opens the readers’ eyes to a…

Articles of Confederation,


United States

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Major Genre in the United States

Hip Hop is considered a mainstream genre across the United States today and has evolved throughout time in many ways. This evolution started in the 1970s with the founding father of hip hop, DJ Kool Herc. There were many subgenres created under hip hop throughout time which makes it mainstream today. Hip hop is also…

Hip Hop,

United States

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