Positive Impact of Development of Science and Technology

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Science and Technology Studies (STS) is based on the premise that science and technology are entirely social activities. In addition, science and technology are areas where rhetorical work is essential because scientists and engineers are always in the position of having to convince their peers and others of the value of their favorite ideas and plans –they are constantly engaged in struggles to gain resources and to promote their views.

The actors in science and technology are also not mere logical operators, but instead have investments in skills, prestige, knowledge, and specific theories and practices.

Today, technology is incredibly necessary as a result of it’s used for pretty much everything and like everything, technology has advantages and drawbacks.

In the world these days, folks cannot live while not technologies like televisions, mobile phones, computers et al. These technologies have slowly taken an important half in people’s regular lives and being while not them would be impossible for a few people. To understand technology, one should understand what it provides in terms of benefits, however conjointly disadvantages.

We feeling the influence of science at every moment in almost every sphere of lifespan. Bodoni font civilization is based on the natural endowment of science. There are some disadvantages to science. Science has not only invented a robot but has turned a man into a robot in some cases. Science, in the same sentence, has given him a frightful nuclear weapon system. Science cannot be blamed for its abusive uses. Military personnel is responsible for the abuses of science.

Evolution of Technology

First, technology evolution is useful to beings for a number of reasons. At the medical stage, technology can assist treat more sick individuals and, as a result, save many lives and fight very damaging viruses and bacteria. For businesses, advancement in adopting strategic technology trends helps them save time and therefore money. Thanks to technology, we can even pay for bitcoins instead of using banks. Technology increases daily life; enables physical storage units to be moved to virtual repositories and more. Scientists of the moment are also able to send astronauts to the moon by means of technology.

Who is responsible for the actions undertaken by autonomous systems? If robotic technology can potentially reduce the number of human fatalities, is it the responsibility of scientists to design these systems? Human-animal hybrids (chimeras) So far scientists have kept human-animal hybrids on the cellular level.

Working with the assistance of the National Advisory Council on Innovation, the Science and Technology Department (DST) conducted a review of our application of the 1996 White Paper on Science, Technology, and Innovation, confirming commendable progress.

Even conflicts in wider society may be mirrored by and connected to conflicts within science and technology; for example, splits along gender, race, class, and national lines can occur both within science and in the relations between scientists and non-scientists.

Data collection and privacy How often do we consider the massive amounts of data we give to commercial entities when we use social media, store discount cards, or order goods via the Internet? Now that microprocessors and permanent memory are inexpensive technology, we need to think about the kinds of information that should be collected and retained.

Earth systems Science and Indigenous Knowledge Systems have the ability to increase and diversify the economy through new company possibilities for SMMEs, cooperatives, and rural businesses in fields such as animal husbandry, local veterinary medicine, arts and crafts, and traditional health remedies.

Should we create a diabetic insulin implant that could notify your doctor or insurance company when you make poor diet choices, and should that decision make you ineligible for certain types of medical treatment? Should cars be equipped to monitor speed and other measures of good driving, and should this data be subpoenaed by authorities following a crash? These issues require appropriate policy discussions in order to bridge the gap between data collection and meaningful outcomes. The actors in science and technology are also not mere logical operators, but instead have investments in skills, prestige, knowledge, and specific theories and practices.

Our theme, ‘ Oliver Tambo’s legacy — the positioning of the national innovation system for the future, ‘ honors one of the South African political giants who would have turned 102 this year and who was an outstanding mathematics and science teacher before leading Africa’s oldest liberation movement, the ANC.

I strongly think that science technology and innovation can make a crucial contribution. Our lives started with the first living form that emerged 4 billion years ago, a single microorganism that emerged when our planet was still being formed by the bombing of the sky. Inheritance is a key feature of life. The DNA molecule in this primordial organism has been replicating itself with variability for more than 3.5 billion years. As we look to the future, the key issue remains: can we link the temporary presence of our individual life to the immortality of the DNA molecule that defines us?


The promise of regenerative medicine is evolving more slowly than had hoped for 18 years ago. We understand that there are substances in a fertilized egg that can turn the genetic clock back. We understand how to take freshly formed embryos like cells and grow them into adult tissues. We are close to generating cells that can restore muscle function to damaged hearts and generate neurons that can replace components of the brain. What we lack is the medical science that enables these new cells to be systematically implanted in our tissues. An enormous quantity of job continues to be done to comprehend the signals that guide a particular tissue to become what it is. We’re underinvested in this. The most strong medicine is a younger type of self. Any nation could become a world leader in this sector, investing in the fusion of cell biology and transplantation medicine. This is a promise that science can fulfill. If it does, it will be a gift to the future of humanity.

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