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Critical Analysis of Robert Plomin’s Genetic Theories

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In the article “Fortunetelling Genes”, Robert Plomin claims about a new tool for analyzing genetic differences in people that can predict a range of psychological attributes from birth which can determine our capacities and our problems. Dr. Robert Plomin is an American psychologist and geneticist best recognized for his work in twin studies and behavior…

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Epigenetics as a Branch of Genetics

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Epigenetics is the study of how heritability affects gene expression. Epigenetics began as a combination of genetics and embryology over 50 years ago. One of the first experiments performed was conducted by Conrad Waddington who observed how stress affected fruit flies and their characteristics. The environment that Waddington had placed the fruit flies in ultimately…

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My Dream Career in Medical Genetics Field

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My interest in genetics studies steer me to my choose studying medical genetics through which I will achieve my future career development path as medical genetics encompasses the vast career potential such as clinical diagnostic laboratory activities, genetic counsellors, nutritionists, clinical practice of physicians and research into the causes and inheritance of genetic disorders, which…

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Behavioural Genetics: Warrior Genes and Other Behavioural Genes Argumentative Essay

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The aims and objectives of this paper is behavioural genetics that are associated with aggression and violent behaviour. In this paper, MAOA gene that is also known the “warrior” is discussed and how it was discovered, and the conclusion reached from it discovery and analysis. Behavioural genetics have an influence on the criminal justice system….

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Positive Effect of Commercialization of Genetic Testing

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Nowadays, with the popularization of genetics screening, many issues and controversies also arise subsequently. Genetic screening, also known as genetic test, is the medical test carried out by geneticists that diagnose the chromosome to predict any potential disorder and inherited diseases, often followed by genetic counseling. Already the technology has become prevalent, research shows that…

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Definition of Genetics and Genes

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Genetics is the study of how genes in living organisms create characteristics, or traits, and how those properties are inherited. Genes are specific nucleotide sequences that code for particular proteins. Genes are transferred from one generation to the next through the meiosis and sexual reproduction process. Firstly, gene therapy is an experimental technique for curing…

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New Technology in Genetics

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Tandem Mass Spectrometry permits multiple testing of more than one genetic disorder at the same time. It is cost efficient since Tandem Mass Spectrometry is a lot more effectual when compared to the conventional method and it allows the inclusion of increasing number of disorders. These tests are also highly sensitive, as it only requires…

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Ronald Aylmer Fisher’s Revolution in Genetics

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Born by the name of Ronald Aylmer Fisher in London, England on 17th February 1890, this British statistician and geneticist single-handedly revolutionized the field of modern genetics through his work on eugenics, biostatistics, population genetics and heredity. An absolute polymath, Fisher, after his graduation in mathematics, astronomy and statistics, turned his keen interest towards research…

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Benefits of Genetic Testing

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Genetic testing has many benefits, more than 2,000 conditions can be identified by genetic testing. It also helps to identify rare inherited conditions like cystic fibrosis, although it has its negative points. Genetic testing involves analysing a person’s DNA and searching for variants in genes that impact our health. However, a lot of variants do…

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Comparison of Genetic Diversity in Differing Populations of Mantled Howler Monkeys 

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Abstract: Deforestation is a rapidly growing threat to biodiversity and numerous animal species, particularly primate populations are affected by habitat fragmentation due to agricultural practices. Mantled howler monkeys in the La Suerte region of Costa Rica are especially vulnerable owing to habitat infringement by fruit plantations, which separate previously contiguous forest areas. This habitat fragmentation…

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