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The Scientific Objectivity and the Scientific Questions

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One of the most commonly held conceptions of scientific objectivity can be summarized by the following two sentences: Scientific objectivity consists in approaching. Each scientific question “on its own merits” without “any presuppositions.” What success scientists have in getting at the truth depends on the extent to. Which their actual practice approximates this ideal of…

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Scientific Facts Should Always Be Considered in Decision Making

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It would be helpful if society relied on science to help guide decision-making. But us humans are such stubborn things that if it contradicts their own personal beliefs then scientific knowledge is shut down. If society as a whole relied on science on decision-making. Then laws governing the emission of greenhouse gas would be enacted…

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A Case Analysis of Brant vs. Boston Scientific Corporation

Pages 3 (517 words)


Brenda Brant was admitted to a hospital by the name of Sarah Busch Lincoln Health Center to receive medical attention to her issue of urinary incontinence in the year 1998. While under the knife, a sling was implanted in Brant to help this issue. Subsequently, the maker of these slings Boston Scientific Corporation issued a…

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Scientific Methods of Continental Drift by Dr. Wegener

Pages 2 (336 words)


Continental drift is a theory proposed by Dr. Wegener who studied this phenomena for years. The idea here is that all the continents once were connected as one large piece of land called Pangea. Then, due to plate tectonics, the continents split and spread a part from each other into where they are today. Even…

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Six General Steps of a Scientific Inquiry

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Scientific inquiry has six general steps that are taken in order to come to a conclusion about some idea or problem that was identified. These steps are: defining the problem, collecting the data, organizing said data, identifying a pattern within the data, understanding the data and then coming to a conclusion. Although this method is…

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The Scientific Decision Making and a Systematic Approach

Pages 3 (687 words)


Scientific Decision Making is a systematic approach to collecting facts. And applying logical decision making techniques. Instead of generalizing from experience, intuition (guessing), or trial and error. Scientific Decision making includes more than one person in the decision process. This means that to a business with lots of employees. The decision may be much more…

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How is Scientific Notation Used in the Real World?

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Have you ever wondered what kind of jobs use scientific notation to help them do their job? Well if you don’t, then I have three jobs that I think use scientific notation the most. Those three jobs are an astronomer, a biologist, and a geologist. An astronomer uses scientific notation by measuring objects in space….

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The Scientific Revolution

Pages 3 (557 words)



The Scientific Revolution was not a revolution because the “Scientific Revolution” is thought to open our eyes to see how scientists had changed our ways of seeing our society but there wasn’t enough data to confirm what was happening. Yes, there were a lot of famous scientists that had left their legacy by redesigning how…

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Scientific Notation and How it is Used in Jobs Application

Pages 3 (676 words)




Introduction In the world, there are many jobs that use Scientific Notation. Scientific Notation is the simplifying of a very large or small number into a number multiplied by a power of ten. For example, to write 36,000 in scientific notation it would be written as 3.6 x 104. Another example of a number in…

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The Shortcomings of the Law in Regulating Scientific Misconduct

Pages 10 (2 403 words)




“How Red Wine Prevents Cancer” (University of Colorado Denver, 2014). “Red Wine Increases Cancer Risk- But Nine Out of 10 Drinkers are Not Aware of the Dangers” (Pickover, 2017). Two experiments, two data-sets, two contradictory results, both published. One of these studies has to be wrong, but without a clue as to which, the public…

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