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Critical Ethnography

This chapter details the research design and approach that I used to understand how FL is conceptualized and communicated by teachers and parents in NS school communities. As presented in Chapter Four, this qualitative study was conducted using a critical research paradigm, with tenets of Critical Ethnography. This chapter summarizes the research design employed, including…



Malinowski’s Contribution to Ethnography and Fieldwork

Bronislaw Malinowski is arguably the most influential anthropologist in the realm of ethnography and fieldwork of the twentieth century, he holds the title for one of the original authors of contemporary social anthropology and reinvented the practice of intensive fieldwork. This was for a number of contributions to the field; although it is possible that…



Child-Centered Ethnography

From the theories of De Vaus (2001) and Trochim and William (2006), we can say that ethnography is the fundamental method for childhood research. The research design refers to the complete approach that integrates various mechanisms of the study in a coherent and genuine way so as to resolve the research problem efficiently. This proposes…




Key Features of Ethnography

Angrosino (2007:15) propounded that ethnography is conducted on-site and the ethnographer is a subjective participant in the lives of people under study while being an objective observer. Hammersley and Atkinson (2007:2) identified five key features of ethnography. Firstly, people’s actions and accounts are studied in everyday (natural) contexts (like Brownslaw Malinowski among the Trobiands). Second,…



Multi-Species Ethnography and Eco-Philosophies

Introduction Humanity has been having an enormous impact on Earth and its various systems such that Anthropocene has become a catchword for many researchers and policymakers for several decades now. Anthropocene is an informal term popularized by Paul Cruzen to refer to a proposed period of time during which human activities have caused far-reaching effects…



Challenges and Contestations Involved in Ethnographic Research

Abstract In time, different research methods have been explored extensively by researchers to solve universal problems, mysteries and to understand other worlds and their environments, as a result, each of these research methods has shown its strengths and limitations. Among all explored research methods, Ethnographic research is the most popular but similarly criticized by most…




Field Study in Ethnographic Research

Ethnography is the study of people and cultures. Ethnography explores cultural phenomenon where the researcher observes society from the point of view of the subject of the study. An ethnography is a means to represent graphically and in writing the culture of a group. The field site I have chosen to conduct my field study…



Term of Maya in Lamb’s Ethnography

Lamb’s ethnography is an incredible insight into the lives of Indian women, their personhood, gender, body, kinship and the forces of culture. Lamb uses her insight into old age to highlight the perishability of the body and the cultural artefacts embodied within personhood. The multifaceted lens of aging is used in the book to help…



Ethnography of Max Gluckman at the Zululand

Introduction Ethnography is defined as a “qualitative methodology that lends itself to the study of the beliefs, social interactions, and behaviours of small societies, involving participation and observation over a period of time, and the interpretation of the data collected” (Naidoo, 2015:01). This paper will analyze the ethnography of Max Gluckman (1940) titled Analysis of…



Ethnography of Christmas

Ethnography, “emerging from anthropology and adopted by Sociologists, is a qualitative methodology that lends itself to the study of the beliefs, social interactions, and behaviours of small societies involving participation and observation over a period of time, and the interpretation of the data collected” ( Denzin 1997).It provides meaningful information to inform the right decision…




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