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Problem Of Composition In Music

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The chief problem of composition, in any style from ancient times to the present, is the creation of a form, or structure in which the principles of unity and contrast operate in some kind of equilibrium. The listener enters into this process by the use of his powers of recognition and of memory. In purely…

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Biochemical Composition and Nutraceutical Perspectives of Seaweeds from the Red Sea

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Biochemical Composition and Nutraceutical Perspectives of Seaweeds from the Red Sea are marketed as “functional foods” or “nutraceuticals” due to their highly biochemical ingredients, and they are vital as food supplement in order to relinquish physiological condition and resist diseases. In the present study, the biochemical compositions of the seaweeds Caulerpa racemose, Digenea simplex, Sargassum…

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Chemical Composition Used in Swimming Pools

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Why is it important to understand the chemical composition of chlorinating agents used in swimming pools before using them? As a whole, chlorine is seen as a positive chemical that kills bacteria in order to prevent various diseases and infections. Without the use of chlorine, it may result in the creation of more bacteria that…

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Importance Of Nutritional Composition Analytical Essay

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Nutritional composition can be defined as the process of obtaining the food necessary for health and growth (Bognar, A, Piekarski, J. 2014.). Nutrition is considered to be the most important aspect in once living force of our body in our daily life. It plays a vital role in our life and thus it has to…

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Fiber Optic

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Physical Education

ABSORPTION Absorption is a major cause of signal loss in optical fiber. It is caused by material composition during the fabrication process in fiber optic. As a result, some of the transmitted optical signals have dissipated. It is also known as material absorption. Basically, the optical light was absorb and transferred into another form energy…

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Metamaterials and Origami-Inspired Designs

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Materials whose function is determined by structure and not composition are called Metamaterials. The emergence of the metamaterials has attracted scientific world. Metamaterials are composed of nanostructures which can give them more applications that cannot found in natural materials. The metamaterial changes its shape to achieve the desired function. Limitations in them can be mitigated…

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Determining Percentage Composition of H2O and the Formula of a Hydrate Copper Sulfate Argumentative Essay

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A hydrate is a compound, typically a crystalline (ionic) one, in which water molecules are chemically bound to another compound or an element. Hydrates naturally form when ionic compounds come in contact air and make bonds with water molecules. These bonds occur between the cation of the molecule and the water molecule (Gillespie, 2018). There…

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The Composition of Blood

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According to Smith and Fernhall, blood is composed mainly of formed elements and plasma (Smith and Fernhall, 2011). Formed elements include erythrocytes or red blood cells, leukocytes or white blood cells and thrombocytes or platelets, and they make up about 40%-45% of the blood volume (Smith and Fernhall, 2011). The rest of the blood volume…

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