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Poverty And Inequality 

Pages 6 (1 463 words)



The relationship between poverty and inequality will be discussed, there will be an explanation of how and why poverty affects or is affected by inequality also how has the relationship between poverty and inequality has changed in the post-apartheid South Africa in this assignment. The definitions of poverty are debatable, but it can be defined…

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Types of Inequality in South Africa

Pages 2 (453 words)


South Africa

As global populations continue to grow experientially, we become more aware of the strain it puts on both the environment and society. This then results in an imbalance amongst civilisation. 1/2 of the world all you said unemployment can be blamed on major political events we as the other half assumes that things like race…

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Housing Inequality in America

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Housing inequality can be seen everywhere you go in America. A person’s class, race, sex, and intersectionality can affect housing inequality. I believe that everyone no matter what race, class, or sex has the capability to be as successful as they possibly can. Just because you are discriminated against or victimized does not mean that…

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Intersectionality Matrix of Domination and Social Inequality Argumentative Essay

Pages 10 (2 318 words)




There are many articles written on the topic of social capital, this is because it has become increasingly important in the field of social sciences. The author Ferragini (2010) tackles the concept of social capital on the basis of how it links to inequality at a micro level, as it had not been developed in…

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Different Views on Inequality

Pages 8 (1 825 words)



There are different views and theories as to the role inequality plays in society. Two common theories are the Functionalist and the Conflict theories. Those of the conflict theory see individuals in society as fighting a constant struggle for resources. For them, inequality is a sign of something lacking in society that needs to be…

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Inequality in the Contemporary United States

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United States

In our modern-day lifestyle, we don’t usually wonder what it feels like to be in someone else ‘shoes. It is not because we are selfish or greedy, it is just something we usually lack in from our imagination. We don’t really have an idea of how many people who don’t have as much as we…

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Striving for Equality

Pages 4 (921 words)

Black Lives Matter


Martin Luther King

Racial Profiling

While there’s been great progress towards equality for African Americans, equal opportunities evade many of them. Equality is the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities which is something that they still struggle with today. I’m going to analyze how they have yet to achieve equality despite the progress that’s been made….

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Racial Inequality in the United States

Pages 7 (1 579 words)

Black Lives Matter

Civil Rights


Racial Profiling

In the United States, many are blind and ignorant of the racial inequality that happens on a day to day basis. Many assume that there is racial equality world, however, that is not the case at all. African Americans are the most oppressed, misrepresented, and discriminated marginalized group just because of the color of their…

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Problem of Global Inequality

Pages 4 (805 words)


Social Issues

It is important to know that Inequality has become a much more important topic in the press, social networks and academic publications over the last three or four years. This resurgence of interest is particularly striking in the United States where, because of the ideological dominance of the Chicago school of economics, the topic was…

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Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Education and Training

Pages 7 (1 729 words)






1.1 Explain the Teaching Role and responsibilities in Education and Training. A teacher’s main role is to motivate their learners, to develop their ability and ambition to learn. Their role is not just about teaching their subject or preparing learners for assessment, the focus of their role relates to inspiring their learners to change and…

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