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Connection between Physical and Economic Geography

My major is economic geography and it is a discipline that I have learned different aspects of geography. My major was Economic when I was in freshmen year and before I joined this major, all I knew about geography was the physical parameters of geography and I never thought economic and business could have relations…




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Geography of Place and Space

Geography is such a course which enabled me to know about different aspects of the world like the place, space, culture, ethnicity, population, language and many more. There are many articles which elaborate on this course. One of the articles is Place or Space. From this article, I got to know about the place or…



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How did Ancient Greece’s Geography Affect its Civilization?

Ancient Greece was mostly made up of many separate and small islands. Most people today know about the great Greek Philosophers, the Olympics, the battles, so most people should know at least a little of the history of ancient Greece. Many people don’t know how Greece came to be a great civilization though. I think…

Ancient Greece,


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Physical and Human Geography of Italy

When thinking of a country with strong power position in the global scene, Italy may not directly come to mind. This is because its lack of natural resources, its slow industrialization, and environment have caused a delay in growth (Foot & Signoretta, 2019). While Italy’s development as a country has been prolonged due to these…



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Influence of Geography on an Individual 

One of the significant influencers of a person’s success is the geographical location where the person comes from. Geography does a great deal in shaping what a person becomes. It has a high relevance on science and the societal setup and has a distinctive way of integrating set perspectives into individuals. Geographical aspects can be…



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Implementing the Use of Maps to Make Geographic Concepts Tangible for Students

This paper explores the strategy of using maps to shape students understanding in relation to geographic concepts. The thematic maps and the clear sheet overlays were developed so that students could have an experience with geography that was much more tangible. This strategy allows for students to take a hands on look into geographic concepts…




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Role of Geography as a Science

Geography is the real science which works with oceans, lands, earth phenomena and so on while history is the study of all things in the past to explain previous events. Historians can explain the reason significant events happened due to knowing geography; geography plays an crucial role on deciding history especially in the Greek city-states;…



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Geography and Civilizations

Geography is arguably one of the most important factors considered when looking into the early development of a newly started civilization. Geography in every aspect destroy or help nourish this newly developed civilization. This can be because of food supply, invaders, weather, and much more. Every civilization has a government, whether it be a corrupt…



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Geography in Contemporary Times

Practical Ways in Which We Have, Lost A Sense of Geography There are different practical ways through which we have lost sense of geography in our contemporary world. One of the most practical ways is through the adoption of technology which has worked to impact on the sense of geography negatively. In the current generation,…



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The Interaction of Human Nature and Capitalism in Shaping Culture

Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Dispossessed: An Ambiguous Utopia and Lucy Prebble’s Enron both examine the progression and the ramifications of society within a capitalist system. In the former, Le Guin portrays two seemingly utopic societies—the capitalist Urras and the Odionian experiment of anarachism and communism, Anarres—to demonstrate how communities of pure individualism and pure…


American exceptionalism,


Human rights

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